Hillary, the Media and a Milestone for Women … ???

Hillary, the Media and a Milestone for Women … ???

Commentary by: Roger Landry (TLB)

Politics today are a joke at best and a national tragedy at worst, and Hillary is the new focal point.

This is a “Cha Ching” period for media with more $$$ pouring into their thirsty coffers during a political year than at any other time. So it is all about the drama, shock factor and the manipulation of information to epitomize and optimize all the above … whether it is the truth or not be damned.

To say anymore that the mainstream press is the forth branch of this democratic society, bent on keeping the other three overreaching government branches in check, or a candidate honest, is a massive joke that even the late, great George Carlin would have been proud to repeat.

Today most of us are awake to the fact that our major media corporations are owned tools of an elite controlled system that has robbed Americans of their Republic, and their choices to determine America’s future … but the show must go on.

How many of us today use the internet to research almost any topic, to educate ourselves, to keep informed? How many of us do so knowing that even these (supposedly) non-biased forums are as bought and paid for as the television media whores?

It has been mere hours, or at best a few short days, since the announcement of Hillary as the anointed Democratic nominee for president, and the flood gates of news, opinions and blatant warnings have burst open. To say that there is no impropriety in Hillary’s campaign internally, or via her major supporters (at least one degree of separation), is like saying cats hate fish, mice or catnip. From Illegal campaign contributions funneled through the Clinton Foundation, serious funds coming from foreign governments, to major mainstream media outlets skewing the information available to the public …

This is a woman who has left a trail of dead bodies, broken or fractured laws, blatant examples of violent retaliation and extreme graft (not to mention possible treason) behind her … and the government has her under investigation for several serious breaches of National Security as we speak, and may have little choice but to indite her! Yet she is the anointed Presidential Nominee for the Democratic party … FREAKING REALLY ?? !!

I am in constant contact via The Liberty Beacon Project with people of serious concern for Americans from across this planet daily, and the latest trend from across the pond is a serious level of pity for the gullibility and ignorance of the American people! How can we possibly consider an individual for President that should be locked away for life on so many counts … that one has lost count?

How can we allow the system to manipulate us so blatantly that the rest of the world laughs at what is considered to be the biggest joke of the twenty first century, and we remain oblivious to this (for the most part)? Is it that Americans can’t see the forest for the trees? Or due to the Fluoridated water, Many Vaccinations, Massive Pharmaceutical drugging, GMOs, etc.. we are in fact so (intentionally) dumbed down that we can no longer be held accountable for our blatant acts of stupidity!

THIS IS THE PRESIDENCY WE ARE TAKING ABOUT … and this woman must have MADE A PACT WITH THE DEVIL! Hillary makes even Obama look like a patriot in comparison (OK maybe slightly overstated to make a point) !!!

Consider this, despite all I have said above there is a growing movement of discontent in America, and Hillary, regardless of the money and political clout backing her, seems to be in the eye of the storm … a storm that is gaining strength and momentum as we speak. And yes there is a milestone for women to celebrate in all this hoop-la … and it is not that Hillary is the first female to run for president (she isn’t), it is the fact that Hillary is the first female candidate nominated for President by a major political party. I’m not sure if women should be beaming with pride, or hide their heads in shame … ???

Also consider that most would believe (in a massive number of cases, wrongly) that a vast majority of women will automatically (mindlessly) jump on Hillary’s bandwagon if for no other reason than gender. This way of thinking insults women in a way that screams sexism from the highest mountain top. It says women are pack animals, easily lead and superficial in their decision process. It says women are willing to see America further reduced in stature, power and global scope just to satisfy a political goal of seeing a woman in the white house, even one who has made the proverbial pact with the devil. It says that women are butt hurt because a black president is now a reality … so why not a woman president. In a easily recognized number of cases (many) … none of the above stated scenarios could be further from the truth …

In conclusion, the system (as so many of us are aware) is rigged. As FDR blatantly stated “Presidents are Selected, Not Elected” and with relation to the mainstream media, what you see is what you get. The major push by this elitist cast today is not so much to get you to vote for someone (although that is a goal), it is to get you to believe that this anointed individual was put into office by the constitutional actions of We The People … when nothing could be further from the truth. In a truly functioning Constitutional Republic controlled by its true sovereigns (the people), and informed by a truly free and independent press, Hillary would never have made it out of the starting blocks, never mind become a serious contender (one of two remaining).

November is right around the corner … WAKE THE HELL UP !!!


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  1. DustyFae ~ The milestone is that Hillary is the first female candidate to be a major party nominee … not that she is the first female to run for president !!

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