We Are At A Crisis Point Of Socialism

May 22, 2022 0

America has reached a crisis point of socialism By: Solomon St. Lightstone Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn understood the fatal attraction that socialism has for the West. And of course, he understood better than anyone else the profound […]


TLBTalk Radio: A Few Questions For Joe-Bob

May 9, 2022 0

TLBTalk Radio – Episode #16 – A Few Questions For Joe-Bob Listen to Archived Show below Intro See Related Talking Points & Articles below Archived Show Commentary by your Host: Roger Landry (TLB) Hello everyone […]


KEN’S CORNER: Good Morning Vietnam (Part-1)

April 5, 2022 2

KEN’S CORNER: Good Morning Vietnam (Part-1) Commentary by: TLB Contributing Writer: Ken LaRive One Friday night in the fall of ‘69, a 19 year old troubled youth stood at attention with about 20 other boys […]


Democrat Leadership Devalued America Beyond Recognition

March 14, 2022 0

Democrat leadership has devalued America beyond recognition By: Terry Paulding Elections have consequences. How many times have you heard that? It’s certainly true. The world has been watching our country tilt to the dark side, […]


Black Lives Matter (BLM) Cozying Up to the Clintons

February 19, 2022 0

BLM Cozying Up to the Clintons By: by David Almasi Due to an unwillingness to be transparent about the millions it’s collected in donations from individuals, corporations, foundations and others, the Black Lives Matter Global […]


QUESTION: Who Are The Oath Keepers?

January 22, 2022 2

Who are the Oath Keepers? By: John Green Hearing the Department of Justice describe them, one would think that the Oath Keepers are the scariest bunch of anti-American knuckleheads to come down the pike since […]

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