The Death of the Global Warming Myth

The Death of the Global Warming Myth

By TLB Contributing Author: Tony Olson

There has been no bigger lie perpetrated on the people of the world than that of man-made global warming. The integrity of climate research has been compromised by ideological, financial, and political interests. The supposed “evidence” of man-made climate impact continues to change as it is proven false, yet the climate alarmists continue to invoke visions of impending environmental catastrophe.

While I agree there have been, and always will be, periods of warming and cooling, evidence shows unequivocally that man’s impact on climate is virtually non-existent. The claim of a human-caused climate change is based upon speculative theories, contrived data, and faulty modeling predictions. No man-made warming has yet been detected that is distinct from naturally-occurring weather patterns.

The earth’s temperature has fluctuated for thousands of years. Our current temperature is well below the average temperature in the past 3000 years. Between 800-1200 A.D., average temperatures were seven to nine degrees warmer than today.

Climate alarmists base their “evidence” for human-caused climate change on climate models, which have never been accurate. Global climate models can only produce meaningful results if we already know exactly how the global climate works, which we do not. They are not designed to produce predictions of future climate, only “what if” scenarios based on arbitrarily selected variables.

The global warming narrative offers an excuse for governments to increase taxes and create taxpayer-funded green energy projects. The greater the fear of a climate catastrophe, the more amenable people will be to accepting higher taxes and higher energy costs, which will ultimately be the result of limiting the use of fossil fuels.

Those who champion the global warming narrative tell us there is a “consensus” among scientists that human-caused climate change is real. The stated “consensus” amounts to nothing more than a handful of climate models that reached a consensus based on contrived data, and a handful of scientists who parroted the narrative rather than risk losing research funding. The larger consensus is those who don’t support the theory of man-made global warming.

Since 1992, more than 20,000 scientists from 106 different countries, most with advanced degrees, have gone on record stating that the notion of man-made global warming was based on flawed ideas and was contrary to their research. If that information had been reported by the media at that time, the subject of man-made global warming would not exist today. Simply put, for every one scientist you show me that supports the theory of man-made global warming, I will show you twenty that do not.

The theory of global warming is based on the premise that carbon dioxide emissions should be directly and indirectly trapping a certain amount of heat in the earth’s atmosphere and preventing it from escaping into space (the Greenhouse Effect), which then causes global warming. What they fail to mention is that CO2 is a “trace gas” in the atmosphere and is measured in parts per million (ppm). At one point in history, carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere was almost five times higher than today . . . with no negative impact on plants or animals.

Imagine a grid with 2500 squares representing the atmosphere. The total amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would be only one square. Humans only contribute 3 percent of that one square. Now, imagine a grid with 83,000 squares. Man’s CO2 contribution is less than 1 square out of 83,000. In other words, human-caused carbon dioxide is far too insignificant to impact the climate. Period.

If carbon dioxide was a major player in the global warming discussion, it would do more to debunk the alarmist theory than to prove it. Carbon dioxide levels increase and decrease due to temperature variances in our atmosphere. The computer models used by the alarmists claim increases in carbon dioxide levels are the cause of global warming. However, nine-hundred-thousand years of ice-core data and CO2 content records show that carbon dioxide increases follow warming periods, which is logical since oceans are the primary source of carbon dioxide. As the global climate cools, the oceans absorb more carbon dioxide. As the climate warms, the oceans release carbon dioxide. Simply put, carbon dioxide does not cause warming, it is the result of warming. Thus, the alarmist claims that increasing CO2 levels cause global warming is totally false.

Even Greenpeace Co-founder Patrick Moore admitted:

CO2 is lower now than it has been through most of the history of life on earth, and so is the temperature.”

And, regardless of what the media would like you to believe, the ice isn’t going anywhere.

In 2014, total sea ice in Antarctica reached a record 7.78 million square miles, which was 550,000 square miles above the prior 30-year average. Antarctica also set the record for the coldest temperature ever recorded at minus 135.8 degrees Fahrenheit. The “melting ice” that the alarmists trumpet consists of two glaciers in western Antarctica, which comprise less than one percent of Antarctica’s ice. They have been melting for more than 18,000 years. It is highly unlikely that sea ice, which has a freezing temperature of 28 degrees, can experience massive melting in an environment with an average temperature of 56 degrees below zero.

The ice coverage records that we speak of are based on satellite data, which only goes back to 1979. So, when anyone discusses ice coverage data, they limited to only the prior 38 years. And, based that data, it appears that ice coverage has continued to fluctuate within natural cycles. In 2014, ice coverage in the Arctic was at almost the same level as it was in 2013 (1.97 million square miles), which was an increase of 650,000 square miles over 2012. Ice coverage in 2016 was roughly the same as 2007.

And, just for the record, the polar bear population is up more than 500 percent since the mid-sixties, increasing from approximately 5,000 to over 30,000 today.

Global cooling didn’t pan out. Neither has global warming. So now the argument of choice is extreme weather caused by climate change. Several times each week, I read a story or see a TV clip that tries desperately to convince me that we are experiencing extreme and dangerous weather. But, the facts prove otherwise.

Tornado activity in the past few years has been relatively calm. In 2011, there were a total of 1894 tornadoes in the United States, and in 2004 there were 1820 tornadoes. The average is between 1400-1500 tornadoes per year. From 2013 thru 2016, the average number of tornadoes dropped to 986 per year according to the National Weather Service. Of those, the number of “killer” tornadoes averaged less than 13 per year, with a total of 155 people killed during that 4-year period. The prior three-year average was 33 “killer” tornadoes per year, with a death toll of 681.

There has not been a hurricane in the U.S. stronger than a category two since Hurricane Wilma in 2005. That is the longest period without a category three or stronger hurricane since the Civil War.

In 2013, the U.S. set the record for the lowest number of 100-degree days.


There are mountains of solid evidence available that easily debunk the myth of human-caused climate change. As the so-called “evidence” for man-made climate change evaporates, solutions for dealing with natural climate variances are becoming increasingly clear. Rather than trying to mitigate a threat that will likely never happen, we should be turning more frequently to adaptation, a far less expensive alternative. At present, the costs of reducing carbon emissions vastly exceed the benefits. The annual cost per U.S. household is estimated at roughly $4000.00, and there would be extensive job losses. Unfortunately, as more and more people become educated to the facts of true climate science, there will always be a core group of alarmists whose financial or political agendas get in the way of common sense.

We should support rational measures to protect and improve the environment, but it does not make sense to back expensive programs that divert resources from proven needs. Climate science should not be contaminated by political agendas. Fortunately, the Trump administration understands that we have been wasting billions of dollars each year for research based on the imaginary consequences of a hypothetical problem, while other more pressing needs have been ignored.

We need to take a rational scientific approach, not an emotional approach, to the study of climate change within the context of known natural climate history. Those of us who provide sound, factual climate data shouldn’t continue to be blacklisted by leftist politicians and the media. And we, as a country, cannot continue to accept the lies, the fear-mongering, and the bullying tactics that continue to drive up our cost of living and diminish our quality of life.


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About the Author: Tony Olson is an American journalist, and bestselling author. His book SPIN GAME: Exposing Political Lies And Tactics was an Amazon Top Ten Bestseller. In addition to his great articles Tony also authored Twas The Night Before Inauguration” and Ode to Liberal Lunacy, as well as other outstanding satirical poems that can be found on The Liberty Beacon. Tony currently lives in Boise, Idaho.



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