Government as an Agent of Plunder & Violence (Part V)

Government as an Agent of Plunder & Violence (Part V)


By TLB Contributing Author: Rico S. Giron

Upon deeper analysis, this amendment is for a “corporate excise tax on specific activities by corporations.” Corporate United States Citizens are the creation of the Corporate United States, and thus owned entirely by the United States Corporation. Never forget, United States Citizens are “prized.” On the USPOWSCC, simply existing is one of the “specific activities by corporations.” Our “corporate existence” is the creation of the corporate United States. Exactly like a dysfunctional father who tells his children, “I gave you life and I can take it away.” Say what?? The language of this Amendment is pure legal-sleaze at it’s very best. It is so vague as to fall under the maxim of Law, “Void for vagueness.” From these two lines of legal-sleaze, the most elaborate and complicated tax system in the world has morphed into a reality. The Tax Code is so long that nobody’s really sure of its length. It talks about the 7.7 million words of tax regulations from the IRS and the 60,000 pages of case law that is tax related. [Oct 17, 2017].

The tax system falls squarely under the Principle of Five Cs. Confusion, complexity, cognitive dissonance, contradiction, and Chaos. Each of these Cs increases the profit for the Conquerors. Journalist Greg Palast stated, “In confusion there is profit, in complexity there is more profit. In confusion and complexity there is maximum profit.” Now add all 5Cs together and you have mayhem and CHAOS, which is the very desired result. Divide and conquer, Babe!!!

How then can the American sheeple fall under the 16th Amendment? At this point I will invite you into the proverbial Rabbit Hole. In fact, no man or woman of flesh and blood owes any federal or state income tax. No American man or woman owe any federal or state income tax. No Freeman owes taxes. The thing to remember is that there are no men or women of flesh and blood on the Slave Plantation, no Freemen, and there are no “Americans” on the USPOW Slave Plantation, only “prized” United States citizens. Prized also means Prisoner of War, Slave, Vessel, Fictional Corporation, nom de guerre, strawman, juristic person, person, corporation, legal fictions, etc. All men and women of flesh and blood, were “corporatized” into fictions as a result of the 1933 Banking Coup d’etat under FDR. Additionally, we did it to ourselves, by engaging in unilateral contracts of adhesion that we asked for voluntarily.

As soon as the American Sheeple accept any “benefit” from the U.S. “government”, they are pretty well phucked. That is how the federal government can legally interact, interface, and [interphuck] the sheeple. Again, jurisdictionally, all United Citizens live in the ten square mile Maritime island called Washington, District for the Criminally Insane. Washington, D.C. is a British Protectorate. That is how you legally capture a slave population. Remember this from page one, “A landmark Supreme Court Case of 1795, Penhallow v. Doane’s Administrators, defines governments succinctly: “Governments are corporations.” Inasmuch, as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons.” Cracking the Code, Jordan Maxwell. I sure hope you are getting the picture. It is much worse than you think or can even imagine.

However, the entire 50 USC, all statutes, all codes, all regulations, are for corporations and are private code owned and copyrighted by British corporations under British law. That is why the entire American Sheeple population had to be “corporatized.” Black’s Law Dictionary is a prime example of British copyright. It is British law which is the new version of the ancient Roman Civil Law. Commerce is only for corporations. Corporations are fictions, purely mental constructs for Commerce. All corporations are created by another corporation, thus the creating corporation owns the created corporation. This follows the maxim of Law that states, “The Creator owns the created.” Like when an author copyrights his work. He owns it and is protected. No man or woman of flesh and blood can engage in Commerce. Men and women can barter, trade and otherwise for value or substance, but Commerce is strictly for Corporations. Since corporations are fictions, they need fictional fiat currency to conduct Commerce. Federal Reserve Notes are “monopoly money” at its’ best. U.S. Congress has admitted that all of it’s acts, statutes, and codes are for the territorial and corporate United States and apply to prized, U.S. Citizens.

