Honoring The Fallen Beyond Memorial Day

Honoring The Fallen Beyond Memorial Day

By: Joseph M. Lenard

To dear Friend SonnyE who wrote “Don’t call it a Holiday” (and everyone else, especially our mis-educated youth, who need this message of honor, respect, condolences, hope for healing, more…):


To ALL: Did you HONOR THE FALLEN last weekend, or SNOWFLAKE just prancing about ignored those that gave you that weekend of Freedom?!?! Though many may have actually been drinking Bud-Light as with #BIDENflation and #BIDENrecession may have been the only Cases of Beer (marked down, deep discounts) people could afford?

[image source: American Gold Star Mothers Inc.]

Minor qualm regarding what Sonny actually said versus the clear intent – it indeed is AN OFFICIAL DECLARED HOLIDAY, however… NOT an Anniversary…

And add FEDERAL HOLIDAYS ACT ((Officially “The Uniform Monday Holiday Act” (Pub. L. 90-363, 82 Stat. 250, enacted June 28, 1968)) which moved the Remembrances or Commemorations to Monday observances and long Holiday-weekend creations #TheMoreYouKnow #TheRestOfTheStory) to long list of Laws/things (like 17th Amendment (final nail in 10th Amendment and States Rights and the Founders check-and-balance of State/Federal power)) need be repealed (as had reasonable “intentions” when proposed, MAJOR UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES, like all our Holidays now mostly FORGOTTEN as to why we have then with SNOWFLAKES prancing about with no clue why/how they have the LONG WEEKEND OF FREEDOM)….

VIDEO (6m 44s): The Best of President Ronald Reagan’s Memorial Day Speeches: A Tribute to Our Fallen Heroes:

Remember Memorial Day while indeed an Official Holiday is NOT an Anniversary (per se) but a REMEMBRANCE and/or COMMEMORATION day (originally known as “Decoration Day” when Civil War widows laid flowers on Graves of our Civil War fallen (North and South alike, as part of healing and reconciliation (forgiveness – those we lost, as well as honoring the sacrifice to those who may have taken the Lives of our Fallen (and why Statues of both North/South Leaders post-War (so idiots could/would learn from History, but now those morons just want to act like Taliban and destroy History references)) commemorated as part of reconciliation, healing, trying to bring our Nation back together again))!!!!!

[image source: TheLibertyBeacon  “Left Twists Language (part 2)” article]

And I say the same thing about 9/11…. DO NOT DARE CALL IT AN ANNIVERSARY, “Anniversaries” are for HAPPY THINGS and the commemorations are indeed either COMMEMORATION DAYS or REMEMBRANCE DAYS!!!

Remember our WORDS HAVE MEANING! We have to be more careful in our word-choices. Cannot be as loose and warping of intent of word meanings as the Left. Holiday and Anniversary are upbeat, positive implication, words (like for 4th Of July Celebration of our Freedoms, though yes too we honor those who fought a Revolution for us to Celebrate such Freedom) – versus Commemorations and Remembrances.

VIDEO (4m 03s): Billy Ray Cyrus – Some Gave All (Official Music Video):

And my Friend Derek took over duties for Pastor Rick on MOMENT OF CLARITY show (WAAMradio, Sat’s 1pET) Saturday May 27th 2023 and (and I say, Billy Ray’s ONLY good song) “SOME GAVE ALL” one of a couple tunes he played as part of his TRIBUTE TO FALLEN hour (replay via Anchor).

AUDIO (49m 35s): ”Moment Of Clarity” Memorial Day Show (May 27, 2023):

As well as MEMORIAL COMMEMORATION during my Friend Ed’s YOUR AMERICAN HERITAGE SHOW (pre-recorded, as his guest wouldn’t be available for a LIVE Show Saturday May 27th 2023) normally airs LIVE Sat’s 2pET (WAAMradio) and rebroadcast available.

