BiDUMB Tries to Flip-Off the SCOTUS (Student Debt Transfer Edition)

BiDUMB Tries to Flip-Off the SCOTUS (Student Debt Transfer Edition)

By: Joseph M. Lenard

So, you thought SCOTUS settled that? What, are you new? Were you born at night, and was it last-night (as the saying goes)?? FASCICRATS motto: Laws, we don’t care ‘bout no stinking Laws (and SCOTUS schmotus, who cares, when not rubber-stamping Liberal-bad-policy with Leftist-Activist-Rulings – they don’t count).

Here we go again. The SCOTUS no sooner than finally declares JoeBiDUMB’s “Student Loan ‘forgiveness’” UnConstitutional and he and his University allies (to continue to LINE THEIR POCKETS) create “new” (same shit, different label) “work-arounds” which will have to again be taken to SCOTUS and struck down. Yes, of course, the latest schemes, scams, cons, of the FASCICRATS pretending to “look out for” people will indeed be struck-down again; however, they know it and they do not care because it is NOT about forgiving Student Loan Debt but just the ILLUSION that they would to sucker people of their (BUY their) Votes – as they are too stupid to grasp, they’re played for fools and useful-idiots.

VIDEO (2m 00s): Lisa McClain Slams New Biden Student Loan Move: ‘Direct Violation Of The Supreme Court’s Decision!’ (Forbes):

Below taken from my BeforeItsNews “It’s called LEVERAGE, and about damn time REAL Conservatives use it (over the quick/early SELLOUTS CINOs/RINOs (yet again))… THE STRATEGY IS WORKING… [important updates being added in real-time]” from Friday, January 6, 2023 13:17. That article was mainly a real-time update of the Speakership fight earlier in the year, but too I did go into a bit of Policy Strategy that would be SMART (which means the RINOs won’t take the advice).

We need new GOP leadership; some people with brains and ability to strategize the ways (like I’m about to lay out) how to turn the FASCICRATS manure right back on them; not Country Club CINO and RINO types more interested in playing games (which too often means cozying up to the Swamp) and folks with imagination to turn shit back on FASCICRATS and continue the migration of Working Class Blacks and Hispanics that Trump started with imaginative solutions that can and will speak to all thinking people…

Turn the Tables on the FASCICRATS and their handouts at Average US Citizens’’ Taxpaying expense…

Finally, and properly, struck down Bidens illegal and UNCONSTITUTIONAL “Student Debt Relief Program” Executive Order for bypassing the properly and duly election U.S. House where all $pending programs must originate (and this is spending, no such things as “just forgiving” these Loans)… In such, there is an opportunity….

PUNISH THE LEFT, including those University Liberal Elites…

Here’s a thought for GOP led (still pending, if enough Left cheating prevents it) U. S. House 1st Bill… Hear me out…

Legal (not illegal Executive Order) STUDENT DEBT RELIEF ACT Bill to provide Student Debt Relief paid for by a one-time Wealth Tax* of University Endowments since it was/is fault of the Universities they have that Debt (NOT Biden’s shifting of Debt to be paid by those who did not attend College via confiscating and redirecting the Waitress/Waiter, plumber, truck-driver, etc., Taxes to cover those with mostly worthless Degrees). ALSO, in the Bill, requirement all Tuition’s be slashed by 10% and capped (Left loves price controls) at no more than CPI or 5% (whichever less). Dare U. S. Senate Dems to Block or #Biden to #Veto to prove they care more about UNIVERSITY ADMIN AND PROFESSOR ELITES than the Students and the Taxpayers this would protect!! Add a return to Privatization of Student Loan Program (before Obama Federalized it).

* How could the Left oppose what they’ve been clamoring for the last couple decades, but I/we would only agree to a/this TAX INCREASE if this limited, targeted, one-time, to kill two birds with one stone (solve the Loans issue, and punish the Left)!

