Why are the police here in Richmond, VA leading the protesters?


By: Glen Sutphin

Let me start off with several questions that need to be asked. Why are the police leading the protesters and allowing streets and such to be blocked off for them? Why are the police liaison’s leading the protests? Why can they block whole streets and parts of town but I or Chris Dorsey can’t stand on the sidewalk without getting harassed for blocking the sidewalk?

It’s been on the news and I have footage I shot at the city council meetings of the police liaison leading the protesters. And in all honesty, not all the members of the several protester cells know about it. But they’re finding out about it and it is causing division in their tribes. But that’s to be expected when people are lied to once again, but it’s nothing new they lie all the time so be it.

I can’t help what you don’t know. Your understanding and education are not my charge, which is to tell you the truth. Your ignorance is your own fault. I can only show you the way, not walk the path for you.

Let me backtrack some to bring you all up to date with what is happening and what the hell I’m talking about.  First if you haven’t done so already go back and read my article entitled: ”2015 first article: Fan Club”.

I now will show you several MEDIA NEWS STORIES asking several questions about each. First question I will ask is WHO IS CHARLES WILLIS? And why is he so important?


““The difference there is the fact that we have a voice and we know we have a voice and that voice is encouraged by our city leaders,” community organizer Charles Willis said. “They encourage us to come out but they encourage us to come out peacefully and they teach us how to do that.”

Some of that teaching is done through a unique partnership with leaders of faith organizations throughout the city. In a way, RPD has created community liaisons

“We’re called to do what we do as faith leaders,” Pastor Larry Miles said. “We don’t interfere with their job. They don’t interfere with ours. So we partner and merge.”


“SO – YOU’RE AT A STOP LIGHT…on Broad, trying to get home, and for the 3rd time this month, VCU protesters are lying down in the street. Traffic is at a standstill. After you stop cursing under your breath, you ask yourself: “Why haven’t police arrested these kids?” Chris Thomas asked that VERY question of police tonight. The surprising answer, when you join us at 11 (because you know you’ve wondered about it). Curt Autry NBC 12

Click here for the story: http://shout.lt/Thds

My answer was “Because the protesters are led by police liaison… And it’s a way for the city to grandstand. DOES that answer the question…..”

http://youtu.be/Ao5zxTtOHeM  Video of CHARLES WILLIS stating he was in charge and working with the police.

Another point that has come to my attention is this if GRAHAM MOOMAW and city council know about the protesters and know what they’re going to do why can’t they be stopped or arrested?



I was going to include a reply to my message as an answer to the president of my new fan club but he removed it before I got a chance to copy it. But I will respond to it the best I can with this whole article and I won’t include him or even mention his damn name he’s so unimportant. And no you’re not the leader because your boy Charles Willis threw your ass under the bus at city council on film, as you and your band walked out pathetically with those half assed hands up crap. So….

Now to fill you in on some history, my first encounter with Charles Willis was in my front yard when the city obfuscated our candle light vigil for Sean D. McKay. Charles Willis was one of the ones that was grandstanding and gave out a wood and metal feel good piece of crap to the wife of my murdered friend. Along with the feel good pieces of crap were the even bigger piles of empty promises that went along with them. This city rode in and grandstanded over the murder of my friend that if they had of listened they would have prevented his death altogether. So I am never going to rest or stop exposing them as frauds till the day they kill me. I do not care about their outward appearance; they all need to be behind bars. And some of them executed.

On top of his lies were the lies from the city and several members of city council. I asked the then Mayor Doug Wilder for help. All I got was a run a round and nothing done. For 10 years this coming July I have been fighting them and bringing up issues they want to bury.

Another question I have is why do Chris Dorsey and I get so much grief over blocking some small part of the sidewalk, yet these protesters can block and shut down whole sections of the city and that’s ok?

You persons who are marching and protesting are the biggest bunch of hypocritical persons around. You protest against police brutality yet cheer for it when it’s against someone your against; as an example Chris Dorsey being harassed and carried bodily out of city council. You protesters were all in favor of that. So your protest then lacks empathy and meaning and you’re reduced to bleating chattel walking around doing your masters bidding. Also speaking of Chris being abducted and forced out of city hall why weren’t any of the protesters that stood up after he was escorted bodily out arrested as well. Chris was scheduled to speak? Or you have the police harass Chris and I at events but your against them? Yeah some things need to be asked and answered.

I also have grievances with the so called police force here in Richmond, VA as well it goes back many years and I still have zero answers for these next questions I have been after for some 6 to 10 years now.