AUDIO FILE (48m 58s): “Your American Heritage” Memorial Day Show (May 27, 2023) with guest Author Scott Powell: 

Gone, not forgotten. Forever in our Hearts!!! Far too many have given that “last final measure” of sacrifice. We are failing our Nation and our own Children not properly Educating them!!! In the USA the Indoctrination factories (and other supposed FREE SOCIETY systems) are peddling Radicalism, Raunch/peRversion (tRans, pedophilia), Racism (cRt), and anti-ameRicanism – the new “R’s” – to our Entitled/lazy, participation tRophy overblown self-esteem buffoons, know nothing brats; meanwhile China is teaching their Children the traditional “R’s” of Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, histoRy, scRience (see what I did there, cuz our kids are so dumb they wouldn’t know the R doesn’t belong there), biRology (not fake gendeRism), honoR, Respect, woRk-ethic, etc… Americans taught only the flaws of our past (when/where taught History at all, taught to Hate America so Leftists can “fundamentally transform” us to another failed State), not the countless great accomplishments (and how the World would look so different without her).

VIDEO (12m 07s): President G. W. Bush’s (much anticipated, Post-9/11) Memorial Day Speech (Normandy American Cemetery in Colleville-Sur-Mer, France on May 27, 2002):


Thank you too…

all those who have suffered loss due to the cowardly attacks against the United States’ innocent citizens that occurred throughout the years and especially September 11, 2001 – to which I said I would NEVER FORGET and I shall indeed Never Forget and I carry a tribute to you all on my right arm.

first responders (Corrections, Dispatch, EMS/EMT, Fire, Law Enforcement, Military).

those helping others through charitable pursuits (please help pay it forward – see: http://TerrorStrikes.info/charities). [includes several 1st Responders and Military Charities]

And, of course, thoughts and prayers to family of so many of those we’ve lost. Rest in peace, your memory lives on in us all.

Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. (Matthew 5:14)

You can use promo-code FALLEN at https://TerrorStrikes.info/shop at check-out for discount and FREE shipping (U. S. Addresses only, other see: International Sales page) on an Autographed copy of either or both of my books.

VIDEO (20m 20s): President Trump Memorial Day Speech (Arlington National Cemetery May 30 2017):

Rest-in-peace, you knew the horrors of War, and we owe you a debt that can never be paid. Have you forgotten?? Are you actually doing things (that matter, of substance) to preserve Freedoms here at Home?!?! You Shall Be Known By Your Fruits (not your online, empty-rhetoric, virtue-signaling). We don’t know them all, but we owe them all.

Always remember: #PrinciplesNotPersonalities

And, now, having said all this, I am thinking I’ll be closing any/all future articles with a tribute to our Fallen (in so many different senses of the word/term) that allow me to be Free to speak my mind and for you to be able to read my pieces without threat of Leftists Gestapo (yet) from beating down your door for (Orwellian style) WRONG THINK!

VIDEO (4m 20s): (David Ball) Ridding with Private Malone (lyrics video):


[image source: TheLibertyBeacon “Republic, if you can keep it” article]

And, yes, again this past Monday was Memorial Day observed (see “There is a difference” image atop this article) and official day May 30th, continued remembrance for those “died while serving” – I must add that we need to remember those suffering, could be put to death any moment, caught and held captive behind enemy lines (in many Nations, in/of declared and undeclared Wars and battles) and even (The Covenant with) our Allies left-behind BRING THEM HOME ALIVE rather than just a transport to Arlington…

[image source: TheLibertyBeacon “American Marine Patriot Paul Whelan” article]


About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

Joseph Martin Lenard (@JLenardDetroit)
author: Terror Strikes (buy)
Former 12CDRC, Wayne12, WCRC, Committees member
W12 Newsletter Editor Wayne-12CDRC Newsletter
MI 12th CDRC Webmaster
Taylor (MI) Republicans Club TRC Michigan Webmaster
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3 Comments on Honoring The Fallen Beyond Memorial Day

  1. JStudd1 from Social-Media – on the further STUPID by the Left as they KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HISTORY as I laid out above and JStudd1 goes into more depth regarding the whole Statues bullshit…

    Fort Bragg Renamed As Biden DOD Pushes To Remove Confederate Memorabilia!

    {More lunatic Leftist destruction of American history and culture, all in the name of pandering to Blacks and “white guilt” libtards!}

    The Department of Defense continued its drive to remove all traces of individuals linked to the Confederate States of America. A North Carolina Army base that had been named “Fort Bragg” since 1918 was Friday renamed “Fort Liberty.” The Biden administration made the name change to renounce association with Confederate General Braxton Bragg.

