Getting Ebola Going Is Hard to Do / But They Gotta: It’s THE Key to Taking Over the US


Getting Ebola Going Is Hard to Do / But They Gotta: It’s THE Key to Taking Over the US (& Genocide Everywhere)

The media, the White House, the CDC, all want you to think the worst.  They prefigure disaster.  Ferguson is going to blow up.  Ebola is all over the place, just not reported.

Let’s not forget that Bush put orders into place to take over the US in a fascist coup.  Here is the “take over the US” plan:  First 9/11 Then Guillotines

The main elements that would “justify” it were civil unrest, pandemic emergency, financial collapse and environmental catastrophe – all easy to arrange.

Economic collapse:  They’ve planned that for some time and the economy is heading off the cliff right now.  But they’ve prepared a cushy landing for themselves – aside from just having turned all bank deposits into “paper investments in the banks” (good buy FDIC and hello, “Sorry, we’re closing and your investment is worthless”) they have gone much further.  They set up laws – hidden under health! – which give them legal cover for stripping every single asset and resource in the country, making bailouts look like gifts to the people by comparison.  After all, they dream of a New World Order – total fascist control worldwide – and that certainly doesn’t include being impoverished themselves.

Civil unrest:  Ferguson is a government show.  Just bring out the actors and agent provocateurs to make thousands protesting non-violently non-existent to controlled news media cameras.  They seek emergency control so they use media to predict things being out of control and then to make it appear so.

Environmental catastrophe:  Oh, so many possibilities with HAARP – earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, blizzareds, heatwaves, floods:  with having approved Agent Orange as a pesticide that can be sprayed from the air as we did to destroy Vietnam biologically;  with chemtrails already at work and the mixtures only needing to be changed up to do more harm;  with oil spills they control themselves; all of them ever at the ready.

Look what the US government has doing to the country on a regular basis. Spraying You Daily With Deadly Poisons, Diseases, Heavy Metals, Toxins and Radiation

Pandemic emergency: The WHO was caught faking the swine flu “pandemic” for its corrupt pharmaceutical industry partners.  CDC liars  The people behind what is happening to the US created the Avian flu. swine flu, bird flu, SARS, AIDS.

AIDS, from

“[A] 1972 report (Bulletin #47) issued by the World Health Organization …. referred to an immune virus requested [Emphasis added]which would selectively destroy the Human T Cell System, to be distributed in conjunction with a Nationwide vaccination program “to observe the results”. This coincided precisely with the extensive Small Pox vaccination program in central Africa – shortly preceding the outbreak of Aids in Africa, America & elsewhere. The determining factor most common in Aids victims is the breakdown of the T Cell System in the body. Another coincidence.

Memo 1:

Memo 2:

The WHO even admits their smallpox vaccination campaign caused AIDS but doesn’t say it requested in advance as an immune virus killer of T-cells.

And now we came to Ebola.

Ebola is the “Oil” Flu in West African and it’s the Bankers-Take-All flu in the US.

The WHO.  Do you remember the WHO with bird flu and the swine flu?  In case you’ve forgotten WHO the WHO really is.There was an honest spokesperson there, Glenn Thomas, who brought an expert to show that ebola was not an epidemic but he suddenly died in the MH17 plane crash over the Ukraine, on his way to a large AIDS conference where he may have repeated those facts – ebola is not out of control in West Africa.  Here is the article about him and the press conference where Thomas showed things were fine.

But so much financially and militarily is riding on it being out of control.  And perception is everything since the reality on the ground shows how hard it is to get ebola going.  People stopped dying from ebola in Sierra Leone when there were protests that the US bioweapons lab there funded by Gates and Soros was causing ebola and the government shut it down.  People in Ghana are saying there is no ebola and the Red Cross Vaccines Are The Cause of Ebola.  A Japanese science journalist has said the same about UN, WHO, UNICEF and Doctors without Borders vaccine campaigns (all giving different vaccines) – that they all coincided with ebola outbreaks.  Rethinking the Goodness of Doctors Without Borders Outbreaks Coincided With Their Vaccine Campaigns   Still not enough ebola for a crisis?  Armed and masked men have been pouring formaldehyde into water wells in West Africa – same symptoms as ebola.  But the exposure of less ebola than is needed for a crisis hasn’t stopped.  People exposing that the ebola numbers dramatically don’t match lab tests.  Or that he FDA lab tests may never show negative for ebola?  Or that the WHO began using “verbal” autopsies after which ebola deaths increased 10 fold in just a week (including deaths from miscarriage as ebola – given the blood.)

Not enough perception of ebola for a crisis?  The NIH – run by Pharma – is helping out.  Suddenly and in contradiction to its never recommending anything natural, over the counter and not profit-making for pharma – recommended melatonin, a natural sleep aid, as a cure for ebola.  NIH even subtly suggested people use it in large quantities given the scale of the problem with ebola.  Yet there are no studies to prove melatonin has ever killed a single virus.  But melatonin does have side effects that mimic ebola at anything larger than the ver ytiny amounts that are safe, and NIH is suggesting doing just that.Things have moved from the FDA ebola test that always shows positive for ebola, to actual lab tests proving that most of the WHO numbers for ebola are wrong.  No proof of ebola.  So “scientists” now saying ebola can’t be detected through lab tests. While ebola may not be discernible, what’s clear is that from every direction, there are efforts to create ebola, create a false impression of ebola using other substance, remove all normal scientific standards for ebola.

And now there is the last gambit of the same game – “news” saying the government isn’t reporting cases of ebola.  That leaves ebola undetectable by lab tests and ebola cases resting solely on pure suspicion.  All facts have now been removed.

