Geert Wilders Demands Robinson Release, Denounces British Islamic Gestapo Tactics

Geert Wilders Demands Robinson Release, Denounces British Islamic Gestapo Tactics

Dutch politician Geert Wilders, a vocal opponent of the Islamic invasion, denounces the arrest of Tommy Robinson and demands freedom of speech be returned to…

How far will the pacified, largely neutered Brits allow themselves to be pushed as they continue their march towards becoming little more than upright-walking domesticated livestock? Perhaps they will have a sudden onset of collective intelligence and discernment, rediscover their long-dormant courage and stand up to their antagonistic government now that a powdered wig tyrant has sided with Islamic child molesters against a British patriot in a most extreme way.   [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

With the news of what happened to Tommy Robinson, the completely tyrannical abuse of power in by a judge in defense of Islamic pedophile radicals, ordered to be under a total news blackout under threat of imprisonment, British outlets immediately caved to the illegal judicial dictates. The “judge” held a mock trial and immediately sentenced and incarcerated Robinson for a term of 13 months for recording and reporting on the proceedings as the judge held a farcical trial against child-raping Islamists.

The danger, apparently, in the eyes of that black-robed rapist of every British citizen who values their right to free speech, came from the Brits knowing that he was assisting the Islamist invaders, the perverts who target children, not from the pedophile radicals themselves.

Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician and leader of the Party for Freedom, is a loud voice in the fight against the Islamic invasion of Europe and he made his feelings known in response to this attack on sovereignty, the rule of law, Christianity and the people of Europe, in a video from in front of the British Embassy in The Hague.

He says in the video he’s shocked and outraged at what happened to Robinson, calling it an “absolute disgrace.” He notes that not only was the authoritarian arrest made by the Islamic activist judge, jury and executioner, but that the media was ordered to keep silent or the same thing would happen to them. Like good little sheep, to this point they have complied.

He details how the problem is not just confined to Britain. That’s a point that has been illustrated by the actions of Angela Merkel and her Nazis in Germany, conspiring with their Palo Alto counterparts at Facebook to stifle free speech and imprison and fine those who dare speak out with their views or to report the government offenses.

Wilders notes how Islamists are “pampered, protected and defended” by the system while those such as himself and Robinson are targeted with fatwa’s, as he was and is, and jailed by the compliant officials as they attempt to intimidate them into silence and submission.

Proclaiming that he stands in solidarity with Robinson, Wilders notes that “Britain used to be a bastion of freedom of speech. Today its authorities are behaving like North Korea and Saudi Arabia.” He vows the people will no longer be silent, saying, “Our future is at stake and we will protect it.” He demands the crooked judicial tyrants, “Free Tommy Robinson. Release him from jail today. Restore freedom of speech and stop gagging the people.”

Perhaps this will be the incident that forces the implosion of the Soros globalist New World Order that is being put in place in Europe, the continental government where the Islamists are in charge and a global caliphate is installed as the Satanic state government.

The Brits made the mistake of allowing themselves to be disarmed in the name of safety. Now that the totalitarians are increasingly showing themselves, they’re in a much weaker position against their oppressors, those within their own government and those it has imported for this purpose and occasion.

Things are about to get very messy in Britain. Evil, orchestrated by Soros, Pope Francis, Erdogan and others spreading the infestation of Islam across Western societies, won’t stop until they are forced to do so. Hopefully, this incident will wake up the sheep to the existence of millions of wolves among them and most critically, among those in power.


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