Fuellmich Goes to Bat for the NZ Maoris, a Legally Sovereign People [VIDEO]

ER Editor: Our thanks to Dutch journalist Michel van der Kemp for his work in bringing this new legal project of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich to us. Here are the relevant links, etc. Video notes on the first 35 minutes (1 hour in length) are below.

LINK — https://stopworldcontrol.com/maori/



‘It is a worldwide conspiracy to commit crimes against Humanity’


Something is about to happen in New Zealand that could impact the whole world. An international team of attorneys and scientists has joined with the indigenous Mãori people of New Zealand. They will start legal proceedings to bring those who are responsible for the COVID plandemic to justice.

The justice system of the Maori people is an ideal place to start these lawsuits because they are beyond the control of the financial establishment. These western elitists have corrupted most of the worldwide judicial system, to ensure they would never be held liable for their crimes against humanity.

These legal proceedings will set a judicial precedent for the rest of the world as the evidence can be used in any other court. Attorney Dr. Reiner Füllmich explains more in this interview with David Sorensen of Stop World Control.

Here are the highlights of the conversation:

  • Füllmich is the force behind the model Grand Jury (see https://www.europereloaded.com/grand-jury-day-8-closing-arguments-reiner-fullmich-jury-voting/ ). The group who helped with that proceeding is ready to do something new.

  • South African Lawyer Dexter Ryneveldt (ER: a colleague of Füllmich on the Grand Jury) was approached by someone from New Zealand to help the indigenous Maori people, who have a truly INDEPENDENT government, with an INDEPENDENT judiciary. Most other indigenous peoples had their sovereignty ‘restored’ by the relevant colonial powers at the time of their takeover, but only within the framework of the new, colonial-government system, which was thus a conditional form of sovereignty, or no sovereignty at all. In 1835, the Maoris created and signed THEIR OWN Declaration of Independence under which they asserted their sovereignty, especially in relation to settlers who were arriving around this time. Thus, the tribal chiefs remain the bosses over the Maori territory to this day. This is unique in the world. When in the beginning of the p(l)andemic it became clear that the Maori had a different view of events, the NZ government stepped in and took away the sovereignty of the Maori government and judiciary, which means that they realized that they didn’t have sovereignty before 2020.

  • There are 2 different versions of the Declaration of Independence, one in the Maori language and one in English. The one written in the Maori language makes it absolutely clear that the Maori’s have sovereignty.

  • Füllmich reveals that indigenous Canadian people are also going to use their own indigenous laws to fight the COVID regulations.

  • The Maori laws will not be just used to restore peace among the tribes, but if necessary also among the world.

  • Füllmich expects smears and attacks from the International Community towards those who are involved, including even the Maori people themselves, but he hopes many groups will join his team to stand with these indigenous people.

  • Füllmich wants to present the whole truth of the Corona pandemic. He will bring in many expert witnesses, like Mike Yeadon, who are ready to present their evidence.

  • The plan is to start tribunals on behalf of the Maori people, against, essentially, the elites.

    1. Step one is the Maori’s asserting their sovereignty over the territory of the country, which means they have to go after those who are pretending to be the government, those legislators who, for example, voted for the Covid vaccines.

    2. Step two is to go after who is responsible for the Corona measures, in New Zealand at first. This allows, for the first time, not to just look at procedural or technical aspects, but to go into the merits of the whole case.

  • The merits of the case are: there was never a novel Coronavirus, they invented cases by misusing the PCR-test, they used new, untested drugs on the entire population, the drugs were designed as bio-weapons, and the military were in charge.

  • Füllmich restates that he never said that Nuremberg 2.0 trials would be held; this was misconstrued by the ‘enemy’ to sow division.

  • Füllmich explains how he has tried, in many different judiciaries, to work within the framework of the system. But to no avail so far. Although there have been major victories, the citadel has not yet been broken down. He mentions four major victories concerning the PCR-test, by a Portuguese court, an Austrian court, a German court and a Turkish court. All these courts have stated that PCR-tests cannot tell whether someone is infectious.

  • Füllmich wants to present before the Maori court that governments around the world have acted in lockstep during the corona pandemic. If this can be shown, this has consequences around the world. It also has the power to wake people up, thousands, millions, billions.

  • The Maori people are already fully aware of all the facts. They also have the strength.


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