FBI: Follow the Money, Keep Your Eye on the Ball

By TLB Staff

The FBI and most critical thinkers in alternative media are keeping their “eye on the ball” (The Clinton Foundation) and are “following the money” (the Clinton associates and/or Bag-men) that has contributed (Pay-to-Play) to one of the most far reaching criminal enterprises in recent times.

There is certainly a good reason that Hillary Clinton kept her business on a “private server”.. she did not want anyone to know what she was doing. When you work for the Fed and use Government communication channels, you are open to Freedom of Information Requests and other scrutiny. Clinton could not have any of that… she had to be free to wheel and deal on a Global Scale to keep the money flowing into the foundation via her position as Secretary of State.

There is a lot of speculation and finger pointing going on right now about emails, corruption at the FBI and the Department of Justice. We begin this post with a video [The Kelly file] on that very subject, followed with more expansive coverage from various sources.


Report: Indictment ‘Likely’ in Clinton Foundation FBI Investigation

by Matthew Boyle

NEW YORK CITY, New York — Fox News Special Report anchor Bret Baier reported Wednesday that two sources with “intimate knowledge” of the Clinton Foundation FBI investigation say that an indictment is “likely” down the road in the case.

“I pressed again and again on this very issue, and these sources said, ‘Yes, the investigations will continue,’” if Hillary Clinton defeats Donald Trump on election day, Baier said Wednesday night. His sources added, as he said, “There is a lot of evidence.”

“And barring some obstruction in some way, they believe they’ll continue to likely an indictment,” Baier said.

Baier made the bombshell announcement in an appearance with his fellow anchor on Brit Hume’s program On The Record, after earlier on his own program breaking the news that the FBI was indeed investigating the Clinton Foundation and the investigation was expansive, wide-reaching, and has gone on for a year.

Twin reports—from Fox’s Baier and from CNN’s Pamela Brown, who along with her fellow CNN Justice Department correspondent Evan Perez said she talked with a dozen sources in positions of knowledge—confirmed that the criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation is active, ongoing, and expansive at the FBI. It has apparently been going on for a year, and politically motivated officials at the Department of Justice—controlled by Attorney General Loretta Lynch—have reportedly tried repeatedly to shut it down.

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