    The Daily Wire further reported:

    The U. S. Army base Fort Bragg in North Carolina is being renamed to Fort Liberty in accordance with the Biden Defense Department’s push to scrub the military of Confederate memorabilia, garnering harsh pushback from some veterans.

    The renaming occurred in a small ceremony on Friday at the base, with signs being changed and the fort’s website edited to reflect the new name “Fort Liberty,” which was chosen out of 188 names by the Naming Commission. The base has been named after Confederate General Braxton Bragg since 1918.

    The removal and/or replacement of Confederate statues and memorabilia, such as the name “Fort Bragg,” has been the subject of debate for decades. The Fort’s website attempts to assuage the concerns that many veterans have that their heritage is being erased by the renaming, explaining to veterans:

    “No act can take away from the heritage this installation’s service members created while stationed here or anywhere else, serving our nation. We understand the original name’s prestige in the eyes of some of the Soldiers, Families, and our nation, was built upon the bravery and dedication of those who served here, not because of an obscure, incompetent, ill-tempered Confederate general’s legacy. Nevertheless, our nation’s representatives felt a need to move on from that name and put the redesignation into law, and we are abiding by that law.”

    Despite the fort’s reassurances, many soldiers who serve at the fort or have served previously are heavily critical of this decision, as many see it as a part of their history, with many feeling their service has been dishonored as the Fort where they served is being erased by bureaucrats in Washington.

    This sentiment is shared by soldiers of all races, as black Army veteran George Postell Jr., who served at the base for more than four years, explains, per the AP, “I shared my blood, and I know a lot of my other brothers that did the same for the namesake of Fort Bragg,” Postell said. “To me, it will always be Fort Bragg, no matter what they call it.”

    U. S. Army veteran and president of the Fayetteville chapter of the NAACP James Buxton Jr. agrees with the renaming but calls the replacement name “Liberty” an “off the wall” decision. Buxton had a creative solution: To keep the original name of Fort Bragg and instead dedicate the fort to Union General and accomplished U. S. representative Edward Bragg as a compromise that both retains the historical significance of Fort Bragg while acknowledging the suffering that that name might have caused to many African Americans.

    This is just the first base to be rebranded by the Naming Commission appointed by Congress with the ultimate goal of renaming nine military bases across the country featuring Confederate soldiers and generals as part of their titles. The project is estimated to cost about $62.4 million, according vice chairman of the Commission and retired Army Brigadier General Ty Seidule.

    According to The American Battlefield Trust, Braxton Bragg was a key figure in the Confederate war effort in the Deep South, scoring minor victories in the early war against the Union in battles such as Chickamauga and Stones River, but rarely scoring a decisive blow against the Union. Bragg resigned as a general in the Confederate army as he suffered a crippling defeat in the Battle of Chattanooga, removing any possibility for Confederate control in Tennessee and losing thousands of men. Bragg served the rest of the war as a military advisor and plantation owner, where he owned over 100 slaves.

    Tony Gray, RE SI ST THE MAIN STREAM, June 3, 2023

  2. FYI, this article was mentioned on several WAAM Radio (1600AM Ann Arbor MI) today, but most notably/importantly was on MOMENT OF CLARITY (that Derek filling in for Pastor Rick last week’s Show one of the two embedded here-in) where Pastor Rick was thinking EXACTLY along the lines as me and this article and dedicated his MOC Show today as his follow-up to having missed last week to discuss OUR FALLEN further. You can check out his Sat 6/3 Show at https://tinyurl.com/MOCArchives starting Sun afternoon it should be available online that I hope you’ll check out as well as the MOC and YAH WAAM Shows contained in this piece.

  3. I reached out and let SonnyE know the article is up, who responded…

    SonnyE: My reason for not calling it a “Holiday” is in part due to the way I was raised by my parents. Both at Pearl Harbor shortly after Japanese attacked it. Every Memorial Day we traveled to the cemeteries in Santa Monica to visit. It was a life lesson and reinforced why you do not say Happy Holiday, nothing “Happy” about our fallen Soldiers. A time of Remembrance and stark reflections of what the cost of Freedom really is. Thank You for the recognition.

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