Have You Ever Wondered About the Amount of Toxins In Your Child’s Body?


TLB: Christina England delves into a topic that does, or should, concern every American … and ultimately all citizens of this global community.

TLB is embarking on a project of massive proportions, one that will go a very long way to addressing the concerns she puts forth. At this point in time our freedom and ability to discuss details is severely limited. So we open the door on this bold new project with this outstanding preface by someone so well suited to do just that …

By: TLB Staff Writer: Christina England

Christina England 1With a continual onslaught of toxins and poisons attacking our children’s fragile bodies on a daily basis, is it any wonder that more and more children are becoming ill? Parents have been asking professionals for years whether or not their children have been poisoned by the rigorous vaccine schedules and the countless antibiotics being prescribed. Up until now, there has been no way of testing their bodies to measure the levels of toxins.

However, this is all about to change, due to a new, non-invasive way of testing for metals, toxins and chemicals in the blood. Unlike the routine blood tests that parents have become accustomed to, parents will be able to test their children in the comfort of their own home, using a simple, non-invasive testing kit. More on this to come…

Some Facts About The Toxic World We Live In

It is a documented fact that there has been a sharp increase in the numbers of children suffering from conditions such as autism, ADHD, diabetes, autoimmune disease, food allergies, tics, heart disease and cancer. A growing number of professionals believe that this is due to the toxins, poisons and chemicals that we are being bombarded with on a daily basis.

Every day, our bodies are poisoned with dangerous chemicals and heavy metals, such as mercury, aluminum, polysorbate 80, formaldehyde, borate, lead, chlorine, cadmium, fluoride and arsenic.

Car fumes poison the air we breathe with carbon monoxide as we are slowly choked to death by the lethal chemicals from chemtrails and pesticides being vomited into our atmosphere, while governments poison our drinking water with fluoride and heavy metals and contaminate our food with genetically modified crops containing hormones, antibiotics and known bio-toxins such as glyphosate.

We unwittingly poison our bodies with designer creams, perfumes, deodorants and make-up, substances which contain aluminium, diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea, diethanolamine (DEA), triethanolamine (TEA), parabens (ethyl, butyl, methyl, propyl, and parahydroxyben-zoate), propylene glycol, PVP/VA copolymer, sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium laureth sulphate, searalkonium chloride, synthetic colors, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances and liquid paraffin.


We are poisoning our homes using cleaning products containing dangerous poisons and chemicals such as phthalates (DEHP, BBP, DBP, DMP, DEP); PVC; formaldehyde; alkylphenols; benzene; TEA (triethanolamine); MEA (monoethanolamine); parabens; phosphates; chlorine; chlorinated or brominated solvents; ceteareth 20; polyethylene glycol (PEG); resorcinol; bronopol; quaternium 15; nanoparticles; triclosan; sulfur oxides; chromium; DMDM hydantoin: SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates); optical brighteners; mineral oil; petrolatum; BPA (bisphenol-A); and a-chlorotoluene and many more.

I could go on forever describing the many substances poisoning our world, such as radiation, nuclear waste and chemical by-products, but Anna Victoria Rogers covers all of this and so much more in her insightful and comprehensive book titled Toxic World, Toxic People, available on Amazon.

Toxic Environment

What Parents Will Soon Be Able To Do To Test Their Children

As we have just learned, we live in a very toxic and dangerous world and we are all suffering the consequences. Over the years, parents have been continually asking how their children have become so ill and up until now, the majority of doctors and scientists have only been able to scratch the surface.

Despite this severe lack of information, the majority of parents are bright enough to realize that their child may be showing the classic signs of poisoning, especially if their child has become ill after receiving a vaccination or medical intervention. However, what actually caused their child’s symptoms has been a little more of a mystery and difficult to ascertain, as in the past, testing for single compounds has been both costly and invasive and unlikely to provide parents with much information about overall toxicity from heavy metals. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a magical solution, or a simple test that parents could buy over the counter that was non-invasive and painless?

Thanks to two insightful men, a group of scientists and The Liberty Beacon project, all this is about to change. If you want to know more, then visit this site for regular updates on an exciting new project that is going to rock the world!




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