Former top State Department official provides an excuse for Hillary’s loss that is laugh-out-loud ridiculous

Former top State Department official provides an excuse for Hillary’s loss that is laugh-out-loud ridiculous

By Thomas Lifson’

You may never have heard of Wendy Sherman, but the former senior State Department official earned her place in history as North Korea policy coordinator for the Clinton administration, when North Korea’s nuclear program was supposedly suspended in return for massive American aid, thereby aiding the rogue state in acquiring the weapons that threaten us today.  We wound up with billions sent to a brutal dictatorship and nothing to show for it except a growing nuclear and missile armory that soon could pose a mortal threat to the United States via an EMP attack.

As if that were not bad enough, she was the lead negotiator for the disastrous Obama Iran deal that is clearing the path for the mullahs to gain the capability of rousing the 12th Imam via nuclear Armageddon, a desirable outcome in their minds, even if an unparalleled potential catastrophe for the rest of humanity.  One of the worst deals in history, according to President Trump.

Quite the record of achievement: enabling two regimes ruled by madmen to acquire nukes and ICBMs.  Give her credit: Wendy Sherman is one of the architects of our current nuclear dilemma, helping unleash the nuclear genie in the hands of irrational actors and rogue states.

With that sort of track record, finding a new means of achieving distinction might be difficult.  But this week, Wendy found an audience that could appreciate her unique capacities for discernment at the Aspen Ideas Festival.  Her brilliant breakthrough insight?  Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump because Barack Obama was our first black president.

There is no doubt that we just had eight years of an African-American president is not a factor in all that we are experiencing today.

When we make a social change, when we make a decision to do something we have never done before, we then take two steps backwards at least.

I believe in my bones, among the list, I agree with the list that Sam put out about why Hillary lost but I would add to that it was pretty hard to elect a woman after you’ve elected the first African-American president.

She “believes in her bones”?  This is an “ideas festival”!  Do bones have ideas?

This is incoherent.  What exactly caused Hillary to lose Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Florida that was related to Obama being black?  Cristina Laila properly points out that the left never tires of reminding us that Hillary won the popular vote.  So Obama’s race did not cause a majority to reject Hillary.  But somehow, his race did cause voters in the key swing states that provided Trump his Electoral College victory to be uniquely influenced by race.

The fact that Sherman could manufacture this nonsense and her audience not burst out laughing demonstrates the truth of the old joke that there are some ideas so ridiculous that only an intellectual (and especially the wannabes that attend ideas festivals in luxury resorts) could believe them.


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