Humans are Poisoning the Ocean—and It’s Poisoning Us Back

Commentary by Cathy Geibel TLB writer/reporter

I distinctly remember a number of years ago listening to news reports full of concern that we were heading into another ice age.  I cannot tell you exactly how many years ago, just that those who forecast weather and climate DID say this.  You see, that was far enough back.. maybe 30 or 40 years, that most people will have forgotten.  So now we are concerned about global warming climate change? What happened? 

I agree with the below article in large part.  Humans HAVE caused climate change.  We ARE poisoning the oceans not only with toxic chemical run off from pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, but also garbage, radiation from Fukashima and over fishing.  The pH is changing, the temperature is changing, ocean fish and other species ARE dying off at a stunning pace.  But where I veer from the commonly held belief that our CO2 is somehow magically causing this mass destruction is that I am also aware that MEGA TONS of nano particle size metals including aluminum, barium, lithium, strontium, coal ash, chaff…. the list goes on and on, are being sprayed or released over land and sea across the globe on a continuous basis.  We now have a silver blue haze over our planet blocking out sunlight and, I believe, holding heat in much like an inversion layer.  When mega tons of these chemicals are raining down into the oceans it affects the pH, sea mammals, fish, plankton and sea plants much as it does those on land.  The ocean is becoming unhealthy and the toxic bacteria mentioned below is the outcome. 

So yes, I am talking about Chemtrails!  Chemtrails is the common term, and I find it most descriptive, of what is also called Geoengineering of the Weather, Solar Radiation Management, Carbon Dioxide Mitigation or one of many other fancy terms for what the global military industrial complex is doing to manipulate the weather, our water and our ability to produce our own food. How pray tell can plants and crops grow correctly if they block out the sunlight? What is happening in our oceans do to decreased sunlight and warming.  The above link to a sight proposing Solar Radiation Management PROVES this really is being done. This is NOT a proposal, it is REAL. 


Chemtrails over Southern Oregon 2016 consisting of nano particle metals

The next mini ice age is due now.  But instead this planet is being terra formed to support something other than human life. I believe this to be just one slimy tentacle in the war chest of the global elite who are hell bent on global domination and the eventual depopulation of this planet.  

More people are waking up every day, soon we will reach critical mass, if not already.  Activists of all persuasions must  all stand together as that will be our only hope.  I believe we will! (CG) 


New study shows deadly bacteria levels spiking in North Atlantic as ocean temperatures rise-Common Dreams

by Nika Knight, staff writer

It’s no secret that we have trashed, poisoned, and warmed oceans at an unprecedented rate via human-caused climate change and pollution.

bacteria beach

Bacteria that causes life-threatening infections in humans and fish is increasing in the North Atlantic. (Photo: Barbara Eckstein/flickr/cc)

It seems that oceans may be paying us back in kind, according to a new study that found levels of bacteria responsible for life-threatening illnesses spiking in the North Atlantic region.

The study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) discovered that a deadly variety of bacteria known as vibrio is spreading rapidly throughout the Atlantic as a result of hotter ocean temperatures.

Marine ecologist Donald Boesch, president of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, who was not involved in the research, described the shift to the Washington Post as “an ecosystem-level effect of climate change”:

What this new research does is present evidence of the increased prevalence of these bacteria over broad regions of the North Atlantic from preserved samples collected over 54 years. The prevalence of these bacteria has increased as the ocean has warmed, both as result of global warming and multi-decadal variations in ocean circulation.  This trend may be caused by changes in the plankton community rather than just the temperature alone.  In other words, increased prevalence may be an ecosystem-level effect of climate change.

Vibrio bacteria cause infections in humans and animals, and a growing number of people are hospitalized each year after consuming fish contaminated by the pathogen, the study notes, observing that the rapid rise in vibrio levels on the U.S. and European Atlantic coasts corresponds with the increasing number of hospitalizations for vibrio infections on both continents.

“We were able to demonstrate that there was an increase in the numbers of vibrios, probably a two or threefold increase, correlated with the increase in climate temperature, and then correlated with outbreaks of vibrio infections that have been recorded in the medical records,” said Rita Colwell, a microbiologist at the University of Maryland who is a co-author of the study, to the Post.

Colwell told the Post that the shift in vibrio bacteria numbers is just one of many enormous ecological transformations to come as a result of climate change. “It’s a disruption of the natural pattern, and it will be selecting for a number of species, and that’s the problem,” Colwell said.

“We don’t just damage the oceans even as we ourselves go unaffected by the consequences of that damage,” the Post observes. “Rather, from harm to fisheries to direct human health threats, that damage hurts us, too.”


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