House Radicals Gutierrez, Grijalva To Hold Govt Hostage To Extort Amnesty [Video]

House Radicals Gutierrez, Grijalva To Hold Govt Hostage To Extort Amnesty

by Rick Wells

Communist Democrat Rep Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and his fellow Latino supremacist, Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) are taking the intensity of their demands for complete immigration anarchy to the extreme.


Gutierrez (pictured above/left) stated in a speech on Friday that he supports the boogeyman of Republicans fear more than anything, a government shutdown, if the House fails to pass the Dream Act amnesty that is currently making its way to the House floor.


Gutierrez posted this video message from his office…

Video added by TLB


[Gutierrez] said in a press conference, “We have a Democratic caucus where I know the vast majority of the members of the Democratic caucus are ready to say ‘If there is no pathway forward, not only for the 800,000 and for visas for all of you, but also for the rest of immigrant youth through the Dream Act, then there is no government for anyone.’”

Excuse us you little racist communist twit, but those are not American citizens, they are foreigners who cannot simply waltz into our country, squat in a position and demand anything. You, you crooked little bast**d, are a traitor against this nation, with communist roots and perspective, who represents foreigners rather than American citizens. You belong in prison and on trial for treason.

Maybe now President Trump will learn you cannot deal with liberals. That same day, President Trump signed a continuing resolution, debt ceiling expansion and hurricane relief package. He gave them everything they wanted with a new deadline of mid December and now the more, more, more has already begun.

Just as Paul Ryan gave Hussein Obama two years of his wish list to close out his corrupt administration. The American patriots understand this reality. Why are our leaders so hesitant to recognize and admit the truth? Gutierrez and his anti-American alliance will hold us hostage to his demands for a virtual end to immigration law and open borders.

He plans to bring things to a head in December, as Congressional Republicans are preoccupied with the Christmas holiday and willing to agree to anything, in their customary sellout manner, to get out of town or off work as soon as possible. Signaling that intent, Gutierrez said, “The coming Christmas has to be a Christmas of joy for all of us or none of us.”

His commie comrade and fellow skin-tone based politician, Raul Grijalva told Mic that the “vast majority of the progressive caucus” and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus were backing Gutierrez’s approach. Progressive Caucus are communists and Hispanic Caucus are brown supremacists.

These people have no honor or integrity and absolutely no love for this nation. They see it as imperfect as long as all of these white folks, the “supremacists” as they see it, have a say in what happens. They’re planning to overwhelm us with their race on the road to global communism. It’s as simple as that.


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