Gold Star Mother and Politics of the American POTUS against the Republican Presidential Candidate

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By Susan Price | Gold Star Mother

Not so fast Mr President, This MARINE GOLD STAR Mother has a Message for you!!!

Americans will choose their own President…It is NOT FOR YOU to tell us who to vote for this November 2016

As a Nationally recognized Gold Star Mother who supports Mr Donald J Trump for office of President of the United States of America in 2016, and a man I have personally endorsed, I cannot and will not sit back and listen to the most EGREGIOUS Verbal attacks any longer by this current POTUS, Opposing Candidate, the Liberal Media, and the Elite who grew in Power as they hijacked our highest seats in government using these positions as their personal Endowment plan.

Their constant challenges and attacks on Mr Trump are not only vicious & unrelenting, but manipulating and maniacle.

(Mr Trump is a movement, representing the Voice and the “MAJORITY of the American people’s choice for President and he has earned it)

As a Gold Star Mother my heart aches with pain and despair, not only for the loss of my own Marine son who’s life was lost during the GANJGAL Ambush on Sept 8 2009, but all Gold Star Families, as we are deeply connected and share a common bond through the services of our less than 1% American Valor and Fallen Heroes.

Despite our personal political beliefs, race and incomes, we respect the sacrifices each family has endured.

So why in the last eight years has this POTUS continually tried to divide us through race, income and political view points?

Why is this POTUS defaming the character of the Republican Presidential Candidate for exercising his freedom of speech? Especially during the unfolding of events connected with the DNC?

Why is this POTUS defending the character of the Criminal and Lawless Democratic Presidential Candidate over the Republican Presidential Candidate?

Why is this POTUS so desperate to continue his failed eight years onto the American people as he PROPAGANDIZES and forwards his Agenda using the son of Gold Star Parents, Mr & Mrs Khan as a political pawn?

Why did this POTUS stand silent in the last seven and a half years as American valor was handcuffed and died by the Rules of Engagement and political policies while American Military Families suffered in silence, yet this POTUS is so quick to speak up regarding a Muslim Gold Star Family???

Is this Gold Star Family held in a higher position than our American Gold Star Families? Are their certain political avenues that bind the current POTUS and Democratic Candidate for this Gold Star Family?

Where were the POTUS and Democratic candidate formally Secretary of State when my son and his abandoned Marine Team were lead into the Valley of Death on Sept 8 2009, the Ganjgal Valley, the day after the State Department was there visiting with the Elders of the Ganjgal Valley striking up a deal for a certain amount of money to pay the Afghan village for the work that American soldiers and contractors were to build their MOSQUES and Cisterns off the backs of American tax dollars????

Where was the POTUS and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when they sent my son and his Marine Team in to die in a village that our Military and DOD KNEW the Russians were at war for ten years against these TALIBAN FORCES and yet they led them into the slaughter that fateful day with NO AIR SUPPORT, NO ARTILLERY SUPPORT, for more than ten hours???

Where was the POTUS and Secretary of State in the deaths of my Gold Star Families of Extortion 17 aka Seal Team 6??? Leaving these Gold Star American Families with more UNANSWERED Questions than answers and broken promises covered in lies!!! Where??? Where were they????

Where were the POTUS and Secretary of State in the deaths of my BENGHAZI American Gold Star families and their warriors now fallen heroes when they called for Air and Artillery Support???? Where were they at 3:00am??? WHERE???

Our sons voices fell SILENT in foreign lands and we the families represent the other side of war. Through the deaths of our sons, we have become witnesses and experts at realizing the abstract picture at hand…One whose war started on the battle fields and now is within our very communities and great nation.

We the American people will NOT be discounted and manipulated!!!!

Although you in POWER have evaded our quests in search for answers while you ambushed the lives of American valor on front lines…We will NOT ALLOW you another chance to ambush what is left of our American legacy!!!

Mr. Donald Trump has become our National Voice!!! Had Mr Trump represented the very seats you abused our sons would be alive today, as well as Gold Star Families Mr & Mrs Khan’s son.

ALL AMERICAN Lives Matter!!! Especially those who POLICE the streets of America and Foreign lands. We will not be dumbed down by the tactics of misguided politics by the Liberal Party.

America was founded by Christian~Judeo beliefs!!

Our Conservative values have merit and those who rob from the sacredness of them will meet with great consequence.

Americans have begun to awaken from their great slumber, we have taken notice of all the inequities and obtuse actions surrounding our sovereignty.

We will NOT allow for one party to be heard while the other is stifled!!

In closing, it is said by many, this is the most controversial time in American History and in electing a president that will HEAL the transgressions that have violated our American way of being!!

As a Gold Star Mother who represents her son’s fallen voice, I am confident that Americans will not be denied, left abandoned by the Dereliction of Duties of those in POWER who seek to take away some or all of our Constitutional rights!!!

Our legacy died for those and we will NOT WAIVER!!

Those of us who support Donald J Trump for President find it immoral for a POTUS, the Opposing Candidate as well as Liberal Media, to get on their soap box and preach to us about JUSTICE.

You are out of your league and forget you work for “WE THE PEOPLE”!!

We will hold you accountable. Mr Trump when elected our 45th President of the United States will provide that JUSTICE and we support him as he is sage in his KNOWLEDGE and is NOT a professional politician yet and is as HUMAN as it gets when dealing with the Middle Class of America.

God Bless America, and God Bless Mr Trump!!!

Gold Star Mother Susan Price.
Gunnery Sgt Aaron M Kenefick, USMC
KIA Sept 8, 2009, Kunar Province Afghanistan

About Susan Price:

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Susan L. Price is a Marine Gold Star Mother and national voice for justice. She will soon begin lecturing and information on her upcoming launch can be found at her web site: She can also be contacted at: [email protected]


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