Beating the Lustratio Procession: Filing Charges Against TSA Criminals

Filing Sexual Assault Charges Against TSA Screeners

By: Anny Jacoby

“If you don’t want to go through the full body scanner and/or be subjected to a full body pat-down by the TSA then stay home.”

“There are other options of travel, drive, take a train or a bus.”

“I would rather go through these procedures than be blown up in a plane, it means safer flights then I have no problem with either procedure.”

I am personally so sick and tired of individuals responding to the valid objections of the recent new TSA screening that includes full body scanners and enhanced pat-downs.  Believe me I am all for Homland Security and our safety is of the utmost importance; however, TSA Screeners are MISSING weapons in carry-on luggage as reported by Brian Ross with ABC News last week!  Isn’t there something wrong with this picture?

Pamela Chapman provided us with an excellent post on this subject on the “Time’s Up!” blog last Thursday.  I personally agree with every valid point that she made.

People….our choice and Fourth Amendment rights (The Fourth Amendment Amendment IV to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures.) have infact been striped away from us.  What’s next?

TSA pat-downs can be traumatizing and “re-traumatizing”.  Even John Pistole, the TSA administrator acknowledged in recent Senate hearing that when he received one, he found it “more invasive than I’m used to.”  Mr. Pistole, you have no idea what invasive is until you have been sexually violated.

Reminder of Definition of Sexual Assault:

A sexual assault occurs when someone touches any part of another person’s body in a sexual way, even through clothes, without that person’s consent.

You can fight back with following explicit instructions. You have rights and by “fighting back” I am referring to via the Police Departments and Sexual Assault Investigators/Detectives within the police departments, FBI and the media.

Get to the airport early.

First, calmly and respectfully tell the TSA Screener that you are objecting to the invasive body search even though you are not being given a choice to either refuse it or leave the airport.

This means that you are being forced against your will to submit. If they tell you that you must submit, then it is like a man putting a knife to your throat and giving you no choice. You are forced either way.

Make sure your verbal objections are heard and let the “pat-down” be done out in the open where it can be seen. Be sure that you obtain the TSA Screener’s name mentally during the “enhanced pat-down”. Make absolute sure to pay attention to the private areas of the body that have been touched for reporting. After they are done assaulting you, your wife, your husband, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, daughter or son do the following:

Step away from the screening area, take a deep breath and dial 911 from your cell phone and report being sexually assaulted. Give the 911 dispatcher your name and location. By calling 911, the call gets sent out to whatever the city’s central emergency dispatch location is. Also by placing this call the call goes around the TSA and the Airport Police and gets recorded and logged for records. This means that the police have to treat it like any other sex assault and cannot just blow you off. 911 call frequencies are also monitored by every large city’s TV News Stations! Sex Crimes Detectives will be notified.

You can call 911 as the assault is happening, just make sure that the call gets through and you give a good description to the dispatcher.

Give the 911 dispatcher your name, (if you are calling for someone else, the victim’s name) and a description of the TSA Screener as well as the Airport and security checkpoint and/or the gate location. When the police arrive, fill out a statement, demand to speak to a Sex Crimes Detective and file charges.

Another option when you travel, have a friend or relative get a Gate Pass from the Airline and go through security with you. Again, tell the TSA Screener to do the enhanced pat-down out in the open. After or as they are assaulting you, your friend or relative can dial 911 and report a sexual assault in progress.

If you have been assaulted recently but you did not call the Police, please Google the Police Department of the city of the airport that you were assaulted at by the TSA. Then ask to speak to the Sex Crimes Detectives Unit and file reports, demand to press charges to initiate an investigation. If you are back home in another city, make a statement to your local Police Department’s Sex Crimes Unit and they can fax it to the Police Department of the city in which the assault occurred.

We must be pro-active as well as educated as to how to file sexual assault charges against the TSA screeners if you feel that you have been sexually assaulted. Listen to the media interview below with Erin Chase from Dayton, Ohio who has pressed charges against the TSA agent for sexual assault:

After you have filed your report wait and watch. If the police move fast you don’t want to do anything to jeopardize the investigation. The media may get wind of the assault through sources that they have at the police departments.

Once you get to your destination go online and obtain the TV News station website of the city that you were assaulted in. Remember, keep tabs on the investigation. Consider sending an anonymous news tip about the charges to their News Tip email department. If you wish to give your name as Erin did do so. With or without your name, don’t be afraid to tip off the media if it is necessary; the more they report on passengers filing Sexual Assault charges against TSA screener’s the worse it is for the TSA and the better for passengers.

If your child has been assaulted do the same exact thing or call 911 as it is happening and report a sexual assault of a minor or child in progress. Follow the above directions.

The city police department must get involved and so will the media when they hear the 911 call. The 911 emergency call can make so much difference for your case.

It is my understanding that this is the best, cheapest and most effective way to fight back. As long as they forcefully grope vaginal, breast and groin areas (which the TSA Screener’s are doing), and are forcing you to stay or face a financial penalty (which they are), you can legally file a sexual assault complaint and make that 911 call. If this is done enough perhaps the police and the FBI will be forced into action.

