EPA Raises Glyphosate (Active Ingredient in Monsantos Roundup) Allowable Concentrations on Food Crops


Last week the EPA let Monsanto raise the allowable concentrations of glyphosate on food crops, animal feed, and edible oils. The new regulation lets farmers use more of the chemical, which is the active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup.

Under the new regulation, forage and hay teff can contain up to 100 ppm (100,000 ppb) glyphosate; oilseed crops can contain up to 40 ppm (40,000 ppb) glyphosate, and root crops such as potatoes and beets can contain 6000 ppb glyphosate. Fruits can have concentrations from 200 ppb to 500 ppb glyphosate. These numbers are magnitudes higher than the levels some scientists believe are carcinogenic.

The EPA has classified glyphosate as a Class D carcinogen, which means it either does not cause cancer in human beings or that its cancer-causing potential is unknown. But in 2009, a study conducted at the Indian Institute of Toxicology Research found that glyphosate “has tumor promoting potential in skin carcinogenesis.” An EPA Fact Sheet that is part of the Safe Drinking Water Act states that glyphosate can cause lung congestion after acute exposure above the minimum containment level (MCL) of 0.7 mg/L. That is the equivalent of 0.7 ppm (or 700 ppb). In addition, the EPA says that long term exposure to glyphosate above the MCL causes kidney damage and reproductive effects.

In April, Food Poisoning Bulletin reported on a new study from MIT that showed glyphosate residue has been found on food. That study also found that glyphosate can induce disease in human beings because our gut bacteria, which play an important part in immunity, contain the shikimate pathway, which glyphosate disrupts. Chemical manufacturers have previously claimed that glyphosate is not toxic to human beings because, as mammals, we do not have the shikimate pathway.


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See original here: http://foodpoisoningbulletin.com/2013/epa-raises-glyphosate-concentrations-on-food-crops/

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  1. I agree with you Sandra. I have read enough of Agenda 21 to believe what you say is true. There is just too much information coming out now, they can no longer deny this. They have been “dumbing us down” and making us sick for too many years. I won’t eat their GMO’s or take their damn drugs! They just make people sicker and sicker!~

  2. No surprise here.. Codex Alimentarius sets out their plan to poison and thus kill off large segments of populations quickly; in order to achieve the NWO goals; carcinogens or outright toxins, either way will do that job. The Codex committee also just recently DOWNGRADED the levels of nutrients to be contained in foods, from what has been the minimum RDA, which was long since determined to be the minimum required to maintain health, not OPTIMAL health, mind you, minimal health! Put the 2 together, and you can see the intention is to sicken and starve as many as possible as quickly as possible. NWO believes there are about 6 1/2 billion too many of us living for “Mother Earth” to survive; notwithstanding that our Creator, and Earth’s Creator told us to “be fruitful and multiply” in full awareness of His creation’s capability to sustain or not! Call me a “conspiracy nut” if you will, but google Codex Alimentarius and UN Agenda 21 and read them for yourself before you decide I’m crazy!

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