Enter the proverbial Federal Reserve Note. If you have not read my chapter titled, “The Proverbial Federal Reserve Note”, please do so now. In the fictional world of corporations, the Alice in Wonderland Principle is predominant. Words means exactly what the corporations say they mean, no more and no less. Enter the language of Legal-sleaze, gov-speak, doublespeak. Words are no longer words, but rather become “terms.” Since all corporations are fictions, their language must also be a fictional language. This is the doorway into the Bizarro Opposite World that I have been describing throughout my work. There is a maxim of Law that states, “The higher the criminality of a government, the more they will legislate.” When a nation steeps itself deeply into creating legislation, 99% of that legislation is designed to protect the hegemony of the governing structure, not the population. Power will always protect itself. At last count, this country has legislated more than 50 million laws and statutes. This is an incomprehensible absurdity that we simple delete from our consciousness. We are inundated with statutes and yet, the United States is the most lawless corpor-nation in the world. The United States has violated more international treaties and exempted itself from more international laws, treaties, pacts and promises, than any other nation in history, save maybe, the Roman Empire of old. All the international agreements the US has broken before the Iran deal.

The United States Propaganda, Mind Control Machine “government” [Minitrue] is the worlds’ number one Terrorist while at the same time exempting itself from the very definition of the term “terrorist” in the Patriot Act. Pretty sleazy if you ask me. There is an ancient maxim of Law, the Golden Rule. “He who has the gold, makes the rules.” In the modern militarized, police state, this has morphed into, “He who has the “guns” makes the rules.” Indeed, power is the greatest of aphrodisiacs. In the criminal, Bizarro Opposite World of “government”, the best method of discrediting the opposition is to blatantly accuse them of engaging in the exact crimes you are engaging in secretly behind the scenes. This follows the Saul Alinsky Principles for Radicals, see my chapter titled same, and Edward Bernay’s book Propaganda. Both authors were adherents to Soviet Indoctrination. In the present day, we have the Demo-rats accusing Trump of collusion with the Ruskies, while the Great Harlot, Hillary Clitory, and the homo-cum-socialist, Obama, sold massive amounts of refined, weapons grade Uranium to the Ruskies. “It’s just business, baby.” Like Carlos Mencia says, “That’s how we do it.”

Hillary Clitory is the Master of Accusations, she is currently accusing presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, [2020 presidential candidate] of being a Russian asset. Clitory loves to roast her enemies. Charred crispy, thank you very much. Clitory is a Saul Alinsky protege, she wrote her thesis on the Salinsky principles. She worshipped Alinsky and has spent her entire career engaging in these principles. Another Salinsky protege, drum roll please, Obama. I bet you that if Hillary Clitory were to read my material, she would accuse me of being a Russian Asset. As long as I get to play spy, sign me up. I want to meet Edward Snowden. A little known fact is that the United States corporate “government” actively conducted Commerce with Russia during the entire time period known as the “Cold War.” The United States built the U.S.S.R. military-industrial Empire. Commerce knows no borders or national loyalties. National Suicide, Military aid to the Soviet Union, Anthony C. Sutton, American Betrayal, Diana West.

Indeed, “government” is a virtual cornucopia of Insanity. Like Mark Twain stated about 150 year ago, “All politics is mass schizophrenia.” A famous Australian author and researcher wrote, “All politics is theater.” Please read my chapter titled, “Politics as Schizophrenic Behavior.” I would venture to state that the most psychotic, perverse, schizophrenic and disturbed psychopaths are the type of personality that are attracted to the Matrix of Insanity, aka, government. The Matrix of Insanity is synonymous with the Matrix of Government Public Service. The Matrix of Insanity allows them to con-gress and con-gregate with others of the same ilk, secret homosexuals, secret pedophiles, secret Satanic worshippers, and power hungry thugs. Truly the criminally insane class have taken over the ruling of the sheeple. As Albert Nock stated, “a professional criminal class.” “The Washington bureaucracy is obviously out of control and out of step. It neither protects nor preserves the United States or its citizens. Indeed it harasses and betrays them. It is persistently and pervasively untruthful and evasive it its dealings with the public, the independent researcher and Congress.” National Suicide, Military aid to the Soviet Union, Anthony C. Sutton. Of course, Mr. Sutton never figured out that United States Citizens are POWs and slaves on the corporate plantation and have no rights.

