Yes, Tel Aviv is demanding freedom for Tommy Robinson

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A lot of reaction on social media about the Tommy Robinson arrest case has focused on his known Zionist connections. Which is reasonable. ER published a piece on this from July of last year: Tommy Robinson, Former EDL Leader Holds Secret Meeting with Manchester Jews. Hence such people are not likely to be too sympathetic to his current plight, on being arrested in record time and sent to Hull jail for his journalistic activities – legally viewed as breaching the peace – outside Leeds Crown Court last Friday. A blog piece from yesterday by UK activist Alison Chabloz (pictured), copied below, comes at the issue from that angle, raising legitimate doubts about the political purpose and timing of the Robinson case.

A word on Alison Chabloz. She wouldn’t be someone Robinson, an admitted pro-zionist, would likely go to bat for. Chabloz was found guilty last Friday, the same day curiously as Robinson was arrested, at ChablozWestminster Magistrates’ Court in London, of ‘three charges relating to her songs’ which ‘Judge John Zani said he was satisfied [were] intended to insult Jewish people’ (see a recent Daily Mail article on this, ‘Scuffle erupts outside court after anti-Semitic songwriter, 54, who mocked Anne Frank, denied the Holocaust and described Auschwitz as a ‘theme park for fools’ is warned she faces jail‘.) A piece by Fiyaz Mughal in the Jewish Chronicle, Beware of antisemites in disguise, gives a personal perspective on Chabloz. Mughal may be right for all I know. Of course, it isn’t hard to find the same kind of critical, racial stuff on Tommy Robinson, too. However, I offer Robinson’s address to the Oxford Union in March of 2015 to muddy the waters. For the waters are indeed muddy and complex.

While we don’t endorse any kind of racially-motivated rabble rousing at ER, we do take a pro-free speech position. Any topic should be worthy of genuine debate and questioning – any. And citizens in a true democracy should be able to exercise their right to free speech and examine the evidence for those things. Which applies to both Robinson and Chabloz. ER is in agreement with those who argue that the British Establishment is terrified of dissent and exposure of its ridiculous, society-changing mass migration/multicultural policies that have no democratic mandate or public consultation whatever. The grooming gangs phenomenon in the UK, for example, has been a shocking cover up of pedophilic practices among a particular immigrant group in cities like Rotherham and Telford for close to 20 years, and ER applauds anyone who has the courage to speak out on this issue. (But shouldn’t white guys get exposed for doing the same? Yes, of course. Shouldn’t the elites get called out for their entrenched practices? Absolutely!)

A recent piece from New Observer, Police State Britain: Three Convictions Reveal Establishment’s Fear of Dissent, takes the line of Establishment paranoia in dealing with Robinson, Chabloz and one other case, as does Bruce Bawer’s article, In the European Appeasement Olympics, Who Wins?, although I would caution the reader against an anti-Islamic stance in this article.

I offer one realization in closing. Living in France, I had heard a lot from/about Tommy Robinson. Because he gets a lot of air time from Alex Jones, widely regarded as a Zionist shill, and I tune into that show from time to time for alternative perspectives. Yet living in France, I’d never heard of anti-zionist Chabloz until last Friday when I was driving down the M25 on the way to Heathrow listening to BBC radio news. Her Youtube channel is blocked in France. Curious, eh? Perhaps her claim about the Robinson arrest being used to deflect media attention away from her own trial involving free speech issues has some merit.

From the zionist perspective, does free speech only apply to those who want to criticize Muslims?


Tel Aviv demands freedom for Tommy Robinson


180528 vicky tommyLast Friday, same day as my guilty verdict was pronounced, founder of the EDL (English Defence League) Tommy Robinson was arrested outside a court in Leeds, reportedly for contempt of court.

Reporting restrictions are in place and therefore details are somewhat confused.


Already under licence for a similar offence, was Robinson aware that defendants and/or witnesses are due to appear in a separate, upcoming trial? Contempt laws apply to all defendants. We cannot complain about these laws only when it suits us…

Earlier this year, we saw Robinson recycle himself as a free speech advocate, notably in the Markus Meecham aka Count Dankula trial. Despite the fact that I was charged and, like Dankula, found guilty under the same law, Robinson has never breathed a word about my case. Why is this?

Was Robinson persuaded to attend the Leeds hearing by his most ardent Zionist supporters – including the Tel Aviv regime’s deputy social media advisor (see image above)?

180528 tommy tel aviv
There is even a demonstration planned for tonight, 6 pm, outside the British Embassy – also in Tel Aviv! (See image left)

Was the Robinson kerfuffle a deliberate measure to deflect attention away from the verdict in my trial, which is most definitely a grave threat to freedom of speech in the UK?


180528 michael english

Another important point to note: as cited in last week’s Metro report, the ‘Jewish activists’ who provoked a brawl outside my hearing are all staunch supporters of Robinson (see above).

Surely pro-Israel fans and the likes of Robinson can’t have it both ways? Free speech is free speech – no exceptions!

It will be interesting to see what happens next. Will Robinson be released on the express orders of our rulers in Tel Aviv? Will the British unjustice system be jailing a singer for her satirical songs?

To be continued…


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