GMO’s, One of the Worst Mistakes Ever Made!

AYBGX1TLB Preface: America is sicker than at any point in our history by a huge margin (FACT). Is it just coincidence that this coincides almost perfectly with the rise of GMO’s, and Vaccines, and their massive proliferation into our society?

Eighty percent or better of all the foods we buy in the supermarkets today contain GMO’s and trace amounts of the deadly chemical poisons (Roundup etc…), meaning even if you are conscious of this health tyranny, without a college degree in chemistry to decipher the ingredient labels, these poisons are extremely difficult to avoid.

Recently published studies prove unequivocally that Genetically Modified foods and the chemicals needed to facilitate them are inherently dangerous or even deadly to humanity and the entire biosphere. All the promises made by companies like Monsanto on how their products where safe or benign to human physiology, far more productive and less costly to produce (food), are smoke and mirrors, lies and deceit!

One can only hope  that we wake up and push back against this disaster being forced on us before we are too sick as a nation or even a global community to facilitate the necessary changes! (TLB)


How much do we know about the dangers of GMOs? In this video Robert Scott Bell discusses potential danger and why they could be, what he calls, ‘one of the worst mistakes we ever made.’ He also discusses what you can do as a consumer to make sure you limit or eliminate your intake of genetically modified food.

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  1. Scientists STILL haven’t learned that “just because we can does NOT mean we should” do a particular thing, especially when it comes to our enviornment, whether internally or externally. You cannot tinker with genes at one stage of a food chain and NOT have that change affect ALL levels from there up! And, as so often happens with pharmaceuticals, GMOs have been nowhere near adequately tested before being foisted off on us as “safe” by the alleged watchdog agency (FDA) who took the word of the manufacturer, whose SOLE interest/concern is getting the money, NOT the welfare of the consumers!

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