I don’t have time in this article to list every offence that has occurred I will include my emails from Sgt. John Stanton. I still have the ones from when my friend was murdered as well that I want answer to why the criminal was allowed for years to threaten people with an illegal weapon. Why don’t the police do their job I now know why they’re too busy running stupid psyops and closing streets so citizens can die in the street to the police.

Anyway here are the emails I’ll end it here:

I am including an HTML page with incidents and
times that I have video of. As I said I don’t know
the one child’s last name but he lives at 10
chuckatuck ave. I don’t know them, don’t know if Pam
married Donnie Elam or not. I don’t know them.
The child live there and I have him numerous times
I do know Jacob Barlow last name and I also have
him numerous times on video also. I’ll be sending
you back the package with the DVD in it with all
the videos on it again. The mayor has a copy as
does his press Secretary


“Stanton, John – Police Sgt.” <John.Stanton@richmondgov.com> wrote:

Sorry about the late response, been out of the office for a few days.  First I think you need to make the report, should be able to do that over the phone.  But you will need the childs last name.  Then you will need to go to Oliver hill.  Oliver Hill will probably want a case number, thus the report needs to be written: day date time and location etc.

I am back in Thursday and Friday nights.


From: nelga [mailto:lord_nelga@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2007 5:43 PM
To: Stanton, John – Police Sgt.
Subject: RE: glen sutphin


I need to know how do I get an arrest warre\ant for the one child down the street Whom I have on tape again trespassing and braking sticks and stuff right next to the “no trespassing” sign.

his name is jessie don’t know his last name think it might be elam he lives at 10 chuckatuck ave. His parents are Pam ? think it’s elam and donnie elam. He one of the ones that hangs with jacob barlow and was one of the ones present when jacob fired at the mother-in-law.
do I have to go to oliver hill?

“Stanton, John – Police Sgt.” <John.Stanton@richmondgov.com> wrote:

You are correct, if some one points a weapon at you and you feel threatened then a crime has been committed.  A report should be written, warrants obtained. I.E. report title might be threaten to bodily harm, or (weapons law violation) brandishing a firearm.  Then warrants obtained, if it is a misdemeanor committed not in the officers presents, then once you have the report number, you will need to go down to HQ (200 W. Grace St) to the magistrates office to obtain a warrant if suspect is an adult.  I f suspect is a juvenile, Juvenile Violation Report will be written and turned over to the Juvenile Detectives and the Juvenile Courts for follow up.  Are the water guns obvious toys? Or they realistic looking weapons?


I have your packet.  I have been swamped here at work.  I am working tonight(4-24-07) and again on Thursday night. Roll Call is over at 1600 hrs, anytime after that we can meet let me know what time.


Attached is the Authorization letter. Please fill it out, sign it and return it to third (Mrs. Daphine Moore-secretary) so we can get this on fill.




From: nelga [mailto:lord_nelga@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, April 23, 2007 2:08 PM
To: Stanton, John – Police Sgt.
Subject: RE: glen sutphin


Don’t know if you got the last email.
I would like to set up a meeting with you to get that no trespassing order we discussed and get my papers and police reports. When would be a good time to meet?
The situation here hasn’t changed. It may not seem like a big deal but are the children allowed to be pointing weapons and water guns at passing cars and firing at them? These children are still allowed to do anything they want with the permission of the parents and are allowed to harass me still??????

“Stanton, John – Police Sgt.” <John.Stanton@richmondgov.com> wrote:

Haven’t heard from you, everything ok?


From: nelga [mailto:lord_nelga@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 3:31 PM
To: Stanton, John – Police Sgt.
Subject: RE: glen sutphin


hope your little ones are doing better. mine got over a 3 day migraine.
I’m going to need to get a few of the papers I gave you back they were my only copies. I hope you had a chance to look at the stuff. I have more information and need to get together with you. thanks again.

“Stanton, John – Police Sgt.” <John.Stanton@richmondgov.com> wrote:

I have not had a chance to yet, been swamped here at work, plus sick kids at home.  I’ll be back on Monday, hope to get started then.  Call me or e-mail me on Monday if you like.


From: nelga [mailto:lord_nelga@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, April 06, 2007 9:26 PM
To: John.Stanton@richmondgov.com; john stanton
Subject: glen sutphin


I hope you were able to view the disk. I would like to set up a meeting with you to detail more of what has been happening. Thank you for your time last night.

Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Accredited Press Photographer
Master Photographer / Videographer

I.F.P.O. / I.F.M.O. / glamourelite photographer # 59465


Glen Sutphin Desktop Publications

101 Chuckatuck Ave

Richmond, VA. 23224



stock photography site


Incident reports from the Richmond city Police
200010260308 taxi driver beat a woman don’t have report but got incident number
2001???????? male trying to brake into 23 chuckatuck don’t have report
2004???????? 911 call was made Officer ? non-issue j.b. & my child missing 8 hours don’t have report
200507021083 Officer car wreck, drive-by shooting have report
200609290797 Officer Balwin, Officer Egglink j.b. shooting at occupied vehicle have report
200609300788 Officer Austin Moore , animal control j.b. dogs loose have report
20061002???? Craig Ferguson, another LEO j.b.? child porn interrogation don’t have report
20061210????  3:47p Officer Church j.b. report about person taking video don’t have report
20061216????  3:07p Officer ? talked to grace anonymous call about children trespassing at church don’t have report
200704010526  3:30p Officer Cutshall, another LEO j.b. children trespassing don’t have report but got incident number


2006-06-27? – Jacob Barlow And Jessie Elam? Threatened Nathaniel & myself.
2006-09-29 – Jacob Barlow firing bbgun at dog & Grace, Jessie Elam? was there too.
2006-09-30 – Julie Barlow’s dogs running loose. Taken away. Got the 1 dog back.
2006-10-02 – CPS and LEO in my house for false allegations of “child porn”
2006-11-09 – 6:38p-7:29p  < see volume 1 > Incidents involving Jacob Barlow and Jessie Elam?
2006-11-10 – 8:56p-9:05p  < see volume 1 > Incidents involving Jacob Barlow and Jessie Elam?
2006-11-11 – 5:51p-6:02p  < see volume 1 > Incidents involving Jacob Barlow and Jessie Elam?
2006-11-19 – 6:38p-7:29p  < see volume 1 > Incidents involving Jacob Barlow and Jessie Elam?
2006-11-24 – 4:14p-4:39p  < see volume 1 > Incidents involving Jacob Barlow and Jessie Elam?
2006-11-30 – 4:03p-4:12p  < see volume 1 > Incidents involving Jacob Barlow and Jessie Elam?
2006-12-10 – 3:47p What I was filming when Officer Church told me to stop  < see volume 1 >
2006-12-10 – 3:47p What I was filming when Officer Church told me to stop  < see volume 1 >
2006-12-10 – 3:48p What I was filming when Officer Church told me to stop  < see volume 1 >
2006-12-10 – 3:51p What I was filming when Officer Church told me to stop  < see volume 1 >
2006-12-10 – 3:47p What Jacob Barlow and Jessie Elam? where doing and it wasn’t playing ball in their yard  < see volume 1 >
2006-12-15 – 3:19p Incidents involving Jacob Barlow and Jessie Elam?  < see volume 1 >
2006-12-16 – 3:04p Incidents involving Jacob Barlow and Jessie Elam?  < see volume 1 >
2006-12-16 – 3:07p Incidents involving Jacob Barlow and Jessie Elam?  < see volume 1 >
2007-04-01 – 3:32p Incidents involving Jacob Barlow and Jessie Elam?
2007-04-26 – 7:57p Incidents involving Jacob Barlow and Jessie Elam?
2007-04-26 – 8:11p Incidents involving Jacob Barlow and Jessie Elam?
2007-05-14 – 5:23p Incident involving Jessie Elam?

That’s what I have video of, there are many more that I don’t have on video.


Here are three incident reports that I want because they deal directly with the murder of my friend and show the murder should have been disarmed or at least arrested.

20001226-0763     simple assault

20011011-0974     threaten bodily harm/ WEAPON LAW VIOLATIONS

20020911-0849    threaten bodily harm / drugs



Thanks to a man called Chris Dorsey for the recorded footage. I’ll be editing my footage soon to include it as well but this says it all.

Bobby Stith head pf Security at Richmond City Hall attempts to enforce rules against standing during Richmond City Council meeting against only one individual. a man called chris dorsey documents that rules against standing during Richmond City Council apply to him but not to JJ Minor Chair of the Richmond Democrats, Police Informant Charles Willis, Press Secretary Tammy Hawley, Some camera dude, Bobby Stith and a lady he is hugging.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3UMoxdY3gA




Read more updates on this story at: https://lordnelga.wordpress.com/2015/02/07/why-are-the-police-here-in-richmond-va-leading-the-protesters-richmond-police-psyop/

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