House Of Representatives Approves More FISA Spying …

House Of Representatives Approves More FISA Spying …

Intro by: Roger Landry (TLB)

Once again a majority of our elected (supposed) representatives have screwed We The People! Even after the major scandals currently erupting into the publics consciousness concerning the machinations of the FISA courts, and the role the (unverified and unbelievable) Trump dossier played in getting warrants approved to spy on a presidential opposition candidate and staff … The House of Reps. has voted to continue the program.

Most Americans will see news like this and pass it over either out of ignorance or apathy. But looking into this a little deeper we can see that abuse of the system (even for political gains) is out of control. Yet we have a congress that continues the program without the safeguards and restrictions modified or reinforced to protect our fourth amendment (and other) rights, and to ensure these documented transgressions do not continue unabated into the future (Amash Amendment).

Which just happens to be their mandate … To serve and protect the freedoms, rights, and wellbeing of the people that they represent!

What we present here is Dr. Ron Paul’s take on this vital matter … 


House Approves More FISA Spying … Can The Senate Stop Them?

By: Daniel McAdams

Unfortunately the Amash Amendment to the FISA extension bill was defeated today and the extension itself passed with ease. What does it mean? The NSA and various US intelligence agencies can continue to collect your personal communications without a warrant and store them indefinitely.

Thus foreign intelligence information is stored to be later used for law enforcement purposes. Completely unconstitutional. But there is not yet enough dedication to the Constitution and to liberty. We explain what’s at stake and how the extension could still be halted in this episode of Liberty Report:


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