Genetically Modified Salmon at Your Local Grocer in the Near Future

Genetically engineered salmon is being considered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, according to a report on Dec. 21 by The New York Times. Aqua Bounty, a biotechnology company, have successfully created genetically modified Atlantic salmon to grow twice as fast and in less time.

Aqua Bounty is awaiting FDA’s final approval for these double-sized monster fish – aka “frankenfish” – to be made available for sale to the U.S. consumer market. A 60 day public hearing was initiated by the FDA for public feedback.

Aqua Advantage – the trademark for the genetically modified salmon developed by Aqua Bounty – said they will reproduce the salmon in an encapsulated farming environment that will not pose a threat to the native fish. They also said their altered fish poses no health risks to the environment; they are disease resistant and very safe to consume.

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