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Episode #14: Empowering Parents! – Hosted by Steve Cook, who is a writer, TLB Radio talk show host and the Sr. Editor of TLB UK.

Join us for an update on the Drug Free Kids campaign, which is campaign to bring the truth about drugs to all children and to make sure no child misses out on this vital knowledge.

Steve’s guest is the British martial arts champion and founder of the Drug Free Kids CampaignPete Dwan. Pete’s tirelessly dedicated crusade to bring the world’s children the Truth about Drugs is, as ever, the focus of the show.

Pete is the founder and inspiration of the Drug Free Kids campaign and part of his mission is to ensure that parents are fully empowered to bring their children vital knowledge about drugs that will protect them against the inevitable peer pressure and sales pitches they will encounter in a world riddled with drugs.

We are taught to rely on “experts” but so often that just gets us into trouble when the experts are not as expert as they would like us to think they are. It is much better to become empowered ourselves to do the right thing by our children and in effect to be armed with the know-how to strike an effective blow against those who would entrap and debilitate the adults of tomorrow.

In this week’s show, Pete reveals just how easy and straightforward it is for parents and teachers to empower themselves to give their children real help that will be of real benefit to their children’s lives.

We hear more of the wonderful feedback Pete is getting from his talks to children in schools and gain more insight into how much teachers and parents are inspired and heartened by them.

Pete and Steve go over the purpose of the Drug Free Kids campaign, its importance to the future of our civilization and its potential for making a massive positive impact.


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