Ebola, Biological Warfare, Eugenics, WW III: A World On the Brink


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

The one thing We The People know for sure, is that there are many things our government is involved in that we surely don’t know … and a fair amount of these issues are not complementary to our safety, health or well-being.

From the Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, Geo-Engineering, GMO’s, Vaccines, Fluoride, Iraq (We know they have weapons of mass destruction), Libya and right on up to the chaos in Ukraine. Each and every one of these presents clear and present danger and harm, whether it be political, economic or physical, on some level, to this very safety, health or well-being. But the most devastating part of all this is all these blights on this trusting society are perpetrated or propagated by the very entity we trust to protect us from such events or mechanisms.

This government has a patent of the Ebola virus. George Soros and the Gates foundation are involved in the funding of the Ebola research facility that is at the center of this outbreak …

They are self-proclaimed elitists with population reduction in their repertoire, and this government is owned and controlled by this caste of elitist … FACT!

The utilization of deception, misdirection or outright lies is not new, but their facilitation is at a level so far beyond past utilization, that the truth must hold an elevated status on the endangered list of concepts at risk of extinction.

In 1981 William Casey (CIA Director) stated:

“We will know our disinformation program is complete when everything Americans believe is false.”

That was well over 30 years ago and the program had been instituted many years prior to this statement.

When a government must lie to its people to maintain its credibility or viability then … it is its people it fears.

When the people realize their government is lying to maintain its hold on power and can no longer be trusted to represent them then … it is this government it fears.

When these two concepts exist simultaneously … revolution is most likely unavoidable

What follows is a mind altering video series. Some will dismiss it as propaganda or tin foil hat wearing foolishness and some will dismiss it as outright fabrication and lies. You do this at what could quite possibly be your own peril.

TLB has done enough in-depth research to know we are well past the time in history where this government represents the well-being of We The People … The question is have they in fact become a detriment to the survival of the people?

Please continue with this series …


2014 August 8 Breaking News CDC EBOLA BIOLOGICAL WARFARE USA Department of defense Eugenics

2014 August 8 Breaking News CDC EBOLA BIOLOGICAL WARFARE USA Department of defense Eugenics The new Ebola bio-warfare to reduce Africa’s growing population and will spread worldwide outbreak no treatment no cure deadly virus Part 4

2014 July 23 Breaking News REUTERS Sierra Leone’s chief Ebola doctor contracts the virus USA – DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE equipped largest Ebola treatment center in Sierra Leone – Stephen Becker Bio weapons virologist states growing evidence that the current Ebola outbreak is a covert biological warfare operation

2014 July 23 Breaking News CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Outbreak of Ebola in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone
USA Department of Defense funded Ebola trials on healthy adults in January 2014 Ebola outbreak no treatment no cure worldwide threat – Biological warfare waged on this scale is potentially far worse than nuclear war http://www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/outbreak…

Ebola Virus Hybrid Bio Weapon Invented by CDC

April 2014 Breaking News Biological warfare What Syrian Officials say about their own Biological Weapon Capability http://bio-defencewarfareanalyst.blog…

2014 July 22 Breaking News USA CDC department of defense BIO Warfare Virus mind control terrorism Part 1

2014 July 22 Breaking News USA CDC Biological virus warfare terrorism Part 2

July 11 2014 Breaking News CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden announced Citing a recurring problem with safety, USA officials have suspended the shipment of potentially dangerous germs from government laboratories in Atlanta to other labs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also shut down two of its laboratories where the recent safety lapses took place. One of the closed labs was involved an incident last month that could have accidentally exposed workers in three labs to anthrax. No one was reported ill. In an incident earlier this year, the CDC said another of its labs accidentally contaminated a sample of conventional flu virus with a deadly bird flu germ. That sample was then sent to another government lab http://foxbaltimore.com/news/features…

July 29, 2005 Texas Military School Fort Sam Houston Army base Launches Class for Bio Warfare Identification – Military website – http://www.defense.gov/transformation…

June 2013 Breaking News Iranian general warns of bio-warfare http://www.wnd.com/2013/06/iranian-ge…

2014 July Breaking News Labs Mixing Human DNA Animal DNA 2 of 5 Last days news

July 2014 Breaking News Mixing Human DNA with Animal DNA Last days final hour news prophecy

2014 July 18 Worldwide conflict leading to world war 3 leading to one world Government

2014 July 3 Bible Prophecy Current Events in motion leading to One World Government Currency & Religion NWO New World Order

2014 June 28 NWO GLOBALIZATION ALERT China attending RIMPAC2014

2014 June 25 Breaking News China Successful EMP Cyber Attack Japanese Spy Satellite Part 2

2014 June 24 Breaking News China urges peaceful development of seas says conflict leads to disaster

2014 June 25 Breaking News USA President Barack Obama Invites and China accepted Pacific Rim Military Exercises 23 nations in total at RIMPAC2014 http://www.defense.gov/news/newsartic…

2014 Breaking News Chinese General on Nuclear USS Ronald Reagan Amid China Sea tensions

2014 Breaking News Russian Stealth submarines launch ballistic missiles under Putin’s control

2014 Breaking News Putin Tests Nuclear Forces & NATO expansion

2014 Breaking News USA NATO shows Putin lies no withdraw Russia 40K troops Ukraine’s border

2014 Breaking News Russia military test Nuclear multi warhead ICBM

Zbigniew Brzezinski: It Is Infinitely Easier to Kill a Million People than it is to Control Them

There is massive change happening on this planet today purposely held outside the realm of our understanding and control. We quite possibly stand on the brink of the most catastrophic period in our words history … And by TLB’s reckoning it will not bode well for a massive portion of humanity. Wake up and speak out … while you are still allowed to …

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