Ebola intentionally spread across USA as part of ‘organized terror plot’ says veterans news site



by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) The potential for Ebola to be deployed as a weapon of terror has been on everyone’s minds since the Dallas outbreak and the NYC doctor episode. One prominent online publication now believes that Ebola’s deployment as a weapon is already under way (see below).

Virologists have long known that Ebola might be a so-called “perfect” weapon to be deployed in asymmetrical warfare. “Bioterror is among the most serious concerns for security experts, it is an ideal tool for the weaker parties in so-called asymmetrical warfare, where enemies differ significantly in the resources and firepower they can draw on for battle,” says scientist Nathan Wolfe, author of The Viral Storm: The Dawn of a New Pandemic Age. [1]

He goes on to state:

Even a weak opponent, like a terrorist group, can wreak havoc with the right combination of microbe and dispersal. Microbes hold great potential for terror groups. They are much easier to gian access to than chemical or nuclear weapons, and critically, unlike either chemical or nuclear weapons, they can spread on their own. They can “go viral” which is something that neither deadly sarin gas nor a dirty bomb can accomplish.

Perhaps the only comparable situation is the long-term horror of some nuclear fallout expressing itself in generations of mutated offspring and high rates of cancer, as seen in Hiroshima. But those insidious effects are environmental and thus relatively slow. A fast-acting, fast-spreading viral weapon would have that impact over days, not decades.

It would be a mistake to underestimate the risk for bioterror, and most who study it contend that it is just a matter of time before it’s unleashed on a human population. (Emphasis added)

Veterans Today declares Ebola bioterrorism now under way

Veterans Today senior editor Gordon Duff is now reporting “There is an organized terror plot on behalf of financial entities to spread Ebola through the United States.” [2]

On the Veterans Today website, Duff explains:

We have information through private communication with a well known and sometimes maligned foreign intelligence agency that the US has been targeted. …people are being purposefully infected with Ebola. We do not know for certain if this involved profit related to vaccinations but we do know that it involves the upcoming US election, oil price fluctuations and manipulation of the US stock markets.

The Veterans Today website came under attack immediately after the article was published, says Duff:

Veterans Today came under a massive assault from the US Army Signals/Hacker Corps at Ft. Huchuca after this was published.

Read the full post here.

What to make of this?

I’ve never spoken with Gordon Duff and I’m not all that familiar with the Veterans Today publication, but the threat of Ebola bioterrorism needs to be taken seriously by us all. There’s no way for us to really know for sure whether Ebola has been intentionally released anywhere as a weapon, but here are some important things we do know which might be valuable clues:

• Ebola would be ridiculously easy to harvest right now and deploy as a bioterrorism weapon. There’s almost no chance that a person intentionally carrying Ebola would be detected at U.S. entry points unless they were highly symptomatic.

• Ebola is the “perfect” weapon for evil-minded terrorists because it is untraceable, self-replicating and it does not damage the infrastructure of society. (It kills people but doesn’t destroy refineries and bridges, in other words…) It also causes a very large psychological change in society, driving some people into a state of fear and others into a state of preparedness.

• There are many parties that would benefit enormously from an Ebola bioterrorism event. You can probably figure out all the usual suspects yourself, but the list would likely include vaccine companies, population control zealots and anyone in government that wanted to declare medical martial law and benefit from the concentration of power into the hands of the few.

• There is also a reasonable argument circulating now that says the banksters need a scapegoat for the massive market crash (and debt implosion) they’ve been staving off for years with the Fed’s desperate cash pumping. If Ebola gets released, they can allow the crash to unravel while nullifying all financial contract claims because a viral pandemic would be deemed an “act of God.” (There is specific language in nearly all contracts that provide a no-fault out for any such “act of God.”)

• It’s crystal clear right now that the White House is dictating the national media’s downplaying of Ebola news. There might be multiple Ebola infections happening right now at hospitals across America, but news of those outbreaks might be censored in order to prevent the public from losing faith in government right before the mid-term elections. Once the elections are over, it will be interesting to see if there’s an uptick in Ebola coverage.

If you don’t think such a media blackout can occur in a nation with a supposed “free press,” check out the recent nationwide media blackout on the CDC vaccine whistleblower story, which received absolutely zero coverage in the establishment media even though it was one of the largest medical stories of the decade. Make no mistake: When the media is ordered to censor a news story, they censor it across the board and immediately distract the public with something else, usually a juicy celebrity scandal of some kind.

• All the CDC’s recent announcements that people are cleared of Ebola because they’ve been observed for 21 days is little more than medical theater. As everybody knows by now, the real incubation window for Ebola is 42 days, just as described by the World Health Organization in a story covered first here at Natural News.

Lots of theories, but few convincing answers

If anything, the Veterans Today article invokes more questions than answers, and the bioterrorism theory is just one of many theories being considered right now by critical thinkers across the alternative media.

The thing I love about the alternative media — and this is how you know it’s more intelligent than the droning mainstream media — is that not everyone agrees on what’s happening. While the mainstream media usually offers homogenized, “processed” news parroted from AP and the White House, independent media outlets often strongly disagree on the interpretation of what’s happening.

For example, my colleague Jon Rappoport at www.NoMoreFakeNews.com is convinced the Ebola outbreak was staged and isn’t even real. Although I differ from his conclusions on this subject, he brings up a lot of good points that need to be considered. Rappoport is very well informed on the history of fraud at the CDC, and his perspective on Ebola is a valuable contribution to the ongoing investigations.

What do I personally think of all this? I’m convinced Ebola is real and is really infecting people, but I’m highly skeptical of the government’s disastrous response to the spread of the disease. In fact, I’m convinced they must be deliberately encouraging the spread of Ebola in the USA. Why else wouldn’t all air traffic from infected nations be closed by now?

I still have a thousand questions on all this, and I don’t feel any of us have a solid grip on exactly where this came from, why it’s happening, and who might be behind it. Like you, I’m still asking questions, and as our knowledge of what’s happening improves, we may reach different conclusions from the ones we presently hold.

Ebola may be a tool of powerful forces that play at a level you and I wouldn’t even recognize

In truth, there are far more powerful and ruthless forces at work in the world than most of us can imagine. One way or another, Ebola is probably a tool of aggressive social or political change which has been optimized and released with a very specific goal in mind.

Although I don’t have any concrete evidence to support the conclusion, I very much doubt this is just a “natural” outbreak which happened to show up in America by sheer coincidence. I’ve been around long enough to know that real coincidences are rare. Most things that appear to be coincidence are, in fact, deliberately engineered. Especially in an election year.

Arguably the most important question to ask in all this is, “Who benefits the most from an Ebola outbreak?” If you can somehow manage to nail the answer to that question, you’ll probably identify the parties responsible for it. But be careful what you ask for. The last guy who claimed to have damning evidence against powerful parties was Andrew Breitbart. He is no longer living.

Until the truth gets revealed, get yourself prepared for a potential pandemic. My Ebola preparedness audio course is entirely free at www.BioDefense.com

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Read article here: http://www.naturalnews.com/047432_Ebola_outbreak_bioterrorism_weapon.html

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