Ebola & Zika Went Away Without Vaccines, Yet Big Pharma Still Rakes in Billions

Ebola & Zika Went Away Without Vaccines, Yet Big Pharma Still Rakes in Billions

By Vin Armani

In this video, Vin Armani exposes how the Ebola and Zika virus “crises” were used to spur billions in vaccine development. Now that the vaccines are finally coming online, they’re no longer needed, but Congress will likely fund a stockpile of them for good measure. Hyped pandemics appear to be a new excuse for more corporate welfare for Big Pharma.

Sources mentioned:
The new ‘100% effective’ Ebola vaccine owes a debt to the scientists who beat smallpox
Money spent on and companies involved with Ebola vaccine (according to Wikipedia):
Multiple Zika Vaccines in production even though that fizzled out on its own too
U.S. Funding for Fighting Zika Virus Is Nearly Spent, C.D.C. Says (from August 2016)
Congress Ends Spat, Agrees To Fund $1.1 Billion To Combat Zika (September 2016)
Meanwhile, Zika went away on its own, just like Ebola “Zika Is No Longer a Global Emergency, W.H.O. Says” (November 2016)

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