How Do We Protect Ourselves From the “Protectors”?

How Do We Protect Ourselves From the “Protectors”?

Commentary by: TLB Staff Writer Lucille Femine

There are certain helpful programs the government offers like social security, etc and that’s good…I guess. However, Social Security appears constantly under threat and it’s been stated it will be depleted by 2035. How is the massive bailout of America affecting that date? How soon before all these programs are tainted with corruption and other motives? Or tossed out as “outdated” while the new constitution is crafted, if they bother to do that? How long before they are all rewritten as life-depleting laws and merged with the developing, new “Communist Manifesto?”

Regarding Social Security: How much longer will Social Security be around?

Part of our daily routine is to protect ourselves from weather, traffic, robbery, not losing our jobs, etc. We have adapted to these aspects of the game of life. It’s not all fun but it keeps us alert and interested in existence, as long as it doesn’t get overwhelming.

And now it has …

The game played from above (not God or heaven) is to introduce as much overwhelm as possible. The goal is to smother and destroy faith and ability in ourselves to solve the problems and challenges of life and to convince us we are not really the powerhouses that, deep down, we know we are. Just because we can’t physically see it does not deny its reality in the least. We have been far too conditioned to observe reality from mere objects.

If fact, that invisible awareness is all we have to fight the massive oppression in our midst. It’s all we’ve ever had but, in these threatening times, it needs to be uncovered and called upon with the full force of our intention.

This is a prison planet and is currently fully unveiled as such. I don’t need to belabor that. For anyone not to see this is pure idiocy or working for the enemy. All our efforts at living have been distilled down to overcoming the self-proclaimed protectors whose “help” is now executed with the COVID-19 drama. Of course, that is all part of the plan, as well – to consume our attention with fighting back with David and Goliath hopelessness. With confidence bolstered by their massive wealth and gruesome power, they are certain we will be overcome and reduced to sick, depressed beings who have given up. Then they will feel safe.

What could be further from the goal of life? For most of us, this driving need to find happiness by destroying the happiness of others is unfathomable. For sure, we all get revengeful when we have been wronged in one way or another and want to slap somebody silly or secretly harbor more devious plans. But we get over it, more often than not, as soon as we sleep on it, apologize, do some soul-searching or simply talk it out.

However, this is an ability these guys in power do not have. Their destructive desires have BECOME their souls and their purpose for living; they have no track with themselves. Their activities are justified as help and protection. They have so blinded themselves, they really believe their brand of help is the only kind. They have to because if they don’t and truly discover who and what they are being, they would melt like the wicked witch of the west.

So this is our ace in the hole. The antidote to their hate and destruction is to know who we are, with all our innate goodness and to go on living and, in our present scenario, to resume living. Nothing succeeds as well as expansion of ourselves in all aspects of life in the effort to overcome oppression. That scares the dickens out of them because they “know” that if we are powerful, they will be destroyed. They can almost be pitied. But who wants to go there?

A concrete way to achieve this is to go out with many others, as many as possible, be as close to them as we damn well please, with no ridiculous, useless masks, to sit on the grass, have picnics, go to mass meetings, go back to work, continue sharing truth. If YouTube takes them down, put them up again. Or search for them elsewhere. But who said they have to be our only source of videos? A whole new society could be built partly with alternative news sites, as they are now budding all over. It’s still an amazing blessing that we have the internet.

We protect ourselves by not succumbing to their game; that is our primary action. We turn around and repair and rebuild, recreate our world on this beautiful planet. It’s been a difficult concept for me, personally, to adopt because we have been so conditioned, through fear and anxiety, to lash out almost blindly. We feel helpless as we fume and complain. Useless.

One key factor is that they are very organized, these dark-souled people. How else could they have amassed such power? So we need to be calmly organized with plans of our own as we simply live. This is another phase of our self-protection.

They are working hard to convince us we need them for our very existence – the essence of slavery. Never before has this been done with such force and magnitude on this planet, as you all know well. You know why? They are scared as hell! OF US! Fear is always at the bottom of their hearts, their only motivation.

In such a state, they have moved their agenda ten years ahead – from 2030 to 2020, an act, I will venture, of desperation, risking exposing themselves in their quest to squash the budding of freedom and prosperity which Trump daringly has begun to create. They didn’t expect such bold defiance.

Here’s an article explaining how COVID-19 has moved the New World Order ahead: Coronavirus has sped up changes to global order and sovereignty is making a comeback

This country was built on self-reliance. This is how we now protect ourselves. I very much appreciate my stimulus check but how long will we go on being spoon-fed and reduced to being mere bodies? This is nowhere near real protection, even in this crisis.

It’s time for civil disobedience, carried out by peacefully defying the madness, even ignoring it while we renew the joy of life – our only self-protection. It’s going to take a high dose of bravery but what other choice do we have other than the ones that have failed over the centuries? Are we really in better shape than we were in ancient times? Technologically, yes, but we have not reduced the planet’s prison status; it’s been accelerated. For that, we are also responsible. We need to think and behave like free people; that is our duty. What we think, we become. It must start from there or all else fails.

To help counter all the disaster along with other liberty-minded people, here’s a new Facebook group I just discovered, devoted to offering positive solutions: The Free People Alliance

Back to the drawing board, don’t you think?


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