TLBTV: Rick On Life – Men & Intimacy, With Guest – Dr. Kat Smith

Rick On Life – Men & Intimacy, With Special Guest – Dr. Kat Smith


By TLBTV Show Host: Rick Amitin

As men, we learn to bond in athletics. We have little trouble creating camaraderie with our buddies. But finding intimacy with a woman presents a whole different set of dynamics. Many factors can make up our resistance and reluctance to be vulnerable enough to achieve the love-connection we desire. It’s not as complicated as it might seem.

It appears, with heavy consensus, men and women often want the same things but, have different ideas about how to get what they want. Even when men and women use the same words they often have different meanings. For instance, when you ask a man what’s wrong and he says nothing, nothing means; leave me alone. But when you ask a woman what’s wrong and she replies; nothing, nothing means you had better figure out what’s wrong and, be quick about it.

Most of the time what we want from each other is logical, meaningful, and appropriate. Many times, our methods are what’s lacking. To stay committed to a strategy that isn’t working is an indicator of the presence of selfishness. When habits fail to produce desired results a change of habit might be in order. Nobility and virtue cannot flourish when we insist on getting what we want in only one way. A decision must be made if you want to progress. Which is more important to you; getting what you want or getting it the way you want it?

Dr. Kat Smith is a Doctor of Human Sexuality, an author, speaker, TEDx speaker, and a Certified Intimacy Expert, or as she likes to refer to herself, an Intimalogist. Dr. Kat is on a mission to help men and women learn how to obtain the deep and meaningful relationships we all desire. With some common-sense tools, despite our past experiences, we can reach understanding and enjoy intimacy in our lives.

Women tend to live from the inside out. When their heart is aroused hope is released. They are wired for nurturing. Women are creators of life. They think about taking a man in the womb and incubating him to perfection. Men, on the other hand, are wired to be gatherers, hunters, prone to be finished when they catch the girl. He concludes his work is done when she says, I do. Everybody needs to Wake Up!

The different wiring is designed to be complementary to each other. Love, like life, is a delicate balance of tension. Stretch it too much and it snaps. Give it too much slack and it’s not functional. Understanding, appreciating, and respecting the different wiring allows for a pleasurable and fulfilling relationship. When we try to rewire one another, we have an ongoing battle of the sexes. Men and women are wired for optimum coexistence.

Things like family of origin, societal pressure, and life experiences are often not considered when choosing a mate. Everyone has some baggage, dysfunction, and immaturity they bring into their relationships. Love has the potential to conquer all. But, when we aren’t skillful in the way love works it can easily break down and fail. Love is a great feeling but, unless you feel like working to maintain it, that feeling will pass. Join the conversation on the ways of intimacy!

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