By:  TLB Staff Writer  |  David-William

July 28, 2016

New-Hampshire State Representative Dick Marple explains law to the Crown Temple B.A.R. Attorner at the Bench/Bank acting as bankruptcy Administrator.  The Foreign Agent in the black robe is there to counterfeit securities against “your” Estate.  They do not work for free.  Their responsibility to the Crown is to protect the concealment of the BANKRUPTCY.  The B.A.R. “Courts” are engaging in coercion and enticement to slavery to access the Estate.  The fraud and piracy in this area is rampant and terroristic in character.  

Simply put, a Foreign Agency, the Crown Temple B.A.R., Middle Temple, Inns of the Court, CITY OF LONDON, hiding under the harmless name of ABA, American BAR Association, comes along to these shores for the Crown – Vatican – Swiss Banking Cabal, called the I.M.F., a U.N. Organization, to rape and pillage all DEBTORS for the artificial DEBT created by these very Banks in the first place.  UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 4 is a bankrupt, foreign, private CORPORATION and all those who claim the status of U.S. citizen is a self-dedicated slave to an artificial DEBT and impossible to pay down, by design.  The American people have assumed the role as PERSONS, DEBTORS, to the Crown.  Again, the people are not PERSONS.  Why are the people willingly acting as DEBTORS?  That’s because they’re all numbed and dumbed down enough to willingly use the wrong currency.

There is no “Traffic Court” in law so people can be mugged at every intersection.  There’s no constitutional provision for Admiralty piracy on the high seas brought upon land against people.  All these kiosks called Courthouses are not courts at all.  They’re pirate vessels for the Crown Temple B.A.R. Agents in black to pinch you, use you, blackmail you, extort from you, and ultimately jail you for their DEBT.  All Traffic Courts are there for taxation, not public safety.  The Attorner/Broker in black is processing BONDS against your JOHN HENRY DOE, so make sure to comprehend, the only crime perpetrated as theirs, not yours.  Violations of COMMERCIAL CODE do not apply to you.  You are secretly held as a STATE OF… EMPLOYEE.  Many people are awakening and they’re realizing, they’ve been robbed.  The B.A.R. is the enemy to the people.  

The Crown Temple B.A.R. is here for the Crown’s own FEDERAL RESERVE/U.N./I.M.F. central DEBT SLAVE establishment, and it’s I.R.S.  The INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE is a DEBT collection Agent, run by the Crown Temple B.A.R.  Those are U.S. Attorners/Brokers acting in fraud against people who don’t bow down to the Zionist-Jesuit Banks, located near the geographical center of London, called CITY OF LONDON.

FEDERAL RESERVE is not the money you should be using!!!  That’s the way they ensnare you into their jurisdiction and concealed contracts.  Don’t use their banking, their currency, their system, period.  Get out of their business.

The irony within this story is explained in the video immediately below by New-Hampshire State Representative Dick Marple.  Here he discusses the actual hidden history behind the monster called U.S. on the District of Columbia, during the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871.  This and any other MUNICIPALITY is in fact The United States of Rome.  This Act, nullified later or not, was as unlawful as it’s subsequent eradication.  This U.S. construct was and is not the Constitutional entity created in the 1700s.  This is a completely different, foreign seizure.  Representative Marple refers here to his right to expatriate from this foreign entity.  He’s well into his 80s, and one of the very small few people at the State House who actually comprehend law and history.  There are four hundred Representatives on Concord, and only a few who know how to serve the people.


Licensing is not required.  Representative Marple knows that licenses are not for people as they travel around the known world, living their lives.  Licensing is for COMMERCE.  



:ryan: a man

There lives a man called ryan.  He talks about COMMERCE when he discusses his involvement with a Foreign Agent DEBT collector from the I.M.F.  Huh?  A DEBT collector?  Foreign Agent?  How does this come from the “Courts?”  What if I told you, those are not courts?  What if I told you that the Crown Temple B.A.R. Agent called a U.S. Attorner is prosecuting “RYAN H. BUNDY,” and/or “Ryan BUNDY,” “BUNDY, Ryan” the CORPORATE entity?  Is ryan: the man crazy?  Or is he trying to tell everyone that the B.A.R. is pretending to be a “government” office, perpetrating fraud against Americans?  Where is the man who rose to prosecute, the Real Party in Interest?  Is there no Injured Party?  So is it ryan: the man, who harmed someone, or is it RYAN BUNDY, the DECEDENT, STATE OF… EMPLOYEE who violated his oath of office?  

There really is a man called ryan, but he is not RYAN BUNDY, the DECEDENT, that the filthy scum from the foreign Crown Temple B.A.R. is terrorizing.  This is all the B.A.R.  Men in Black robes are raping and pillaging America for the Crown Banks.  The STATE and local Police are trained by Israelis who are tied up on their very own genocide/apartheid.  Welcome to the new Gaza!  While foreign entities rape and murder Americans, the general population is slowly catching on to the whole fraud.  There’s an enemy among us, and they’re all card carrying Crown Temple B.A.R. members.  These people need to be prosecuted for all their fraud.

Observe the published story:

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — In bizarre court documents filed Tuesday, Ryan Bundy declared himself sovereign from state and federal government and wanted to be paid $1 million to accept “the role” of defendant or inmate.

Bundy, the brother of co-defendant Ammon Bundy in the case of the takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, is acting as his own attorney. The federal court filings were submitted by his court-appointed legal assistant.

Ryan Bundy said he does not accept the role as defendant or inmate without fair and just compensation of $1 million. He also said he is willing to play the “role” of “judge” or “bailiff” for $1 million.

He also demanded $100 million if he has to face a judge for the conspiracy matter related to the takeover and occupation of the federal facility.

The Bundy brothers and 6 more people will stand trial in September. Another 8 people will stand trial beginning February 14, 2017.

KOIN 6 News will continue to follow this story.


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