Absolute Power, however, is a double edged sword. It simultaneously creates an enormous addiction and an extreme sense of loneliness and isolation. “In a 2014 article in Oxpol, the Oxford University Politics Blog, neuroscientist Nayef Al-Rodhan takes this phenomenon to the next level. According to him, power, especially absolute and uncontrolled power, is intoxicating for a reason. The effects occur at the cellular and neurochemical level. They manifest themselves in different ways, ranging from increased cognitive functions to lack of inhibition, poor judgment, extreme Narcissism, perverse behavior and extreme cruelty. Power activates the same reward circuit in the brain and creates an addictive ‘high’ in much the same way as drug addiction.” Thru absolute power, man becomes “god.” A god however, is of necessity, separate and apart from lowly human beings, slaves, servants and so forth. Even if only in the mind of the King himself. And because of this realization, that all of the “King’s wealth” was acquired by force, a massive paranoia sets in and further destroys the very traits that make a man “human”, social connections, trust, love, camaraderie, and so forth. This then becomes the foundation of extreme loneliness and isolation, and in many cases, extreme cruelty toward an object of “love.” “Killing me softly with Love.” This puts the “civiliter mortuss” slave on par with the “untouchable King,” and as in so many instances, the “Master” falls in love with a lowly and beautiful slave woman under his care because of the loneliness and isolation. There is the legend of Achilles falling in love with Briseis, and almost coming to death blows against Agemmemnon over Briseis. Thus thru the legal structures [law of War and conquest] that have given a King his absolute power, and reduced a slave to a mere thing, both become “completely isolated beings” (Graeber) in an empire of sycophants where different groups of people are currying favor from both in distinctly different forms. “In other words, the King and slave are mirror images, in that unlike normal human beings who are defined by their commitments to to others, they are only defined by relations of power.” Debt, Graeber.

Prison psychiatrists have well documented evidence of the terrible effects of isolation. Additionally, Masters and Kings of necessity develop a “deep psychotic break in their very consciousness.” “Thomas Jefferson, that owner of many slaves, chose to begin the Declaration of Independence by directly contradicting the moral basis of slavery, writing, “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and they they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights.” Debt, Graeber, supra. But only if you are a WASP of Blue Blood origin and have the proper pedigree. However, there is no evidence that Thomas Jefferson had a severe moment of contrition or authentic enlightenment, and immediately after writing these words, set all of his slaves free. How can this disconnect be understood? This demonstrates the Janus Principle. A public face and a private face, thus a deep psychotic break. This again, is where we see the manipulation of language to meet the short term, exigent needs of the moment. The great Greek philosopher Archytas wrote, “A man without deceit is more rare than a fish without bones.”

It seems to me that the hegemony of power demands this very psychotic break and “powerful men” then engage in the Political Principle I stated before, “Words are the equivalent of actions.” At the very moment politicos utter their absurdities, inanities and stupidities, they know they are lying and hence, they must suffer from numerous psychoses. Perhaps all of humanity is indeed deeply psychotic. “Most of our most precious rights and freedoms are a series of exceptions to an overall moral and legal framework that suggests we shouldn’t really have themselves in the first place.” Graeber, supra. Which suggests a massive Matrix of Insanity. Image then becomes paramount and the basis of an infinite number of wonderful facades and some great sounding slogans. This keeps the great “Permanent Lie” intact. Hedges, supra. Ahh, yes, Welcome to Amerika, the Land of Images. But to say and hear these wonderful words is so awe inspiring as to leave one breathless. In my youth, I was totally entranced by the “potentiality” of this nation. Of course, it was nothing but a great Big and Permanent Lie. Somewhere along the way in this nation, a chimera replaced Reality and facts.

