Hillary Furious after Comedian makes her Look Ridiculous in Interview!

Preface by TLB Staff

In the “World of Activism” it is extremely difficult to find positive information to research, publish and share… much less find something that brings a smile to the face followed by a good belly laugh.

Eureka!! We submit a video that fits that criteria. And as an added bonus, it features Hillary Clinton being ‘bested’ right out of her ‘smug facade.’ Hillary definitely wishes she had stayed home on this one…


By Bethany Blankley

Zack Galifianakis asks some of the funniest questions ever asked of Hillary Clinton on his show, Between the Ferns. Comedy and sarcasm have never been so poignant. He asks Hillary questions referring to her being Secretary of State:

“As secretary, how many words a minute can she type?”

“And how does Obama like his coffee, black, weak like himself?”

And on policy issues, he asks in a pop cultural reference that goes over her head:

“Is she down with TPP?” (Like the hip-hop group?)

And if Donald Trump is elected president, would she lead a revolution? No, of course not, he answers for her:

“Oh right, you were saying you wanted to take away everyone’s guns.”

And, his sponsor of the show, is classic.


Zach clinches the interview: He asks how can he stay in touch with her – email?


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