JUST MY THOUGHTS … (The Sad Truth)

american_symbols_screensaver-139594[1]By: Roger Landry, The Liberty Beacon

The sad truth is we cant put all the blame for the advance of tyranny in the land of the free on our elected representatives or appointed leaders. In the past several generations We The People have evolved from a people who think as a nation, to one that thinks more of personal comfort.

For most it is how and when can they buy the next toy, I phone, big screen TV, shiny The illusion of safety1new car, video game etc… even if they must go deeper in debt to achieve this comfort, and this debt is in fact a tool locking them deeper into corporatist servitude.

Granted this is the conditioning being imposed on us daily by the MSM (a tool of the corporatist oligarchs who now own America) but considerations of national or world events and politics have now progressed from a point of interest or concerned discussion to one of inconvenient intrusion into their personal comfort that most will try hard to avoid or ignore.

Unchecked Tyranny

This considered, we must realize using historical lessons that any republic not held in check by its true governing body, the people, will naturally seek to accumulate and consolidate power eventually evolving into an autocratic entity to fill this vacuum. Massive expansion of government and its intrusion into our freedoms by opportunistic entities is always a direct result of this evolution.

This is the long term plan and goal of this elite, using the MSM, entitlements and fear (the lie of threats against us) to facilitate and grow this tyranny. We The People need to wake up and look around us. We must accept responsibility for our failure to keep this representative government in check and strive to take back the control entrusted to us by our founders … or go quietly into subjugation! LIVE FREE !!!


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