The government must do this because, with the swine flu, the CDC lied and said there were tens of thousands of cases.  When no one saw anything, CBS investigated and it turned out the CDC numbers were off by as much as 97%.  Wwine flu was exposed as a hoax.

So now the government is taking the opposite tact – that CDC is not telling anyone about the cases, leaving the numbers only to be guessed at as part of a big and implied terrible secret.

This is the new fear game for ebola – a disease that is so hard to get going they have had rely on:

  • vaccines to actually force it into people,
  • men pouring formaldehyde into wells,
  • the NIH urging overdosing on melatonin,
  • the FDA creating a false lab tests that shows what’s not there,
  • saying it can’t be detected but is there,
  • and now saying it is secretly there but we aren’t being told.

And then the solution to this invisible, hard-to-get-going, but “scary, scary, scary” terrible threat is vaccines.  But as we have seen in West Africa, the only actual threat has been the vaccines the WHO and UN and UNICEF and Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross have used on people which all caused ebola.  And as of November 6, the FDA and Pharmaceutical industry and WHO have opened the flood gates to UNTESTED vaccines for ebola.

Now, of all the items listed above by Bush – economy, environment, civil unrest and pandemic emergency –  in his executive orders to justify suspending the Constitution, Congress and the Supreme Court, the critical element is the pandemic emergency.

The pandemic emergency is so important to those behind taking over the country because they off two things – total financial, asset and resource stripping of the entire country (“Ebola” Triggers George Bush’s Bizarre Pandemic Laws – BREAKING NEWS) and mass murder of Americans.

The buzzards who are fascinated with data, seemed to have gone one step too far.  They want the death data broken down by types of murder and this is where Obamacare raises its ugly head.

Obamacare intersects with the pandemic laws and it’s Obamacare that gives them the death data.  It coding from the UN and WHO – the purveyors of ebola vaccines – which includes “legal execution” by gassing, shooting, hanging, BEHEADING and “Inflicted injury” that results in death whether accidentally or intentionally.  Vaccine injury fits the bill.  As does drug injury, chemical injury and “treatment” injury, all mandated under the pandemic laws.  (So does, torture, human experimentation, and satanic ritual which could also be seen as part of the pandemic law. “A person who knowingly violates any other order issued under this subsection [but not specified?] may be subject to a civil fine of not more than one thousand dollars per day that the violation continues.)

Take a good hard look at the UN/WHO coding yourself:  The Elite, Decapitation, and Obamacare.

To stop these buzzards, for they certainly are just that, apparently not having taken enough during the bailouts and now wanting ALL the meat left on the US carcass, is a simple matter.  Obamacare arranges for mass murder at the behest of a “ruling authority whether permanent or temporary.  That’s a junta.  Expose Obamacare.  Demand it be overturned immediately.  You can use the two following links and letters to help.

To Attorney Generals of All States Opposing Obamacare – It Includes Illegal Foreign Coding for Beheadings and Multiple Forms of Mass Murder

In West Africa where ebola has NOT been breaking out on its own, it’s clear that ebola has only been caused by vaccines, which the pandemic laws here would make mandatory.  That’s a prescription for genocide.

Demand the overturn of the pandemic law in your own state.  You can use this to help you.

Masked But Visible: Vaccine Injury Listed As A Means of “Legal Execution” Inside Obamacare

It is important to be clear about the WHO and the CDC.

The WHO’s International Health Regulations say that in the event of a level 6 pandemic emergency, which it would announce itself and based on its own false numbers, verbal autopsies and FDA tests that always come up positive, the WHO and UN troops would take over in the US and “rule” through crisis committees.  This is the same WHO (and UN and UNICEF, part of the UN) that gave vaccines that caused ebola in West Africa.  This is the same WHO and UN which injected the coding into Obamacare that lists beheadings and death by vaccine injury if ordered by a junta.  This language perfectly fits the WHO International Health Regulations on “ruling” by crisis committees.

ICD 9 E 978 “Legal Execution” All executions performed at the behest of the judiciary or ruling authority [whether permanent or temporary]

To be blunt, the WHO isn’t either nice or safe.  The CDC which has been lying and intentionally trying to spread ebola is actually a front for the CIACDC and CIA: A Close and Sick Relationship

The overturn of Obamacare and the Pandemic laws are critical to saving this country and saving millions of lives.  Do your part.

While representatives are corrupt and threatened, too, if they have enough support from the public to overturn these laws, it will happen.  Start calling state representatives, start emailing them, demanding the overturn of those two laws.

1.  So, stop falling for the media and government mind control about ebola.

2.  Get real instead.  The danger is from the vaccines, which are pre-arranged as legal execution inside Obamacare and as mandatory for the whole country in the pandemic laws.

3.  Get off the couch.  Push with all your might to expose and get rid of Obamacare and the pandemic laws.

Then, our country will be safe from ebola (which is easily treated) and from bankers plans for a take over, and for total plunder and mass murder here.

The world must know the truth so we can all help stop the murder planned for Africa right now.


See more here: Khawuleza! Don’t let them catch you Liberia! Don’t let them catch you Sierra Leone!

REFERENCES (In case the embedded links fail)

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Spraying You Daily With Deadly Poisons, Diseases, Heavy Metals, Toxins and Radiation

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FDA and Pharma open the flood gates to untested ebola vaccines

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To Attorney Generals of All States Opposing Obamacare – It Includes Illegal Foreign Coding for Beheadings and Multiple Forms of Mass Murder

Masked But Visible: Vaccine Injury Listed As A Means of “Legal Execution” Inside Obamacare

CDC is a front for the CIA


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