One of the greatest false flag psyops created in this country is that of “voting.” Follow me into the Rabbit Hole. On the USPOWSCC, the “slaves” are given the privilege of electing their own “mafia bosses” to rule over them. The American Sheeple are given the privilege of electing their own “Board of Directors” to rule over them. We have been deceived into thinking that we have “representative government.” Nothing if further from the truth. Voting is a Matrix Pacification tool par excellence. “Voters have little or no say in who decides to run, who gets funded, how campaigns are managed, what television ads say, which candidates get covered by the press or who gets invited to presidential debates. They are spectators, pawns used to legitimize political farce.” In order to cover up this wonderful deception, the Mafia bosses had to be given a face lift. The term “Mafia bosses” is too crude and unrefined for the Matrix of Insanity. The process of electing our own Mafia bosses had to undergo a massive refinement and facelift. The illusion of electing “House of Representatives” and “Senators” is perfect for the Matrix of Slavery. Unknown to the average sheeple, the Constitution is the Corporate Charter for the corporate United States, laying out the corporate duties of the Board of Directors and slave population. The illusion of voting removes the excuse for complaining by the sheeple. If you fail to vote, you have no right to complain simply because you did not participate in the “democratic process.” If you voted for the scoundrel, well, just vote him out the next time. Either way, your vote matters diddly-squat.

Voting is the perfect pacifier for the stupid sheeple. Voting creates the perfect sense of hidden impotence and futility, however it dissipates vast amounts of energy. The politics of voting appeals to the basest of human emotions, “Tell me how special I am, Senator.” It safely dissipates pent up energy that might turn to rebellion and violence against the ruling elite. “The elites are acutely aware that without police terror and the U.S. prison system, which holds 25% of the world’s prison population, there would be intense social unrest.” Hedges, In all tyrannical regimes, Police terror has always been the most powerful tool for effectively pacifying the population. In a totalitarian state, you have three choices are, STFU, Prison or death, motherphucker!!

The ruling elite have created an infinite number of facades to hide behind, all of which serve to pacify the sheeple. “We now live in a country where three-quarters of all laws promulgated by the Federal government are the product not of our elected representatives but of unelected officials, oligarchs, appointed to rule the administrative agencies and commissions, possessed of combined legislative, executive and judicial powers. The United States is now principally ruled by a centralized bureaucratic oligarchy, an oligarchy possessed of nearly unlimited powers…and are largely unaccountable for their actions.” The Rise of Tyranny, Jonathan Emord. Indeed, the very definition of an invisible tyranny and a dictatorship neatly ensconced behind the most wonderful facades and slogans imaginable. Welcome to the Matrix. Let me restate this, 75% of the laws and statutes enacted in this country are written by unelected officials. So much for our representative democracy. Emord is a constitutional attorney.

There is another well hidden reason why voting is an entirely absurd and futile activity for the middle class and the poor. Before you ever vote at the polling place, the wealthy, ruling elite have already bought and paid for, the entire political spectrum with their monetary contributions. “It’s no secret that in many respects, politics is a game for the affluent. The more money you have, the more likely you are to pay attention to politics, to vote, or to donate money or time to a political cause. Money also buys you access to the politicians of your choice. [But only with the proper amount of millions of dollars, brackets mine]. Compared to Americans in the lowest income group, the wealthy are three times more likely to talk about politics, four times more likely to attend political events, and six times more likely to donate to political campaigns. You might expect the effects of money on political participation to level off after a certain threshold, but these numbers suggest that more money = more politics, all the way to the top.” Christopher Ingraham. This for sale election and political system is also known as the “Rent-a-Whore-Inc.” What is important on the slave plantation is the illusion of “importance for the slaves.” Slaves need to feel important. “Just tell me that you do love me after all these phuckings. Will you still love me in the morning, Senator?” Politics provide the best Matrix of Egocentricism for the Sheeple. I guess we could call this “political mind phucks.” Slaves love political mind phucks the best. Even better than real sex. In America, appeasement of the Ego carries high value, but dare to insult the Ego of a self-important politico, and you will face the wrath of the Force.

