Ending Oligarchical Rule in America

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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

If you have to ask me how this title is applicable or even relates to our woes as a country today, then you are either in need of a serious wake up call or you are an agent of those I would describe! The USA gave away just under $50 BILLION in foreign aid (and this is only what we are told) last year to prop up dictators and perpetuate warfare and subjugation, with very little of these funds actually going to help the population of these countries. Some estimates proclaim the FED has given tens of TRILLIONS away to prop up favored nations, dictatorships, and global corporations; all to the benefit of a global oligarchy, but to the detriment of the US dollar (by design)!

Meanwhile, we are being forced to endure the cutting back of programs such as medicare and other vital public services to US citizens, including the threatening of Social Security under the auspice “we can’t afford them”. BULL! As Americans are being told we must learn to do with less, or must live within our reduced means (austerity measures), yet we are in fact spending massive and increasing amounts of your and my savings, income and future earnings on global imperialistic warmongering, the likes of which we railed, rallied and fought against vehemently only a few decades ago … WHY?

Name one country on this planet who, if left alone, would wish to or DARE to attack or invade the USA (by virtue of our thousands of nuclear weapons alone), answer: NONE. If you believe otherwise, then the conditioning has worked well on you! But still we would spend in the vicinity of $1 TRILLION on a F-35 stealth fighter plane program (just one example) and supply BILLIONS in military aid and deadly weapons systems to MANY questionable regimes and (terrorist) organizations that have demonstrated they do not have our best interest at heart (Egypt, Israel and Al Qaeda to mention just three) without so much as a second thought!

We are failing miserably to keep a civilian national support structure in place due to lack of funding or sever inefficiency and over spending, yet we are extremely successful at maintaining and even enhancing the most powerful military force this planet could ever conceived … a big stick to do the bidding of our would be leaders, masters! How can this be explained or even justified, and why are we not asking tough questions and demanding comprehensive answers from our elected representatives? Would it make a difference if we tried, or are there mechanisms already in place to circumvent the will of the people?

We, the American people, once a force to be reckoned with, are today pumped dry of every last cent they can siphon from us, and then consigned to the role of a hindrance or an impediment to the ruling oligarchy, to be pushed aside, ignored, and controlled or subjugated through mechanisms such as the TSA, DHS, gun confiscation and even the declaration of martial law if necessary (any of this sound familiar?). These “would-be emperors” would use the military prowess of this nation, which they control through the co-opted and corrupted political system and their control/ownership of the military industrial complex, to perpetuate their global plans through financial blackmail, bribery, or in an ever rising tide of deadly force.

Now, please understand that MANY in this country still believe to their core that elections matter … WRONG and there is so much evidence to the contrary for those who wish to find it; including a quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt stating “Presidents are not elected, Presidents are selected”.

For those who understand this, it is only logical to assume that the governing (more aptly, the ruling) mechanism in this country, is not a Republic or a Democracy, or even, as some would decry, Socialism, but in fact a Corporate based Authoritarian system of Oligarchical Rule, which, up until now, has veiled a majority of itself from the American people while it gained strength, resources and power! Look around you at all the unconstitutional freedom and rights robbing laws and executive orders being passed unchallenged, and see the veil dropping! Could this ever happen is a well structured Republic, maintained by the interest and participation of its true governing body, the people? NO!

We, The People, are 320 million strong, and an unstoppable force IF we can utilize the knowledge and mindset that is required to push back against the entrenched tyranny in this once great nation! If we can reach a critical mass of even twenty percent of the population, we become an overwhelming force to be reckoned with, and one that cannot be ignored! The revolutionary war was won with less than 20% of the population involved or in support.

If this critical mass was achieved the growth of this movement would be self perpetuating, as more and more see that hope does, in fact, exist! I am very fond of stating my favorite quote from Ron Paul:

“Ideas spread, and they can’t stop them; an idea whose time has come can’t be stopped by any army or any government!”

The idea is spreading at an increasing pace today, and the time of reckoning quickly approaches! We, The People, need to unite our voices, and through peaceful revolution (if allowed) put an end to authoritarianism in America … and Restore this Republic! LIVE FREE !!!


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