If The Group sank below the waves [The Globalist Sham-Jon Rappoport]

If The Group sank below the waves

By John Rappoport

“After all the lies and deceptions are taken apart, what remains is the individual. He always comes up as the final card to be played. He emerges, out of the struggles of centuries, because The Group was formed to replace him, and The Group failed, as it always does, because it is synthetic, a cobbled-together Frankenstein monster pretending to be creative and alive…” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

People are taught they must subordinate their individual goals, concerns, and ideas to larger structures, they must channel their creative impulses into institutions and forego a dynamic life in favor of a stultifying duty to the collective…

When people become enmeshed in large complex structures, they believe those systems are absolutely essential; survival itself is at stake.

They are wrong.

For example, the US State Department and the United Nations could vanish tomorrow, and after a few years no one would notice the difference.

Except of course, the hand-wringing Globalist media, who would howl and shriek and predict doom for all humankind.

Instead of the UN, we could have one small apartment building in New York where countries might send representatives to live. These people, of course, would pay their own rent. They would chat, play cards, sit in community rooms, and have drinks. They could pass a few scribbled notes back and forth. No sumptuous assembly hall, no voluminous charter, no bad art celebrating “the unity of all peoples.” Instead, ping pong tournaments and air hockey.

If the US government had listened to George Washington, when he urged avoiding entangling foreign alliances, the US would have followed a far different course of development at home; and permanent relations with other governments would have been laughed out of court.

Who knows? With a clearer focus on domestic issues, the US might have remained a Republic, instead of devolving into a democracy, a venal form of corporatism, an Empire, and a universal Welfare State.

Permanent foreign diplomacy, with all its bizarre accoutrements, would never have entered the scene.

A proper global charter would read, “Don’t bother us and we won’t bother you.” End of story.

If the people of various nations didn’t like their governments, they could rebel, revolt. Same here.

The “unity of everyone” is a straight con. The idea would never have gained traction, unless international entanglements, with all their attendant crimes, had come first. As in: “Hey, I’ve got a great idea. Let’s get a few of the boys together, incite a war, fund both sides, make a huge profit, and then, in the aftermath of the smoking ruins, preach Togetherness like it came down from heaven, and cobble together new alliances. Then we can start the whole process over again.”

It’s called treason. A capital offense.

By the way, the land where the UN Headquarters in New York sits was originally donated by John D Rockefeller, which should give you some clue about the organization’s agenda. One planet, indivisible, with an absurd pretension of liberty and justice for all. Or to put it another way, endless entangling alliances.

“Let’s wrap everyone on Earth in coils and knots and tendrils up to their eyeballs and call it Love.”

For those who can’t imagine good reasons for dismantling all sorts of titanic bureaucracies, for those who believe these behemoths are indispensable, try a small-scale analogy: one day you wake up and find a dozen strangers occupying spaces in your house. They all claim to be experts, and they all have solutions to problems concerning the home—problems you never knew existed. Their solutions require a council and endless discussions and reports—and this is for “the greater good.” Your relationship with these strangers seems to be imperative, because, well, they are there.

Your ownership of the house is obviously now in question. You’re not in charge. You can participate in the decision-making, but as the days pass, you realize you’re being edged out. You’re not an expert in “home management.” Therefore, your opinions are put on the back-burner.

And everything goes downhill from there.

But don’t worry. The overarching goal of the strangers is “unity,” and unity must be a good thing. It sounds like a good thing.

—Except for the fact that you never needed it until they showed up.

Finally, one day, you wake up with a brilliant idea:

“I’ll kick them out.”

Of course, when I write this, the first thing people think of is: IF WE DIDN’T HAVE LARGE GOVERNMENT STRUCTURES, CRIME WOULD PROLIFERATE BEYOND CONTROL.

Let me give you two answers to that problem. One: crime has already proliferated beyond control.

And two: historically, the law-enforcement system (which was indeed a building block of the American Republic) has been so corrupted, prosecutions for major crimes have gone by the boards.

In other words, when you squash necessary prosecutions for a couple of hundred years, you create the perception that now, in the midst of corruption, the only thing that would save us is a bigger government with more departments and more power over the people.

Example: at the founding of the Republic, it was understood that corporations were chartered to operate by the individual states. If a corporation was doing great harm to the public, the state legislature could summarily yank its charter and exile it permanently. No courts, no trials, no endless legal wrangling, no fines, no “deferred prosecutions.”

Eventually, this simple system was chewed to pieces and refuted.

Now we are told that mega-corporations are actually global entities, and when they shut down domestic factories and throw large numbers of people out of work, and when they go overseas and set up operations where they can pay employees slave wages and pollute the land to their hearts’ content, this is a good thing. This is the essence of responsible and humanitarian enterprise.

The mega-corporation, the mega-bureaucracy, The Group is sold and re-sold as the ultimate triumph of civilization.

And the individual? He was just a strange metaphor, an illusion on the road to an integrated Whole.

And who is telling us this? Well, it turns out to be the men who see themselves as universal rulers of the masses. The wise ones. The superiors.

That’s called a clue.

They “identify with downtrodden” in the same way a tank, entering a village, identifies with a ragged band of rock throwers.


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  1. I think we’d all notice if that hiddeous machine was no more… the consequences would be liberating to say the least !

    As you say “the group” is a synthetic… an abstraction. Only the individual is the “carrier” of Life; is Life Itself. The group mind stinks big time. But we are social creatures and thrive through cooperation. The problem is most of the really impactful group associations are by default via authoritarian decree. All associations should be one hundred percent consensual with the standing proviso of immediate cancellation of association by the individual with zero penalty involved. There is only one principle that need apply to every individual and/or group: Do no harm. As it now exists we have individuals hiding behind and directing group minds that are doing maximum damage as a business model ! It’s always individuals within or sans group that can actually produce action and who is responsible for their deeds… duh, but most don’t remember this in any consequential way. Again, the group is an abstraction… one that cowards hide behind.

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