Christine Ford Is Their 2018 Anita Hill [A Roe v. Wade perspective]

Christine Ford Is Their 2018 Anita Hill

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Dianne Feinstein has just pulled their DESPERATION RABBIT out of her hat,  – a woman with an unverifiable 35 year-old claim that a boy groped her in boarding school.

They last tried this dirty trick to smear a Supreme Court nominee in 1991,  – against Clarence Thomas – not because he was Black,  – but because he was a Conservative.

Anita Hill was a government employee – a secretary.

Now they’ve gone for someone with four (4) degrees who works as acollege professor – in California.

Stanford University:  MS, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
University of Southern California:  PhD, Educational Psychology
Pepperdine University:  MA, Clinical Psychology
UNC Chapel Hill:  BA, Psychology

With these credentials you (you low information voter) are expectedto believe that her memory and her motives are ABOVE REPROACH,  – that she MUST be telling the truth  – EXACTLY as it happened 35 years ago – in high school.

Please IGNORE that Professor Ford signed a petition against family separations,  – cowardly using her maiden name – Christine Blasey.  What,  she didn’t want attention?  Until Kavanaugh was about to be confirmed?

BUT – you are expected to believe that her lawyer had her take an FBI Lie Detector Test – and passed it…?  (On advice of Counsel…)  No, they’re not admissible in court!

We’re utterly amazed that Gloria Allred isn’t representing Christine Ford,  – but maybe she’s got her hands full with Stormy Daniels…?

So Ford is represented by high-priced DC whistleblower lawyer Debora Katz, – who will use her shamelessly to gin up additional clients.

UNDERSTAND:  All this last minute maneuvering with a “surprise VICTIM bravely coming forward” is the Democrat’s desperate attempt to insure that Roe v. Wade remains the Law of the Land.

The business of Killing BABIES is that lucrative!

Some Democrats should look up the results of the Dred Scott Decision,….where a single Court Decision – about a flawed law,  – and a single escaped slave,…

…led inexorably to our Civil War – 620,000 Dead on both sides,  – roughly 2% of our entire population.

Most Democrats today who FIRMLY BELIEVE in killing the unborn as “a Woman’s Right to Choose”…

— cannot tell you the first thing about Dred Scott or Roger Taney!

Democrats are trained in our public schools…

to be Historically IGNORANT …

and unable to think past simple buzz-words…


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