FBI mobsters are threatening President Trump in order to conceal their criminal activities


by Rick Wells

FBI mobsters are threatening President Trump in order to conceal their criminal activities, says Chris Farrell. That is what the meeting with Gen Kelly was about, 5 FBI goons warning…

Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch [pictured here] has some sharp criticism of both the FBI and President Trump’s chief of staff, General John Kelly, saying the FBI is threatening President Trump.

 Asked by Lou Dobbs to explain a recent meeting between Kelly and five political operatives of the FBI, who still ultimately opposed its release. Farrell replied, “Let me boil it down real simple, the FBI is threatening the President of the United States.”

He says they’ve first tried to put him in a corner saying they really don’t want him revealing all of the criminality that’s going on in the organization. “So they broker a meeting with the chief of staff, who is the wrong person to meet with, first of all.”   [[VIDEO BELOW]]

Farrell continues, “And then secondly, even after this supposed negotiation, where the White House gave up its power, gave up its position of authority, they acquiesced to a meeting which never should have happened,” expressing his view that they were “cautioning and warning,” trying to intimidate in order to cover up their criminality.”

He says, “And then when they’re all done the FBI still comes out with a statement. When was the last time the FBI issued a statement on anything?” Dobbs agrees, they haven’t issued any reports on any investigations, that “the FBI has been a place where the truth goes to die,” used primarily to cover up.

Farrell says, “These political operators are threatening the President of the United States, they’re betraying their oath to the Constitution, they are so defensive and so reactive, trying to cover up for the big FBI machine,” agreeing that the agency has a long history of corruption.

“And when the American public learns about what’s going on at the headquarters,” says Farrell, “let me tell you something, there’s FBI agencies, field offices all over the country, where similar shenanigans are going on, and I’ll point a finger directly at El Paso, TX. There’s all sorts of abuse of surveillance, of mail cover, of telephone tap, of intercepts.”

Dobbs interrupts, “Of US citizens?” Farrell answers, “Correct. Things that I have reported personally to the Inspector General of the Justice Department. They know this stuff. This is the worst kept secret in the country. They’re terrified, they’re embarrassed and they’re frantic and that’s why you see them issuing this statement, which attempts to undercut the actions of the chief executive of the United States.”

Dobbs puts a relevant statement from Nunes up on the screen which states, “The memo contains all the relevant facts on FISA abuse. After fighting our demands for these documents for months, the FBI and DOJ now seem to be going through a series of increasingly ridiculous, increasingly desperate excuses to avoid transparency.”

Dobbs says he can’t believe this level of disrespect for a sitting President is being tolerated. He asks, “Where the hell is the Attorney General? Why are they letting this happen?

Farrell explains that President Trump has signature authority to release anything he wants and asks rhetorically why he and Kelly are instead playing this game of patty-cake with the criminals at the DOJ and FBI. He says, “The reason why is because they’re afraid or there a little concerned that the FBI is going to push back hard, or further collaborate with people like Mueller, to try to attack the legitimacy of this Presidency.”

He says, “This is another grave threat, not just on Mr. Trump personally, but it’s a threat on the Constitution. He can’t let this stuff go on.”

Dobbs asks, “What should the President do and do now?” Farrell replies, “Release the original memo as drafted by Mr. Nunes and get it out tomorrow morning at about seven o’clock, let everybody pick it up and run with it.”

Dobbs adds, “And there is also a loud message to his chief of staff, get the hell out of the way. This is now a matter of the Presidential authority of this government.”


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