Heads Up! Day After Freddy Gray Death, Congress Quietly Pushes Gun Bill HR 1745

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Investment Watchblog May 7, 2015

The Day After Freddy Gray was Killed, This New Revision for this Bill was Quietly brought and pushed. All While many people are distracted or paying attention to other things. This Bill However is an Outright Attack On Our Freedoms to Own Guns! Its Goal Is to Eliminate OUR GUNS Off the Streets! All of this tho was Overshadowed and NEVER Mentioned by the MSM! The Same MSM That Was Caught Putting Out Fake Pictures and Critical Information! Share this Info! People Need to be Aware of these Bills and All Other Attempts to Round Up Our Guns! STAND UP!


See article here: http://investmentwatchblog.com/heads-up-day-after-freddy-gray-death-congress-quietly-pushes-gun-bill-hr-1745/

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