Here a Hack… There a Hack… Everywhere a Hack, Hack

Post and Preface by TLB Editorial Staff

Hackers seem to be outdoing themselves with all of the revelations from Wikileaks  on down to the Democrat National Committee. It must be “a bitch” for the Cyber Cops, as they appear to be just one step behind ‘Harold Hacker” and his buddies.

And then of course we have the finger pointing… the Russians did it… the Trump lunch bunch is behind it… Russia pointing it’s finger (the middle one) back at the U.S. … all of which just creates  a big stack of more questions than answers.

TLB would like to add these Questions to the Stack… Is all of this “Hacking” an effort to expose Barack Obama’s SCORCHED EARTH POLICY  in bringing down America to it’s knees to fit into the pre-determined mold of a One Word Government? Or, is it a “Hack for Cash” operation? Or is it just some college-tech-types that never grew up and still enjoy raising hell and have been co-opted  by nefarious groups or governments?

While you ponder those questions read this story from The Guardian.


Clinton campaign says data program accessed in cyber-attack on Democrats

by , and agencies

A data program used by the campaign of the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, was “accessed” as a part of hack on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that intelligence officials believe was carried out by Russia’s intelligence services, Clinton’s campaign said on Friday.

Hillary Clinton makes a campaign stop with former president Bill Clinton in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, on Friday.Hillary Clinton makes a campaign stop with former president Bill Clinton in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, on Friday. Photograph: Aaron P Bernstein/Reuters

Click Here to read the story from The Guardian

TLB finds these Related stories interesting:

(CNN Video-Click HereThe FBI and Justice Department are investigating a computer hack of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in addition to its examination of intrusions of other Democratic Party organizations, two law enforcement officials said Friday.

(Click Here for Reuters report) Exclusive: Clinton campaign also hacked in attacks on Democrats.

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