Facets: Collectivism vs. Tribalism & the Breakdown of Individualism

Collectivism vs. Tribalism & the Breakdown of Individualism

By TLB Contributing Author: Ken LaRive

Thomas Jefferson said: There is not a truth existing which I fear… or would wish unknown to the whole world.”   Yes, what a concept. Truth, in a world of lies. A world where anything goes…

Helping our culture to succeed is a survival technique, and cultures who have lost that ability fail…

Some forms of culture are not able to assimilate peacefully. They have violent invasion ingrained in the very fabric of their culture, with propped up justifications heralded by ancient religious texts. Some are uneducated, and easily coerced to except religious interpretations as their own, by self-proclaimed religious and cultural leaders who promote their brand of action… surely, some are in the form of terrorism, but another, more subtle, can only be described as slavery of the will, where voluntary servitude originates. Both, in their own right, have no place in America.

On the other hand, some will help each other to achieve the American dream, cornering a market, like owning hotels, or to dominate an industry, like fishing or carpentry. Some cultures come here, and do this very well, winning big, according to free market capitalism and our Constitution. What makes these cultures strong is a sense of community for their individual culture, and having strong family values that prove to be unconquerable assets.

And yet there are some, who originally were brought here as slaves, and though emancipated by law, choose to serve the same progressive culture that enslaved them in the first place. They find their roots in past suffering, from Hollywood movies and music, created by the same culture that enslave their minds with an oppressive and irresponsible plantation mindset that goes all the way back to tangible chains.  They believe the lies, and eat the crumbs from the table of their enslavers, hoping for a promised present… a present that never comes. They have not yet found that nothing in life is free, that everything is possible if you reach out, that Liberty from tyranny is taking responsibility for your own life, and manifest destiny is your design…

Others hide in the folds of our society, conspire behind closed doors, and control not only the military, but the banks and international corporations who finance and arm both sides of conflict. They also vie to hold the minds of the people they have conquered in check. They do this by controlling all information, from the rewriting of history, to the manipulation of truth in media. They are the most dangerous of all… and of all of the cultures mentioned above, all continually push to live in isolated cultural communities that deny integration and assimilation…  the mixing of culture and the taboo of marriage amalgamation are only two of many separations they hold. They create a microcosm, and some win, and others become violent cesspools of bigotry, unreasoned racism and hatred, ignoring truth for self evaluation and self-determination, revel in self-serving egotism that pass from generation to generation like a curse.

Many forms of authority have taught us that Tribalism is nonviable in a world moving toward Collectivism. This is an important concept to understand in an ever-shrinking world of clashing cultures… a world growing more violent, seemingly less tolerant of opposing points of view, and these condescension’s are bringing us to the brink of another world war.

America has taken in refugees from around the world, and most try hard to retain their typical social community, and yet are pushed to embrace the values, standards, and founding principles that separates a free and open society from tyranny.  With this said, not all cultures are able to coexist in this mode of thought, but find that creating a sub-culture, within a primary culture, acceptable to most all, can be called nothing but one thing, segregation.

Here in America, we have been strongly pushed, by mandated laws said to be Constitutional, and yet, have been promoted without formal discussion for the sake of truth. Indeed, we vie to live in a Republic based on Constitutional law, and so try to develop a universal collective mindset typically American in nature, and still retain our very valuable individual culture.

With government involvement, we have had, without a singular doubt, a very real and observable breakdown of self-value and virtue, moral decadence, violent lawlessness, and the overt destruction of individual responsibility, and has, across the board, influenced every other culture trying to survive collectively. It can also be observed that the more authoritarianism grows, the less free we become to express ourselves as individuals, and in the process cultures morph negatively, losing viability, and slowly suffocate. So what I am trying to bring to light here is simple, some cultures have a hard time living under the American system we call a Constitutional Republic, and we must tackle the reason why 20th century Progressive collectivism is at such odds with tribalism. You see, tribalism has been the very backbone of cultures around the world, from the very beginning of recorded history, and far beyond, and was a great survival tool in a world of constant deprivation, starvation, fearful desperation, tyranny and enslavement of many forms, and some are not overtly compatible in a culture who strives to live and let live.

“Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves”
Abraham Lincoln, Complete Works – Volume XII

This idea, that Collectivism and Tribalism are at odds, is indeed complex, and what I hope to accomplish in this essay, and several more to come, is to simply bring it to light, as consideration for future review and study. It is my hope, as is all of my work… created to advance the possibility of peace, prosperity and Liberty. We must study both the success and failures of ideologies that controlled humankind in the past, so we can articulate our future path with intelligent design.  Some ideas must be understood, and from both perspectives, if we are ever going to dream of a peaceful resolution to the manufactured fear and mistrust that grips us all by the throat, and finally, enslaves us all… there is a solution.

The future of men living in peace, already has a blueprint, as we study both the success and failures of the past. We are, from a simple sheepherder in Tunisia, to an economist in a board meeting in New York, are current observers of our world. Amazingly, the human mind of both asks similar questions of life, and their primary needs are very similar.

Few can comprehend the reasons some cultures flourish, and others flounder, others creatively build and learn, while others destroy and live in the decay they produced… some seemingly can only mimic the creations and success of others, and still, others will tear down anything unlike the mindset they were fearfully taught. That is the juxtaposition of this very real modern convolution.

It is powerful privileged opportunists of singular mindset, tribal tyrants who control by deception, intelligent, and directed by ancient cultures of slavery from a book their culture wrote as direction. To be free, they were told that the only way to accomplish this is to enslave others, and if they do not submit, to kill every one, both children and women, and to confiscate everything they owned as their own. They believe that god is on their side, and has directed them first person, and this is a powerful justification to do anything at all. Anything, at all. And so, Christians, Muslims, and Jews, kill each other.

It isn’t that complicated, after the idea hits home, that each and every person on this planet has a right to exist, and under their own terms, and yet, has no right to dictate their cultural perspectives on anyone else, even if they are commanded to by their interpretation of god.  If they cannot concede their expansionist policies… of stealing land and resources that belong to others, at the point of a gun, or terrorizing and killing innocent people to further their cause, they should be culled and curbed by any means necessary. Indeed, they are traitors to our humanity, and should be assigned to the dustbin of past malevolent tyrants, imperialists, selfishly motivated mercenaries who kill, not for a standard, but for money, and without a comprehensive and inclusive moral compass… A moral compass, based on truth, justice, honor, respect, individual responsibility, the value of human life and worth, righteousness… all principles based on love.

I have written several essays recently on this most powerful topic… they are linked here. To me, our very survival on earth depends on the understanding of these thoughts, so valuable and indeed primary in the fight for Liberty from Tyranny.



Ken LaRive – FacetsIt’s a simple but beautiful metaphor. Our soul is likened to an uncut diamond, pure, perfect, and unrealized. Each learned experience cleaves a facet on its face, and leaves it changed forever. Through this facet, this clear window, new light, new questions and ideas take shape and form. This process is our reason for being …


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