How We Can Make Sure Trump Wins Today

How We Can Make Sure Trump Wins Today

Commentary by TLB Staff Author: Lucille Femine

In my last article, I wrote about discovering or sensing God. I wasn’t sure I should have written that because I have no intention of preaching or telling people how pray. And to add to the article which I didn’t then, you make everything happen with or without God’s help. It’s all up to your own approach and what you believe.

Also, something else I realized with Roger Landy’s help and which concerns the physical aspect of my body’s condition – I live two blocks from a cell tower. In discussing all the details with Roger, he saw clearly that this is truly the main problem. So I want to acknowledge his help and his perception. I have plans to move somewhere as far from a cell tower as possible. Let’s hope 5G – one of the many plans to do us all in and is closely related to Covid illnesses and deaths, gets reduced to nothing or at least altered to be harmless.

November 1st was Prayer and Meditation Day to ensure Trump wins. I hope many of you participated. Of course, the day before, I couldn’t find the link to the signup page. Suppressed, no doubt by Facebook and other platforms allergic to truth and survival. But no matter, pure intention works best. We don’t need “things” as much as we consider.

Today is a scary, exciting and fateful day and I’m sure everyone in the world will have full attention on it. Despite the fear and danger of our immediate future, I can’t help viewing and experiencing it all as one long movie. Don’t we look forward to the next scene every day? Only in this film, WE get to decide the ending and we must. We cannot be passive victims waiting for “them” to take care of it.

You cannot truly have what you did not help create.

Whether or not you believe JFK Jr is alive and, at the last minute, will appear, replace Pence as the VP and the two (both in superman clothes) will miraculously save the world is irrelevant and dangerously close to a fairy tale, that is if you do nothing else to help undo the damage. Don’t put much attention on it. The same has been rumored of Princess Diana and Michael Jackson. To quote our not so illustrious Dem presidential candidate, “Come on, Man!” However, I do now and then entertain the pleasant thought that JFK Jr is alive and well and fully on the task. What the hell.

There’s really nothing wrong with creating pleasant thoughts with “reality” put on the back burner. That’s how inventions and new ideas get started. It’s all in your head. Actually, it’s not even in your head – it’s in YOU, an entity not of this world but capable of ruling it. That’s the first truth we must grasp in order to make the changes we need to make and soon.

I dare say we are all gods.

Here’s what I want to boldly state: If people do not vote for Trump or haven’t, they are promoting more pedophilia and child trafficking, as first put forth by John Mappin, creator of Camelot Castle TV. (watch one of his videos below) Aside from Trump’s incredible stats, I don’t know what else will convince people to avoid the criminal Democrats. Spread THAT thought around. I haven’t heard a word from Biden about this most tragic crime being committed all over the planet and for which Trump has taken massive responsibility. If Biden has said anything, it was lip service and came from nowhere near his black heart.

Make this election the most historic event ever. We deserve it but we’ve been taught we don’t because we are worthless slaves, mere bodies fully dependent on them and meant to serve them, the Deep State and THEIR slaves. But they themselves are slaves to their own evil and will never be free until they face that. Maybe such confrontation will kill them but who cares?

Take the time to imagine a planet – with all the positive, exhilarating emotion you can muster – where everyone is truly free and operating under their own power, creating happiness for themselves and others. Then compare that to what is. The difference will be startling and possibly shocking. It motivates one to make the changes needed.

Bless this beautiful planet and everyone on it. Imagine everyone who hasn’t voted yet will do so the way they should today. The world is waiting.


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