[More/continued in my BeforeItsNews “It’s called LEVERAGE, and about damn time REAL Conservatives use it (over the quick/early SELLOUTS CINOs/RINOs (yet again))… THE STRATEGY IS WORKING… [important updates being added in real-time]” from Friday, January 6, 2023 13:17 piece]

Finally SOMEONE on our side is waking up, but not going anywhere near far enough as like I outlined above. Bill Cassidy (U, S. Senate, Republican Representing Louisiana) put forth a Bill (of course, Schumer buried and refused to bring to Floor) in July that would require “Loan Counseling” as part of the requirements to qualify for and receive any Student Loan to FORCE these moron Children to “FULLY UNDERSTAND” the depth of what they are signing on to for College Loans and Debt. How much would be their total Loan, what would be the REQUIRED (non-forgivable via Bankruptcy) monthly payments, and even projections of “average Wages” one can expect given their “Major” / Degree they seek (those worthless Gender Studies and other garbage that do NOT return any real return on their “investment”) to; many argue; help force down tuition for the worthless/meaningless non-CORE LEARNING College tracts.

The ”thinking” (and about time someone is at least trying to “think” in D.C. for a change) to try and focus our Young and Dumb to understand they need real/valued Accounting, Business, Economics, Legal, Medical, STEM, SKILLED TRADE Degrees (they can get at a Trade School, rather than wasting time/effort on worthless unrelated Classes the Universities use to pad their bottom-lines), or etc. (something relevant to their intended/desired JOB upon leaving College, at least the “Job Market” they intend to look at/within for Employment). I am NOT, however, at all thrilled with the TAXES they plan to levy to pay for the “Counseling” when it should obviously be TAKEN FROM UNIVERSITY ENDOWMENT FUNDS via Tax (those who created this mess, the Colleges and Leftist Allies, pay for it all).

I do not just talk policy there though, of course, I have already  done so in many RedState, BeforeItsNews, and TheLibertyBeacon, pieces as well as on my own (SSCE) website way back when, and Grassfire /  FreedomWorks / others when they allowed “guest” blogs. One such RedState/Townhall piece was the “Contract with America – part 2” on RedState back on October 2008! Hell, I go all the way back, as a former IT guy, to the 300-baud dial-up modem days where we connected back and forth to Bulletin Board Services on Personal Computers (long before creation of Internet).

VIDEO (10m 59s): Biden Announces New Student Debt Relief Plan After Supreme Court Blocks Forgiveness (Forbes):

Just like with the New York State Gun Laws that the SCOTUS struck-down, they just passed another Law, with a new Title, basically just re-enacting the same policy with a few words changed (twisting/warping language) and pretend “it is different” under the “depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is” dodge that it is somehow not synonymous. Or, in Musical parlance, as the Who sang: “Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss” (same guy, different Suit, and as usual actually Emperor has “no Clothes”)! They will then enforce the same UnConstitutional policy under the “supposed new/different Law” until such time as the SCOTUS then has to strike it down again.

Be sure to check-in next week for part 2 (as it seems we need to span several weeks covering most of the issues/topics of late) “BiDUMB tries to flip-off the SCOTUS (Affirmative Action edition)…” piece as we’ll ask: “Do you think Race-baiting determination based College admissions gone? -and- What are you New?? -or- Were you Born last night??? Of course you weren’t, but some seem to foolishly believe SCOTUS latest Ruling on AA was the final word and actually the end of anything – how wrong they are will be all laid out at TheLibertyBeacon and on the ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast (S1E11) Saturday September the 2nd as Chief idiot… er… I mean… “Chief JustASS” Roberts hints at loophole; that virtually no-one is covering. Have you even heard this remotely mentioned let alone fully discussed on FOXNEWS, NEWSMAX, OAN, or any supposed “the whole and full, all sides of the, story News channels (certainly not CNN, MSNBCiles, or other Leftist #ENEMEdia outlets only engaging in Leftist Race-baiting of the moment narratives)?” I bet not, so don’t miss next Saturday for the details you’ve not heard/seen anywhere else (and only likely to see on TLB and hear of ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast now that all those “Reporters” moved-on to get Paul Harvey style from me “The Rest of the Story”)!


Image Credit: Photo (cropped) in Featured Image (top) – “Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0.

About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

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