TLB Radio Presents the Premier Episode of “Linderman Unleashed” … Can You Take the TRUTH?

Linderman Unleashed 2

He Growls, snarls and barks at the moon … But the information he disseminates is Fact and Vital for all in these days of overwhelming political and health tyranny. Curt Linderman is Mad as Hell and he is NOT going to take this anymore!

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Linderman Unleashed on The Liberty Beacon Radio Network!


By TLB Radio Talk Show Host: Curt Linderman

Today I’m not only letting the listening audience get to know me, but I’m jumping right in to the controversial subject that I’m known for over the course of 7 ½ years of broadcasting.

The recent hubbub over the flag stomping challenge has me taking a position that I hope will many wake people up and I know will anger many others.

I’ll also be discussing some of my background and the Vaccine/ Big Pharma issues that you need to know and some that are currently in the news.

Did you know that a cholesterol vaccine is coming down the pike?

I’ll be discussing what that could mean as well as talking about the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and much more.

I have had over a year of my radio hiatus and looking forward to working with Liberty Beacon project to make my show and the rest of the network a huge success.

I hope you enjoy and continue to listen to future broadcasts!

Catch me at 7pm EST every Friday! Put it on the calendar … We are kicking ass and taking names !!!


Visit Curt at his website Linderman Unleashed


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