Ignorance is bliss! – Creating A World Of Calm Serenity

Ignorance is bliss! – Creating A World Of Calm Serenity

By: Bruce Wilds

Let Us Declare This As The Truth!

As we look around it is not difficult to understand the origin of the saying “Ignorance is bliss!” This article is a tribute to all those cute little sayings and witticisms that have laced their way through our culture and give depth to our vocabulary. While I will only highlight a few it should be noted that many more exist and they and often the result of generations of tried and true lessons pounded into the collective heads of mankind. Now back to the title of this article, “Ignorance is bliss!” The lyrics from a song that was popular years ago indicated that “things get a little easier once you understand.” Sadly this is not always true and sometimes understanding an issue only reveals the complexity hidden under the surface.

This Chart Is Scientific Proof The Link Exist

Statistics show that in recent years many Americans have dropped out of the workforce and are retiring early and it is not because they are rich but because they can. Like many people, I often think about just giving up and chucking it all. Oh, how sweet it must be to know little of the risk and hazards that surround us and to be totally oblivious as to the dangers lurking around every corner. Envision the joy of living in a state of mind that allows you to awake each day to a world of calm serenity. The chart to the left proves and shows without any doubt the scientific correlation between ignorance and happiness does exist. This explains a lot about life and leaves little doubt as to the benefits of a lazy mind.

A Reassuring Lie Has Many Fans

It is often hard to quantify just how intelligent the masses are but, it is safe to say many people could not qualify as a rocket scientist. I strongly suggest it is not by accident the phrase “an inconvenient truth” came about or that “da Nile” is not only a river in Egypt. Denial is a place or state where many people live out much of their life. Truth often has a sharp edge to it and is unbending which makes it rather exhausting to tolerate. This means it is often not very reassuring to question what we are told and far easier to go with the flow or accept the general consensus that the person you are following actually knows where they are going.

An Ugly Reality Can Lurk Just Below The Surface

Some of the drawbacks related to pursuing knowledge alluded to above may be only the tip of the iceberg in explaining why so many people choose the well-traveled path of being happy with what is, rather than thinking about what could be. I salute those who pick to live their life in a place where the color of the sky is of their choosing. The only problem with choosing the path of ignorance is the possibility that the illusion might collapse at any time if reality chooses to raise its ugly head. My research, however, indicates that a few witticisms have been created to cover even those situations, such as, “Don’t worry be happy!”

A Goldman Sachs Reality …

We live in a world where Goldman Sachs is busy claiming to be doing God’s work and a broad swath of mainstream media claims to be standing upon the moral high ground while spinning the news to suit their needs. Considering this it is hard to find a good anchor. Nowhere to be seen on CNBC, Bloomberg, the WSJ, or any other status quo propaganda media outlet is much that resembles honest or thoughtful information. Their job is not to analyze or seek the truth. Their job is to keep their government patrons and Wall Street advertisers happy while keeping the masses sedated, misinformed, and pliable.

Economic Propaganda

After years of economic propaganda, artificially inflated stock prices, dishonest accounting, laced with pandering and outright lies we find Washington and the media have hollowed out our culture lulling most unsuspecting Americans to sleep. The rest of the world has not fared any better. Few among us no matter how dumb or how dense think the world would not be better off if they were in charge and calling the shots as ruler supreme. One thing is very clear, the issues a person would make their priorities if they held such a station of power speaks volumes as to what they value and what they hold dear.

I must say this article has been in the works for longer than you might imagine and was quite challenging to write. It takes a great deal of effort to put together such a profound piece of drivel and I hope I got the balance right. I find both solace and comfort in the idea that I’m not nearly as stupid as many of the people who occupy this world. Thank goodness the bar has been set so low because it creates a situation where it becomes much easier to compete. Sadly, this double edge sword leaves us living among people that are not too bright and unburdened by the worry of reality. I must admit it is rather ironic we who claim to see the bigger picture often envy their happiness?

As a final thought to ponder, click on the link below :

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life – Monty Python’s Life of Brian 


About the Author: Bruce Wilds is a contractor that owns real estate in the Midwest, his holdings include apartments and office complexes. He is anchored to reality and the economy as he maintains, designs, and leases buildings. This has made him keenly aware of rapidly changing lifestyles, this blog incorporates many of the experiences and knowledge from his hands-on business style, extensive travels, and studies of history, politics and economics. Continue reading HERE.


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