Homeland Security “Concerned About Security Breach” From ISIS As Refugees Prepare To Flood America




Mac Slavo

Get ready. All the controversy that has just swept over Europe with migrant refugees is now coming to America.

Will a threat emerge from the ten thousand or more that will pour in? Homeland Security has noted their concern, as they vow to “carefully screen” for security risks among refugee populations.

Now that Europe has been upended by the refugee crisis, it is time for refugees in the United States. The Obama Administration admits that at least 10,000 are coming, and likely many more later, though Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson refused to hold to a number in the interview. But in a twist, mass exodus from the Syrian proxy war may well bring with it the enemies the U.S. have unleashed. There is, officially speaking, cause for alarm – according to the very same authorities who so often stoke fear in order to yield emergency power and strengthen perception.

To simplify that, the U.S. is inviting a new attack.

USA Today reports:

[Homeland Security Sec. Jeh Johnson] said vetting procedures for 10,000 Syrian refugees who are to be resettled in the United States during fiscal year 2016 refugees had been tightened since the influx of Iraqi refugees a few years ago. “We now do a better job of connecting dots, consulting all the right databases and systems that we have available to us,” he says. But he acknowledged that the self-proclaimed Islamic State might try to use the influx of refugees as an opportunity to infiltrate the United States. “We have to be concerned about the possibility of a security breach and we are concerned about that, and we’re going to vet refugees very carefully.”

Johnson has also acknowledged that “there is no risk-free process” with which to screen the refugees:

“We may have someone who is not on our radar and someone may choose to do something bad after they get here,” Johnson said.

“It is not a perfect process. There is a degree of risk attached to any screening and vetting process. We look to manage that risk as best we can,” Nicholas Rasmussen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, said.

Homeland Security’s statement is partially in response to Republican concerns about ISIS infiltrators among the refugees. Let’s hope they don’t confuse them with any moderate rebels:

Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) and Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.) sent a letter Wednesday to Secretary of State John Kerry and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson warning that fighters with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) could try to sneak into the U.S. disguised as refugees.

“We must be aware that groups like ISIS will infiltrate refugee camps and try to seek admittance into the United States. As you move forward with the process of admitting more refugees into this country, it is critical that rigorous background checks and security measures are in place,” they wrote.

It is blowback incarnate for the countries that brought conflict to the Middle East by waging war, and who have subsequently attempted to manage the aftermath by agitating undesirable leaders and fueling terror proxy groups as a deliberate but costly maneuver to sow chaos.

In further blowback – tougher security checks for refugee immigrants mean tougher security checks for everyone. Yet another blow to civil liberties. TSA measures at the airports may soon be stepped up to include mandatory biometric scanning just to travel.

After years of grumblings that jihadists would infiltrate America and wreak havoc, the perfect pretext has arrived. The potential pretext for ISIS to attack the Homeland, and revive the tensions of the staged War on Terror is fitting scenario for a military power that has just been publicly shamed for supporting manufactured terrorist mercenary groups in Syria – and is looking for a renewed justification for its actions.

Those who sponsor Middle East terrorism are multiplying their threat perception dollar value, by reigning down a population of unstable Syrian and Middle Eastern refugees – oddly dense in males – who are fleeing from a war torn region.

Cross your fingers as the next phase begins.

Author: Mac Slavo

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