Keep in mind, city Police Departments over the years have arrested TSA Screener’s for theft committed while searching passenger’s belongings – they can obviously do the same for a sex crime – which the “enhanced” pat-downs clearly are.

Even if the TSA Assailants do not go to trial, they will still have a Sex Crimes related ARREST or investigation on their record for life!  TSA Screeners need to step up and be heard as well, “enhanced pat-downs” were not part of their job description.  They need to be heard by the TSA and Government as well that they feel, that they assaulting innocent civilians.  If you are ordered to do something illegal then why in the world would you do it?  Don’t just stand there and shake your head “yes” to everything you are being told.  You allknow that these procedures are illegal and you know that your A$$ is potentially on the line.

Police Departments have to investigate every reported Sex Crime that takes place in their city and airports themselves as part of the city and local governments. Calling your Congressmen AFTER you’ve reported the assault wouldn’t hurt either.

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About Anny

Anny is a Survivor of Domestic Violence with many years as a Certified Advocate. She firmly believes that EVERY female has the absolute right to protect and defend herself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and ultimately physically.
Anny received her PDR (Personal Defense Readiness) Instructor Certification in 2008.
Anny is also a Steward’s of Children Authorized Facilitator and Prevention Specialist who trains adults to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse through Darkness to Light’s certification programs.


TSA: Satanic Sex/Domination Ritual (Lustratio Procession)

By: James Dysart of The Liberty Beacon

I want you all to envision something for a moment. You enter a large area with thousands of strangers swarming around like nervous, angry robots. You have come here so you can move ahead in society financially and socially by taking a journey into the heavens after a purification ritual involving a modern-day Lustratio procession. (1) There comes a point at which several costumed men or women with no actual authority come up to you and demand that you stop. People with deadly weapons stand watching you with angry, judgmental eyes, in order to make you obey. If you do not, it is clear they will attack or murder you.

You stop. One of the men with no actual authority, who pretends to have it, asks you personal questions. Why have you come on this journey? Are you worthy to go on this journey? You say yes, I am, I have nothing to hide.

The stranger nods sternly, and then tells you “Very well. Hold still.” He then starts to sexually stimulate your sex organs, while others standing by ogle and one makes a lewd comment about how he wishes it were him doing it to you. Meanwhile, next to you, you see a 3 year little girl also being raped, while her parents nervously look on, encouraging her to be a “good little girl” and “just do what the man says so we can move on quickly dear.”

As the man continues to rape you, pulling down your clothes, you start to go into a traumatic state of shock. You fight past the trauma, fearing the warriors with weapons who are watching you intently to make sure you continue the procedure. You wish this nightmare would end quickly, but it doesn’t.

As the violation continues, you look to your left and see a woman being disrobed and sexually sterilized by two people, her possessions being rifled through as she does so. They laugh, telling her “get your freak on, girl.”

Finally, your ordeal ends. They let you through. You go through the gate, in a daze, feeling as if you are no longer clean, no longer a free person. You feel like a slave and a prostitute, which you now are…for you have sold yourself for convenience, business opportunities and popularity. You feel sick inside. Welcome to Babylon.


“Lustratio was an ancient Roman and ancient Greek purification ceremony,[1] involving a procession and in some circumstances the sacrifice of a pig (sus), a ram (ovis), and a bull (taurus) (suovetaurilia).

One reason for a Lustratio was to rid newborn children of any harmful spirits that may have been acquired at birth. The ceremony took place when the baby boy reached the age of nine days, or if a girl, eight days old,[2] and the ceremony, the procession traced a magical boundary around the child to be purified. At the end of the ceremony, if the child was male, he was presented with a small charm, usually of gold, called a bulla and kept in a leather bag around the boy’s neck. This bulla would be worn until the boy became a man and exchanged the child’s purple-lined toga toga praetexta for the plain toga virilis of an adult.[3] The Lustratio ceremony culminated with the naming of the child, the name being added to official Roman registers, and the observation of a flight of birds in order to discern the child’s future.[2]

Lustratio ceremonies were also used to purify cities, objects or buildings, and on some occasions to purify an area where a crime had been committed. One notable occasion was a Lustratio held to purify Athens by Epimenides of Crete, after the Cylonian massacre.[4] Lustratio ceremonies were also used to bless crops, farm animals, new colonies, and armies before going into battle or passing into review. In the latter case, troops were often ordered to the coastline, where half of the sacrifice would be thrown into the sea and the other half burnt on an altar.[4] An example of this was the army of Macedon that was lustrated by a dog being cut in half, and the army assembling between the location of the two halves, which were flung in opposite directions.[5]

Instructions on the Lustratio performed for the Roman town of Iguvium illustrate that the ceremony consisted of a procession of priests and sacrificial victims around the town’s citadel, stopping at the three gates to the citadel itself, where the sacrifices took place, as the gates were viewed as the weak points which required strengthening.[6]”


Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn has released a report documenting how the TSA is hiring “pedophiles and child pornographers” to conduct pat downs.

Exclusive: TSA frisks groom children to cooperate with sex predators, abuse expert says

TSA: thieves, spendthrifts, authoritarians: from tormenting Americans at airports to bilking taxpayers, the Transportation Security Administration has compiled a remarkable record of thuggishness and corruption.





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