GoFundMe: Lanny Davis’s big payday goes kaput

GoFundMe: Lanny Davis’s big payday goes kaput

By Monica Showalter

The GoFundMe page for Democratic attorney Lanny Davis’s client, Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer, isn’t doing quite as well as its sponsors had expected.

Far from raising $500,000 in a day or two, as happened with fired former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, it’s been stuck for days in the $150,000 range (it’s $166,031 as of Saturday morning, and the cash is just trickling in), with more than $300,000 to go.  What’s more, the effort is now old news, having been up for ten days, so it’s unlikely to revive unless there’s some news spectacular.  It’s called the “Michael Cohen Truth Fund,” and, presumably, it would have been a fundraising effort to pay off Cohen’s legal fees, based on his guilty pleas in a Manhattan federal court, in a case derived from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation.  If Democratic stalwart and Clintonite extraordinaire Lanny Davis is Cohen’s lawyer, then it’s presumably his fees.

This will be bad news for Lanny if Cohen can’t cough up the cash some other way.

Here’s a screen grab:

It’s actually part of a pattern of lost public interest in these anti-Trump figures – the public – and Democrats in particular – don’t seem to be so eager to shell out for their leftist heroes so lionized in the press.  Stormy Daniels’s GoFundMe is underperforming, too, with just $585,900 of her sought $850,000 raised, and that one hasn’t budged in a while, either.  Former FBI counterintelligence chief, Pete Strzok, is persistently under target, with just $461,278 of $500,000 raised, and for the past few weeks, it doesn’t seem to be going any higher, and I’ve been checking.  Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe raised the $500,000 he wanted for his legal defense (it actually came to $554,000), but a pension fund effort set up to benefit the 50-year-old is going nowhere.  On a similar front, sales of Omarosa Manigault Newman’s memoir, much praised and vaunted by the leftist press, are reportedly tanking, too.

But Cohen’s effort really stands out.  Perhaps Democrats associate him too closely with President Trump.  Perhaps they think he’s a sleazy taxi medallion-owner with plenty of cash under the table.  Perhaps they think he’s already rich, or perhaps they think he’s just guilty.

What it shows is that the guy who would have really benefited from this morass, Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, is out a payday.  Maybe the fact that he’s not such a good lawyer, asking his client to plead guilty to things that aren’t crimes, has something to do with it.  Why bankroll incompetence?


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