The wealthy and rich elite are a miserly bunch, with very little interest in the common good for the American sheeple. The last thing on the mind of the rich is the welfare of the slaves. “As the trio of political scientists write, “many or most billionaires appear to favor, and quietly work for, policies that are opposed by large majorities of Americans” — cutting Social Security, reducing taxes on the rich, and freezing or even scrapping the minimum wage.” Matthew Lacombe. Public benefits for Americans cuts too much into the profit of these billionaires. In essence, the political system makes our politicians “high price whores” while proclaiming this to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Hic est furor!!

In other words, a small handful of Americans control more than 40 percent of election contributions. Notably, between 2010 and 2012, the total share of giving by these donors jumped more than 10 percentage points. That shift is likely the direct result of the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling, which struck down decades of fundraising limits and kicked off the super-PAC era. And this data only includes publicly disclosed donations, not dark money, which almost certainly means that the megadonors’ actual share of total political spending is even higher.” Dave Gilson. My personal estimate would be that the upper one percent of political donors contribute roughly 90% of the total political campaign contributions during any given election, thru all of the layers of legal mechanisms, PACs, Super Pacs, personal, and now corporate. The American steeple have been duped into believing that their $50-1,000 contributions are of value. These miniscule contributions are not even a drop in the bucket, they amount to a nano-liter, or a nano-drop. But the sheeple are in love with the idea that they matter on the slave plantation. The sheeple actually believe that their $100 political campaign contribution will buy them access to their elected official. Boy are we naive. We suffer from an “infantile imbecility.” Nock, supra.

In conclusion, our so called “Congress” has become a coterie of lazy, self-entitled, brazen and hypocritical arch charlatans and criminals that have legislated themselves total immunity for their actions while in office. Plus permanent “benefits” with only one term served. Hic est furor!! “They [Congress] shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.”

Please read this paragraph over and over until you get the gist. Treason is defined as “actions against the United Stated[federal corporation]”, not as actions detrimental to the American sheeple. Few Congressmen are ever charged with “felony”, simply because they have an upper tiered Law that protects them. We have a two tiered system of Laws, one for the rich, the other for the captured slaves. And of course, no Congressman is stupid enough to engage in Breach of the Peace. Oh, in case you missed the language style, “Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, are all capitalized, which makes these words “terms”, aka, legal-sleaze, to be defined and interpreted according to the exigent and immediate needs of the “government.” Few if any, legislators have ever been so stupid to engage in any of these offenses.

Courtesy of the Trading with the Enemy Act of October 6, 1917, as amended, and Emergency War Powers Act (12 Stat 319; 50 USC, sections 21, 213, 215, Appendix 16; 26 CFR Ch. 1, paragraph 303 1-6(a); and 31 CFR Ch. 5, paragraph 500.701 Penalties) the president retains supreme dictatorial power over all aspects of American life and government (like William the Conqueror) as commander-in-chief of the military (e.g. no Congressional approval need for war; all courtrooms in America flying the gold-fringed flag of war are military tribunals under the president’s direct control; complete power over all commerce, transportation, agriculture, communication, etc);” Cracking the Code, Jordan Maxwell. ““In violation of due process, President Trump claims power, like his immediate two predecessors, to act as prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner to kill American citizens or non-citizens alike, on or off a battlefield, whether or not engaged in hostilities, whether or not accused of crime, and whether or not posing an imminent threat of harm that would trigger a right of preemptive self-defense,” the memo reads.

Neither the Constitution, nor the Bill of Rights today serves as a reliable effective counter either to despotic government or to violations of the peoples’ liberties.” Emord, supra. Think about the seriousness of this statement. Here is a Constitutional Attorney that is revealing to us, that we are smack in the middle of an invisible Tyranny. That is why Bush blurted out, “The Constitution is just a piece of [toilet] paper.” We know Bush wiped his ass repeatedly with this piece of paper. Of course this has been specifically true since the 1933 Coup de etat by FDR and the 13 Ruling/Banking families. Mr. Emord is a Constitutional attorney that intuitively gets it, but cannot get himself to come full circle in his reasoning and declaring that we are indeed smack in the middle of an invisible, commercial, military dictatorship. Without an authentic self-analysis, Mr. Emord is part of the very problem itself. Perhaps in a very self-serving manner, Emord ignores the fact that he is part of the stratocracy, [“secret rule by military officer”] an “esquire” on behalf of the commercial, military dictatorship. Of course, self-deception is the number one past-time for all Americans. Welcome to the world of the Four Ls, La-La Land of Liaryers.

