Military Gone Wild: How Your Taxes are Actually Spent

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

We are cutting way back on domestic services, entitlements and expenditures (everything except actual military spending) because we just plain cant afford them. We are being told We The People must learn to do with less as the budget crisis deepens and we race headlong towards the proverbial fiscal cliff at neck breaking speed, with no one at the the wheel who is even willing to back off on the gas pedal, never mind hitting the break!

But what you are not being told by this administration, the same one who continually fails to put a budget reduction plan (or in many cases … any budget) in place year after year, is that fifty three cents out of every dollar the government spends is on, or directly related to the military, and this is only projected (regardless of the lies you hear) to increase, with only the rate of actual increase being cut (political slight of hand).

This is not conjecture and is based on solid numbers from 2011 (the last year all statistics are available to us). Now figure that this is already an obsolete total as I can assure you in 2012 – 2016 the amount spent on the military only increased egregiously (with massive spending increases in black budget projects)! But consider that this administration claims the budget for 2011 totaled $3 trillion (a number I suspect is much lower than the actual number) and the total amount of this spent on the military or related items (support) exceeds a whopping $1.6 trillion … well you do the math.

military budget

America is now a country perpetually at war. Why? Who in this world is prepared to invade or conquer this country without fear of total annihilation from a nuclear strike? Why are we interfering in at least six to as many as eight sovereign nations simultaneously with our military prowess? Why does the USA have a military presence (overtly or covertly) in about 170 out of 196 nations? All the while Americans are suffering economically in a fashion that only the great depression rivals.

Being a baby boomer I can distinctly remember in the late 1950’s through the 1970’s, our mindset as a society was to push back against any nation (USSR) who used its military might to interfere with the interests of other sovereign nations (YES that includes OUR involvement in Vietnam). Yet today the US military wields a big stick to keep in line all who would not serve their puppet masters willingly. Just a few of these that quickly come to mind, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, etc… Also include how many central or south American nations and African nations over the last 50 years.

We The People must tighten our belts, pay more in taxes, expect less from our government even though revenues to them increase, and all the while we fund the biggest military monster this world has ever seen to the benefit of none but the military industrial complex, and the few international power brokers who stand to gain huge wealth and regional control at the expense of the citizens of this failing nation.

Here is just one example of fraud and waste on a Biblical Scale (multiple trillions)


I am not against a strong national defense, but I will rail against out of control military spending while the country falters and eventually collapses under the crushing weight of debt! What could America do with even a portion of those funds, say $1 trillion a year leaving the military over $600-$700 billion a year (still the largest military budget on the planet)?

How about put Americans to work rebuilding a collapsing infrastructure, invest in shoring up a failing education system, funding new hi-tech industry or research projects, get us back into space, put Social Security back on a solid footing, decrease the annual deficit … hell there are a thousand ideas that sure beat perpetual warfare, killing and the continuous manufacturing of more enemies of We The People!

We need to speak out now as the available time to change course is growing short and when this onrushing collapse occurs then it will be to late to look back and say … shoulda, coulda, woulda, but didn’t! It’s time to wake up !!!

Please watch this video and try to comprehend the actual military spending breakdown …

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