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Masters of the Universe

By TLB Contributing Author: Ken LaRive

Before I get started…

A note on the redacted 911 pages… Yesterday the 28 pages redacted from the 911 Commission Report was finally released. Though I have not yet read them, I have read several very convoluted essays this morning… of lies, fear and bias. My study of what happened on 911 took years of trying, and the truth of this matter is not known by the average American, nor, I might add, do they have the inclination to care. If one could mind-read a fleeting typically American thought on the matter, it might be, “Lets move on.” or “What’s for supper?” or “911? That’s the cop phone number, right” Yes, I’m a bit bitter…

Nothing in the history of humanity has been as costly, from debt slavery, lives, and closer to home… the loss of both civil liberty and the shredding of Constitutional Law.  We are too close to realize the spectacular ramifications of 911, but this story will be told for thousands of years… It is right up there with the burning of the Alexander Library…

Unrelenting war built on fabrication, with blatant evidence omitted or completely ignored, stares an investigator in the face… from a military stand-down, free falling buildings, put-options three days prior, dancing Israelis, and hundreds more, show what can only be described as a False Flag.

It is evident that those who had prior knowledge, and those who were complicit in this most complex and orchestrated attack, will not be completely reveled in this report. It will open the door to many unanswered questions, however, and that is a hope to open the eyes of a populous in denial. What is at stake here, the real truth of this matter, has been asked before the fall of every great nation. Actually, I can think of no question more profound… the most profound question ever asked in the history of humanity. “Who is pulling our strings?” Well, if you can answer that question, found below, you will know who you should be holding accountable when the dust settles. If you are still alive…


We live in exciting times, with profound, and yet frightful changes poised to be reality. Frightful, because some changes seem both inevitable, and completely out of our control to either confront or question. This is an illusion. What we see on TV seems so dangerous and eminent; they threaten to fracture not only our Republic, but the fundamental foundation of our very reality. Fundamental social systems around the word, and their commonality with us, which have been a part of humanity since the dawn of civilization, are systematically being dismantled. Social systems that have evolved, by trial and error, by great loss and monumental gain, developed for the very survival of our species, in the face of the dangerous unknown, are being crushed.  However, we must also consider that some of what we think we are as a species has been put there by very clever dictators to inhibit our potential, and that most everything we see around us is some form of an illusion.

Truth is a bittersweet medicine when found, and not always evident as most often only a fracture of it can be seen, or realized. It takes a great effort to find a singular fact, and it must be wanted very badly to be discovered. Of such value, our ancestors knew that without truth, no score could be won, no subject understood, no question could be answered, no liberty from tyranny held, no issue effectively resolved… and anyone caught intentionally lying was considered a traitor. And so, when we depend on an institution for truth, an establishment who holds all of the cards for your future, and theirs as well… knowledge in the hands of a small minority of  affluent, authoritative, highly motivated and skilled… an alliance self chosen to rule and regulate the entire world… yes, yes! We must take stock. Yes, we must pull back that curtain.

It sounds trite, even pedestrian, but just as any tyrant in history, we must pose questions. In Germany this year, it has become law that anyone who questions the number of Jews killed in the holocaust, if gas was used in the extermination… or that any Jew deserved it, will be arrested. Here in America, a whistle blower who brings to light government wrong-doing will be hunted down and tried for treason. It is now legal, by mandate, that drones can exterminate an American citizen on American soil without due process, and anyone who thinks to formulate a separate truth from the 911 commission report is branded a Conspiracy theorist, or truther, like that has negative connotations.

What makes these powerful elites formidable is their amazing ability, learned and practiced to be unflinchingly opportunistic for hundreds of years… they feed on our talent, hard work and sacrifice, with control not only of our national treasure, but the ability to enslave us in a debt that can never be paid… a debt owed to them.  They also have unlimited resources, as a tightly knit unit without conscience or ethics that can be recognized or comprehended by a Christian’s moral standard. Their God is power, control, and a black bottom line…The leaders of all countries understand this, and they are going through the same scenario at the very core of their financial institutions, and will fight back as they feel they must since the world began. Tyrants and Patriots seldom fight each other, but a manufactured enemy, as created by them, die in the theater of war, and never know why… and so, these countries do not fall in line. we have new enemies…. Yes, bankers… Every war is a banker war.

Our individual cultures here on earth have been systematically coerced by them, one played against the other to promote a more manageable, easily controlled populous for the installation of power, and the extraction of profit.  We must, just as our founders advised, confront this as an obligation, with every generation, for the sake of Liberty from Tyranny. If we don’t, or Republic based on Constitutional Law will be stolen from us, and once gone, will be assigned to the dust bin of history, never to be returned without bloodshed.  Many think our Republic is just an illusion, and already lost, as the last drop is sucked dry.

Those who have grown too powerful to fail should be considered too weak to exist. When we are left with no other choice but to bail out a mega banking system or mammoth conglomerate corporation, we should question why with force… but we don’t. When they say “too big to fail” what they are saying is that they hold so much ascendancy over our virtual future welfare, we have no choice but to comply. What can this be called but debt slavery? But more, as the proof is right before our very noses: when these transactions are out of our control, when it is hidden from view, and unaccountable to our questions and concerns, that is the proof of our servitude, and it is no longer voluntary. It seems more than business to them, more than religion, even more than ego… and beyond our ability to understand. To them, we are cattle to be used as they will…  Christians have a hard time with this ideologue, thinking that there must be a viable conscience involved, where empathy, love, compassion, fair play, or kindness reigns, as was taught by civilized and loving parents. In the Machiavellian world of dominance, however, that sentiment does not exist. They are predators, and we are prey, and that is why they are winning.

 “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”

–Thomas Jefferson

We have been shamed into thinking that our traditions, our language, our race, our cultural ethics are to be forgotten as unimportant, and pushed and pulled to further coexistence, even if it means extinction.  Our manipulators know this well, and use it to make money on both side of war, fluctuation in markets, from carpet-baggier bankruptcy to a national debt created out of worthless paper. The destruction of sovereignty, a shredded Constitution and Bill of Rights, are fertilizer for left-wing Marxist lawyers and politicians to grow fat in the chaos. Behind the scenes, they work together with right-wing lawyers and politicians, and are, for all intent and purpose, virtually indistinguishable in the shadows.  Both sides, most all, are pulled by the same strings, from the same source, and what you see as opposition and debate are little more than a dog and pony show, smoke and mirrors… and that process, called Cronyism, is the true America…  eaten alive by a giant rat.

So, the answer is a simple one for a Patriot. Education based on truth, individual responsibility, liberty from all forms of tyranny, and not to participate in any process that inhibits our civil liberties. Stand up, push back, participate in the process, and learn how to play the game. Infiltrate the one party system, and leave your fingerprints on what is good for America. Run for political office on a platform of truth, justice, and accountability.  Follow the Constitution, and disregard any mandate that opposes it. Know that your civil liberties are manifestly yours as divinely given, and cannot be granted by government. Know that your Constitution protects all Americans, not just your flavor, and if you disregard the rights of any religion, creed, or color, the entire system is a sham. Live and let live is the same as do unto others as you would have them do unto you… and finally, it is your interpretation of the Constitution that is truth, not the institution’s clarification.

And one more thing, be prepared to fight, and die, for something bigger than yourself. That is the true power of a patriot, and that alone is half the battle won. That alone fills the heart of any Tyrant with fear.  It is not too late, and never will be… it will just take more effort.

Paul and Friedman…


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