How the “Woke” Woke Up America

How the “Woke” Woke Up America

By: Bill the Butcher

And the directors laughed all the way to the bank

Have you ever noticed that when there is a “movement” the name of the involvement is almost exactly the opposite of the supposed stated name? Take BLM, Black Lives Matter. Black lives couldn’t matter less to the account holders of the movement founded on the memory of a young thug who chose to bull rush a police officer in a marijuana haze. Before it was all over it became almost a federal crime to claim that any lives were worthy of mattering except black. And the directors laughed all the way to the bank. God Bless ‘Murica!

. . . or anyone who thinks he’s a woman

Then there is the issue Me Too’s! Yeah, I’m gonna go there. Now, I’m not for abusing women, or anyone who thinks he’s a woman, but hear me out. I’m just a Simple Ol’ Boy From Austin and for me abuse is a girl gets grabbed by the hair on the way to class at college, and ends up left behind a bush after it’s over. Well, just like BLM the corporate charter changes as the bank account grows. From Harvey Weinstein it evolved to a man in Nevada being labeled as a sex offender for touching his wife inappropriately. Shut the front door! He ended up getting divorced (This is my surprised face) his wife ran for the senate, denying the relationship she had with some guy who was also in politics and she’d spent some “quality” time with campaigning (Which was why her husband touched her inappropriately) and the poor man ended up murdered by his sixteen year-old daughter (which he did not touch inappropriately) and left in several garage bags on his living room floor while Suzie SweetCheeks tripped the light fantastic all the way from Denver to Salt Lake City with her adult boyfriend maxing out her father’s debit card! All because he gave his old lady a finger pie after catching her with her Politickle boyfriend. Can I have an “Amen?”

Toilet paper is white by the way

Now we come to the subject of my thesis. The Woke Movement! Jesus Christ, sitting next to God Almighty waiting for you to show up naked! At least my two examples cited above centered on one thing. Black folks and beat up girls. The Woke Movement concerns itself with everything from the Coliseum to the color of toilet paper. (Toilet paper is white by the way!) Every aspect of the human condition is microscopically examined by such esteemed experts as, well . . . Social Workers! And in the mindset of a Woke Social Worker everything is wrong with everybody. Oh, one of my pet peeves is the bastardization of the English language ever since Spanish became the official language of The United States. The word should be Awake not Woke. You know. Like ask not axe. But, I digress. Where wuz I?

You name it, they hate it

Have you ever watched a courtroom drama? I don’t mean an actual live court hearing, but a TV show or movie involving a court. And there’s always a lawyer who jumps up yelling, “I object your honor!” every time someone on the opposing team farts. Yeah, that guy! Well, that’s the methodology of the Woke crowd. They object to everything. Santa, he’s outta here! Constitution, they’re all Sovereign Citizens, and Jesus? Don’t even go there. He’s still dragging His cross to Golgotha with the Wokesters whipping Him every step of the way. You name it, they hate it! They are the combination of all that is un-American, inhuman and downright nasty. Reasoning with them is like talking with a Jehovah’s Witness about Christmas bonuses. The intended purpose on their awakening is diametrically opposite of its original meaning.

Let us remember the words of The Prophet, George Carlin: If you made a list of all the stupid people you meet on a given day you’d be amazed! There are some really stupid people out there. And half of them are stupider than that!

Riding That Train . . . High on Cocaine

But, something interesting is happening to the Wokes. You couldn’t really say anything about Black Lives Matter because they were, well, black. We were already being called racists for eating Wonder Bread. For God’s sake we couldn’t give ‘em any more ammunition. cause. Ooops! Black folk . . . Ammunition. I’d better make that “cause.”

Or the Me Too’s. Who in their right mind can side with Harvey? Or Ted Bundy, or a pedophile? The only possible problem I have is watching some old ladies come into a courtroom thirty years after the fact to charge some old man for messing with them when they weren’t old ladies, but having been divorced six times I completely understand the power of a woman’s memory.

The Woke theory of occupation of the American Dream

But . . . and this is a big butt, the Woke theory of occupation of the American Dream is too broad. Their attack on mom’s apple pie is one toke over the line. The audacity of the Woke Movement has Awakened America. They are fast becoming a laughing stock. That’s not a light at the end of the tunnel, that’s a freight train, and Casey, it’s heading for you! On the same track, no turning back.

The end result of Wokeness

The end result of Wokeness is a defining of Awakened. America is being awakened to the fact that just because people rally to a cause doesn’t mean there is a cause. A cause only works if there is a reasonable because! Think about that. Take all the time you need.


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