Girly Pig Attacks Laura Ingraham, Publicly Humiliated By Fellow “Survivor”

Girly Pig Attacks Laura Ingraham, Publicly Humiliated By Fellow “Survivor”

Commentary by Rick Wells

Ingraham may have the last laugh in the battle with girly leftist show pig David Hogg. He tried to ruin her career by intimidating her cowardly sponsors into dropping her… but there is more…

david hogg telling mommy

As leftist girly boy David Hogg basked in the delight of having been able to extort gutless advertisers into abandoning Laura Ingraham and refusing to accept her apology as her punishment for publicly pointing out the truth about him, Piglet Hogg went too far.

She only stated truths that we all already knew, although in much more politically correct language than he deserved, that he’s a wormy little snowflake crybaby who wouldn’t last ten seconds against a real man or most real women. Feminine males who dream in vain of someday growing into the real thing often don’t take well to embarrassment, although with a face that looks like his mother’s gynecologist got the forceps stuck on delivery and then tried to just twist and shake them loose, humiliation should be something Hogg’s grown accustomed to.

He’s the kind of girly boy who hid popped off and then ran all through school, relying on bullying policies to allow him to bully the bigger, normal kids. He should be wearing a stupid pink knit hat and a matching t-shirt with the words “Nasty Twerp,” “Going Homo” or “Caution Double Entendre – Vindictive LITTLE PRxxK Who Can Dish It Out But Can’t Take It” emblazoned across the front.

Laura Ingraham announced that she was taking a pre-scheduled week off after being targeted by many of her advertisers, at Hogg’s direction, for a tweet that simply stated in the mildest of terms that the sniveling Hogg was whining about something that just happens to be the way the system is and he should just grow up and deal with it.

He took a victory lap, crediting himself with her upcoming absence being a response to his efforts. Ingraham announced that she’d be taking the Easter break off with her children, but Hogg was sure she was just running to hide from his freakish alien mug and other weak-kneed advertisers.

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David Hogg@davidhogg111

Have some healthy reflections this Holy Week. 

The evil little sack of Hogg manure responded sarcastically in a tweet, saying, ” Have some healthy reflections this Holy Week,” as if he is somehow more righteous than her, having never accomplished anything other than using the deaths of 17 people at his school to propel himself to national infamy. He’s the one that needs to reflect on the scumbag that he is.

Kyle Kashuv, also a survivor of the Parkland massacre but one that has the manners, discipline, character, respect for others and intelligence that Hogg lacks, pointed out some of those very shortcomings in a rebuttal to the celebratory tweet of Piglet Hogg.

Kashuv, who understands that disarmament is not a solution but only an invitation to tyranny, put things into perspective, tweeting, ” Imagine spending your entire spring break trying to ruin a cancer survivor’s career who is a single mother of 3 adopted children from foreign countries. Dude, this is just sad.”

Ingraham was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, a battle which she appears to have won, at least for the moment. She has three adopted children, two boys from Russia and a daughter from Guatemala.

Way to show yourself for the snot-nosed punk that you are, Piglet. Your fifteen minute clock is beeping. It’s time for you to go back for more leftist programming – Kashuv just wrapped up your schooling.

Kyle Kashuv@KyleKashuv 

Imagine spending your entire spring break trying to ruin a cancer survivor’s career who is a single mother of 3 adopted children from foreign countries.

Dude, this is just sad. 


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