The CDC “Marketing” of “Flu Like Symptoms” [Raphaëlle O’Neil Commentary]

The CDC “Marketing” of “Flu Like Symptoms”

by Raphaëlle O’Neil, TLB Contributing Author

Even though we are over the hump of this years deadly? flu season, we are still learning valuable lessons from it including it’s many “marketing dangers.”

We know we are getting sicker from the toxic overload we are exposed to in day to day living… GMOs laden with glyphosate and adjuvants in our food (1), fluoride filled water (2), pollution from industry (3) and aviation (4) in the air, years of antibiotic overuse (5) and other health degrading prescriptions (such as yearly vaccine flu shots (6)) undermining our body’s natural immunity. The assaults to our health are multiple, and it makes sense that the flu is deadlier for some this year, than ever before. BUT the flu pandemic is proving to be more hype using straight up false flag techniques, and inflated numbers in yet another (7) push for selling the latest vaccines to a fear-prodded public.

How do you control the narrative and the numbers? The CDC simply uses the phrase “Flu Like Symptoms.” Take a look at how you go from deaths counted in the teens to deaths counted in the thousands. Click Here for the list of “Flu Like Symptoms.”

Del Bigtree illuminated his viewers this week when he sent his Mom on the Ground to go investigate for him in L.A. the day after the news was claiming massive increases in flu triage and alleged extra tents being set up to receive the masses of sick folks that were swelling across the nation and California especially. Incredibly- 4 hospitals in a row were EMPTY. Yes, EMPTY. One had a few people, but essentially the bluff was called and it was proven to be a 100% hype (8):


Jeannie Hardesty (9), a retired, vaccine-injured nurse got a letter for the first time from her neurologist URGING her to get her flu shot because this years season is “one of the worst’ (according to their claims), analyzes the numbers as per the CDC released and finds that the number of flu deaths claimed by the media, roughly 30,000 were more than the number of actual confirmed influenza hospitalization cases declared, which were only 17,911!

Despite all this inflation and hype, there are grave dangers, especially for the elderly who are being targeted for the relatively new FLUAD vaccine being heavily pushed on the 65 and older population at this time, as Jeannie’s video (9) also shows.

We’ve formally covered (10) how we now know that squalene was the ingredient that was force given to one million U.S. veterans who contracted the debilitating “Gulf War” Syndrome (11), but few of us realize that the adjuvant in FLUAD is MF59 (12) which contains the controversial Squalene (13).

While the push on seniors to get the vaccine in the U.S. is ramping up, FLUAD is not new on the scene. In 2014 Italy put a ban on the drug after 11 plus people died within 48 hours of receiving the vaccine (14). Of course, the vaccine industry and its sock puppets are ever ready to dismiss whatever they can, so causation is never found (15). Still, we remind you of the inflated numbers above and to not get caught up in any propaganda but to just READ THE INSERT (16) for yourself and see the post-studies, adverse events reported and decide if you really are comfortable with the risks then. In fact we recommend you do that no matter what vaccine/medication you take, whether you believe in them or are unsure, since more people die from taking their prescription drugs correctly per year than from all other illicit drugs combined (17).

It’s also not the first time the elderly has been targeted (18), and it won’t be the last, if the way the vaccine industry treats the most tender of our populations- fetal babies- is any any indication. A recent study review reveals a nearly 4,250% increase in fetal deaths from a previous flu season to this past season using the same vaccine that was being pushed in both cases.(19).

Time and time and time again, all we can say is, please READ THE INSERT . Your personal challenge is to try to warn your loved ones as best you can.. even if they think you’re nuts for it. It’s important. Informed choices is all we want to be able to make. We should be able to make decisions about our health based on facts, not corporate agenda-based fear.


About the author

Raphaëlle O’Neil is a climate engineering awareness activist & educator, as well as a TLB Contributing Author. In addition she is the author of the children’s chemtrail book “Funny Clouds: A Chemtrail Tale”, illustrated by Sean Gautreaux. Her activism has expanded from just “looking up” to include anything that is a Toxic Threat to Humanity.

She is also a massage therapist, who’s passion for liberty has made her a freedom fighter going back her whole life, but after surviving assaults on the environment by Katrina and the BP oil spill, she renewed her commitment to ringing the alarm on various pressing environmental issues.

Because no safeguards to a clean environment can be made without the right to freedom of speech, she was forced to defend herself against such tyranny by going up to bat for the constitution of the Unites States of America, which she did by being Press Chief for P.A.N.D.A (People Against the National Defense Authorization Act) until the birth of her child.

Podcast: Raphaëlle covers multiple issues on her podcast Beyond the Veil on her nolabutterfly youtube channel, ranging from free speech, mind control, and other shady government cover-ups. (That is when she has time to take from her research and writing.) She is primarily focused on climate engineering and any advances she sees unfolding today from the globalist agenda.


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