Greenland turns against Mother Gaia [The Global Warming Lie]

Article Preface by Ralph Ely | TLB Editor-at-large

We are not going to discuss at length (as in reinventing the wheel) the tie-in with GeoEngineering and that “it must be considered” (ie: David Keith and fellow travelers) to prevent Global Warming.

“Considered?” How can they “consider” using GeoEngineering programs that have been in effect to one degree or another for five plus decades. Let us “consider” the numerous Patents on file at the U.S. Patent Office for GeoEngineering operations along with the testimony given by former Government, Military and Civilian members of GeoEngineering operation teams.

The folks like Keith and Company are struggling to make GeoEngineering a normal legal activity to avoid prosecution for Crimes Against Humanity, ie: engaging in an activity(s) harmful to our health and well-being without our Consent.

Let us not forget the Hugh amount of money to be made with Carbon Tax, Greenhouse Gas regulation and the other Ponzi type Schemes that come with the “Global Warming” narrative. All of this and more will be brought along by the Global Elites and their minions in an effort to take down American and her economy unless we “call these Criminals out” now and Demand their Arrest and Prosecution in a Court of Law, be it Federal or World Court.

In the article below J.R. Dunn brings evidence to the table that the Global Warming movement contains not “so much as an ounce of truth.”(RE)


Greenland turns against Mother Gaia

By J.R. Dunn

We’ve all heard it endlessly: the Arctic ice is melting.  It will soon be open water, and the surrounding islands bare rock.  The Northwest Passage, which lured hundreds to their doom during the Age of Exploration, will at last be a reality.  The polar bears will go hungry.  Eskimo shamans will no longer be able to contact the Ice Goddess.  Manhattan and Long Island will soon be fifty miles offshore…

And so on, certainly one of the most dominant and persistent memes of the global warming movement, despite its not containing so much as an ounce of truth.

The latest evidence for of this fact comes to us from Denmark.  With a consuming national interest in Greenland going back to the beginning of the last millennium, the Danes have kept careful watch on the weather and surface conditions of the island.  Their most recent findings definitively reveal no large-scale ice loss on Greenland.  Quite the contrary: Greenland is piling massive tonnages of ice as if there’s no tomorrow – not to mention no such thing as global warming.

Here are the latest figures from the Danish Meteorological Institute in graphic form:

These graphics show three separate representations dealing of ice cover in Greenland – total amount over the past year, as it appears topographically, and in contrast to the amount of ice melt, which is below average for the entire summer season.  It’s clear that Greenland is gaining ice cover, contrary to warmist assertions.

This is also borne out by comparing ice cover over the past three years:

There we have it: ice cover in Greenland is steadily increasing, in defiance of rising carbon levels and even greater levels of green rhetoric.

If “global warming studies” were in fact a science, data of this type would mean tossing out the entire theory and starting from scratch.  But of course, it’s no such thing.  So instead, we’ll simply hear more squealing and chest-beating from the warmists, the media, and the bureaucrats until the data is piled higher than the ice cap itself.  Then it’ll just be something else.


TLB republished this original article from American Thinker with our thanks for the coverage of this issue.

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