Gardasil : World Governments Beginning to Question Safety and Efficacy


by TLB Contributing Writer: Leslie Carol Botha

Holy Hormones Journal:  Deaths, injury, inquiry. This is how we do it. And there are women all over the world who are calling out governments and who are railing against those who are saying that reactions to the HPV vaccine are “psychosomatic.” Ask any woman whose life has been destroyed by these vaccines.

Here is one study published in 2013 by independent researchers – all well known in their field – Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine and Primary Ovarian Failure: Another Facet of the Autoimmune/Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants.

I have more information on Gardasil and I will be posting again this week…. even though it is the Thanksgiving holiday here. I hope we all wake up – women especially and understand the process that goes on with the pharmaceutical companies and the CDC and the FDA. Fast-tracking drugs to be on the market is dangerous at best.  We are the clinical trials since – Gardasil for boys and girls were done on “healthy” subjects.  We are the ones with sick daughters and sons. And we are the ones who have buried our children.

They are the ones who have pocketed the profit by moving these vaccines around the world before the truth came out.

Never forget that HPV really means “Help pay for Vioxx.”

I hope this is a lesson that none of us will ever forget – until the next generation of course – who will not know anything of this travesty and the vaccine will be introduced all over again.

Scotland, Ireland, Japan, Denmark Want to Discuss Potential HPV Vaccine Dangers

Taking the potential dangers seriously

Natural Society
Christina Sarich
November 12, 2015

Open scientific discussions have been the goal of an organization called the UK Association for HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (HPV VID) as well as 2,019 people from 55 countries who have been injured due to an HPV vaccine. Freda Birrell spoke on the behalf of the organization to the Scottish government recently about the administration of HPV vaccines and their potential corresponding dangers.

HPV VID formed when families from Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland realized that they needed to unite forces to help bring awareness to HPV vaccine dangers.

With help of senior members of the Irish Government, like Pashal Mooney, who recently plead with government officials to look into the lack of informed consent regarding HPV vaccines and the devastating effects on young girls that were being observed, the organization has brought light to the fact that many who receive HPV vaccines are ending up in psych wards, and suffering serious side effects.

The organization also brings to the surface information which the US media often ignores, such as:

  • Japan has rescinded the government recommendation for HPV vaccines and initiated studies to determine whether there is a causal relationship between HPV vaccines and adverse outcomes as well as a 21 year study to determine whether HPV vaccines have an impact on cervical cancer diagnosis rates.
  • The National Association of HPV Adverse Sufferers in Denmark has hosted an HPV Vaccine Information Symposium to bring families together with medical professionals, health authorities, and legal professionals to explore treatment options and potential legal remedies on October 31st. Denmark has just recently made the decision to change from Gardasil to Cervarix as the HPV vaccine of choice.
  • Of 88 families the association has investigated thus far, 68% report that their daughters experienced health problems following an HPV vaccine, many with serious-enough illnesses to interfere with their educations; others to the extent that they could no longer care for themselves and required assistance. A shocking 91% reported being told their daughters’ medical conditions were psychological in origin.

It is important to note that national health authorities in Denmark, Norway, Japan, France, Spain, Colombia, Ireland, and many other countries have led doctors and other vaccine administrators to believe that any new medical conditions experienced after HPV vaccine administration are most likely psychosomatic.

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Leslie 1Author: Leslie Carol Botha
Author, publisher, TLB radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women’s hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of “Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle.” Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.

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