In the Bizarro Opposite World the Conquerors take the Scum working for them and doing their dirty work, and elevate them in Status, like “your Honor”, “Senator” and so forth. This has both a narcotizing effect and a pacifying effect on the sheeple. Now the illusion of “representative government” has been created. Let me clarify something here, we do not have a “representative government”, we have a combination oligarchy, corporatocracy, and stratocracy. Stratocracy is secret rule by military officer hidden in plain sight. We elect politicians to office, they become elected officials, they are officers. These terms are military lingo, and denote military jurisdiction. Since the sheeple can lose their “voting privileges”, this confirms that voting is in fact a privilege, not a right, granted to the slave by the Master. Just like a “driver’s license” is a privilege and traveling is a right. Rights are Creator granted and thus inherent in our very humanity, privileges are granted by other men in government. Please read my chapter titled, “The Right of Revolution.” The three factions ruling this country are the OLISTRATCOR, Oligarchy, Stratocracy and the Corporatocracy, but nicely hidden behind the facade of “representative government.”

Furthermore, in this Bizarro Opposite World, language is twisted severely to the point of perversion and often the meaning of the language is actually reversed. This is easily done by converting words into “terms”, like the character in Alice in Wonderland, terms mean exactly what the “government” wants them to mean, no more and no less. This ties directly into the Mao Principle, “Any and all fictions can be converted into reality at the end of a gun barrel.” “Oftentimes the rules bear little resemblance to the statutes from whence they purportedly came. Many times the rules effect results opposite those desired by Congress. It is not at all uncommon for regulations to impose requirements that contradict directly the statutory mandate.” Emord, supra. This is known as “legal-sleaze.” WTF? Here is the quirk. Statutes are enacted by Congress and then interpreted by the agency they apply to. This stretch between enactment and interpretation is the Bizarro Opposite World. Welcome to the land of the 5Cs.

Indeed, a Bizarro Opposite World of “government.” This maximizes the effect of the 5Cs; confusion, complexity, cognitive dissonance, contradictions and Chaos. This is by deliberate design, to keep the sheeple guessing at what is necessary to be done. So much so, that constitutional attorney John Whitehead, without hesitation states, “that the average American man and woman, commits three felonies a day without even realizing it.” That my friend is called an “invisible tyranny.” Welcome to your new home, SLAVE!!!!!!

Every year our Mafia bosses trek off to the Pig’s Trough to bring home the bacon for their constituents. Washington, District for the Criminally Insane, provides the perfect opportunity for our Mafia bosses to engage in massive deceptions of “enacting more laws” and “public service”, to do two things primarily. One, to enrich the “elite ruling class” which incidentally includes themselves, “mafia bosses”, and two, to further protect the wealth of this same class of professional criminals, thru special favors and special “legislation written by non-elected officials.” Ask yourself this question, “How is it that after 20-30 years of working in the Pigs Trough, Senators and others officials can accumulate enormous amounts of wealth, to the tune of 200-300 millions of dollars, on a salary of roughly 150,000 dollars per year?” “The dictatorship by and for the very wealthy, pretending to be the servant of the masses.” Anthony Sutton, The Best Enemy Money can buy. “The nation’s resources have been pillaged by elected representatives and appointed officials. Our nation’s leaders have sacrificed the rule of law, and the Constitution itself, in a headlong rush to build their own wealth and power. They have replaced liberty with tyranny and have caused the nation, as a whole, to suffer.” The Rise of Tyranny, Jonathan Emord. This last sentence does not sound like a conspiracy theory to me, but rather the real time implementation of tyranny. This has become historical fact, not conspiracy theory. Welcome to the American Pigs Trough. OOOOIIIIIINNNKKKK!!!

Governments are great pretenders and deadly to humans. The only other institution that rivals “government” in betrayal and deceptions, is religion. Governments and religions are the deadliest institutions in the history of the Planet. “In terms of human carnage alone, war’s devastation is staggering. For example, it is estimated that approximately 231 million people died worldwide during the wars of the 20th century. This figure does not take into account the walking wounded—both physically and psychologically—who “survive” war.” John Whitehead. Pay attention here, that 231 million figure is for one century only. All nicely tucked in behind the facades of patriotism and nationalism. Estimates vary, one middle eastern professor estimated 270 million people killed by the proselytizers of Islam over a 1400 year period, [her youtube video was removed after a short time] and the Catholic Inquisition resulted in “only 150 million deaths.” Let’s see, 231 plus 270 plus 150 equals 651 million deaths attributable to governments and religions. WTF??? If we include the casualties of War for the last 2000 years, post the Christos, I would venture to say that this figure would top one billion war casualties easily. If we were to compare “governments and religions” vs. World famous dictators, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Allende and so forth, I would venture to say that “governments and religions” have by far outdistanced these petty dictators in their murderous rampages. Of course it is hard to distinguish one from the other. “A new report tracking the roots, spread and effects of violent Islamist extremism found that 121 groups that share elements from a common ideology are now operating worldwide. Their activities resulted in the deaths of 84,000 people – nearly 22,000 of them civilians – in 66 countries in 2017, the report found.” What is wrong with us, the human race?????

David Horrobin, in his great book “The Madness of Adam and Eve”, stated that “environment is a primary catalyst to schizophrenic behavior manifesting.” Indeed, the Swamp with it’s fetid odor of perversions and corruptions oozing from every pore is the perfect environmental catalyst for the manifestation of criminal insanity. The criminally insane seek out the company of other criminally insane simply because there is great safety in numbers. Hey, we are all in this together. If “everyone” is doing “it”, it would be rather impolite to go against the “stream.” The Swamp puts its minions into a deep psychosis and narcotization. Then the human traits of rationalization and justification kick in to complete the closed loop of Insanity. To seal the deal and create an unbreakable Matrix of Insanity, just add Power, Prestige, Status and an unending source of money. Indeed, the best whores credit can buy. Hic est furor.

Two, to further enslave the slaves and deprive them of their privileges that the slaves have been con-vinced are their rights. And of course, to keep the slaves in poverty while creating the illusion of economic opportunity. Interestingly, the United Nations conducted a study wherein one of the factors measured was “economic opportunity.” Of the fifty developed nations, the United States was ranked 37th in terms of “economic opportunity”. Well dang it, so much for the “land of opportunity.” “It now appears, as Foroohar points out, that a number of recent studies have shown that it is now easier to move up the income ladder in Europe than it is in America. So much for the land of the opportunity.” Why the US is no longer the land of opportunity. Of all the countries in the world, the United States has the best propaganda program wherein it sells the hell out of “land of the free and home of the brave.” It is a deep psychosis from which there is no escape. Welcome to Amerika, my little brown friend. Your papers please!!! Amerika!! The Land where IMAGE is more important than actual substance. Hint, hint, TVs Card-ass-shian bitches.

End of Part V.

Government as an Agent of Plunder and Violence

Prelude to Part VI

The United States is exactly like a street hooker that suffers from massive schizophrenia or a severe concussion, and has con-vinced herself that she just won the Miss Universe Contest. The Great Harlot then parades herself like the Emperor with no clothes, or wearing her spandex “yoga pants” displaying her thunder thighs and her enormous bloated belly while daring you to call her “fat” so she can sue you for damaging her self-image. Welcome to the New Welfare State of the massively obeastly and drugged up slaves. The spiritual malaise that has settled over this nation will ultimately destroy us. We are past the point of no return, barring a massive, authentic spiritual awakening across the nation. I truly fear for the children of this nation.


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